Dec 272017

Sheriff Sniff has a lot of photos out in the public domain, however, several should make you stop and take pause.

This photo is a Stan Sniff and his wife. Take note of the distance between them. This is apparently a pattern.

Next up: Stan Sniff’s mystery “fan”.

Decide for yourself what you see in the photos. Also take note to click on the photos and look at the comments leading in to them. Are these the sorts of comments you see from “normal” citizens you have a “professional” relationship with?

In this era of #METOO and a ton of politicians getting lit up for all sorts of misdeeds, this sort of stuff can and will become a campaign issue.

Anyone with any information on the Sheriff and his habits along these lines is encouraged to reach out to this blog. We are looking for evidence and proof of anything beyond this circumstantial evidence of misconduct by the Sheriff.  You can remain anonymous.

Sheriff Sniff has a myriad of issues, not the least of which is his failure to plan or try to accommodate the budget reality of Riverside County. It is our opinion that he should be focused on how he is going to staff the jail and improve police service and at the very least. You would also think that a man in his position would be quite a bit more cautious and judicious about his public conduct, which is why we are asking the questions we are. Were Sniff doing his job, he would not be the subject of a RightonDaily documentary.

Our expose on Sheriff Sniff will continue.

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  3 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Who is the Mystery Groupie and Why is the Sheriff so Cozy With Her?”

  1. Great post. Interesting how he is “hands on ” with women who are 36 C and over. But when it comes to embracing his wife,? It’s pretty much, Do I have to really take a picture with you.?

  2. Stan has a long history of cheating. Might want to look into a domestic violence situation in the 1980’s handled by Indio PD involving Stan, his wife, and his girlfriend

  3. Just a concerned citizen, I spoke to someone who knew Stiffy’s ex. Said her name was Pat and that she knocked Stan out cold when she found out he was cheating. Said it happened long ago. Is this the same case your talking about? Same sniff different day.

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