Jun 032018

If you’ve been reading my stuff about Stan Sniff, you will realize that I have been hammering him for about 8 months. I’ve been posting sometimes 3 times a day about him. I believe it will be over 220 posts by election day.

As I wrote before, it became personal when I started interacting with people whose lives had been wrecked or careers derailed and we were made privy to the rampant corruption in the Riverside Sheriff’s Department.

I’ve paid a personal price, someone (who I believe is/are Dave Kurylowicz, Tony Pelato and/or Kevin Vest) has trolled my wife’s social media, threatened her, called her employer to try and get her fired, sent creepy memes of her using her publicity photos and also created a fake profile of her on facebook.

My Insurance business has been cyber attacked and an anonymous profile named “Orin Boyd” (who has gone after a lot of people) has gone around attempting to leave derogatory reviews of my insurance business. Since Orin Boyd is clearly a leftist homosexual activist (as Boyd is fixated on calling people homophobic, something a straight leftist activist would do, but not incessantly) social media companies are giving he/she/it a free pass. I have a high level of confidence that Orin Boyd is none other the Dave Kurylowicz.

Team Sniff has created fake facebook pages to attack people (under cowardly cover of anonymity) and have even attempted to try and place anonymous sources near me in an attempt to feed me bad information and/or to attempt to gain intelligence on me that could be used to discredit my work against Stan Sniff. I do believe several of my phone calls with informants have been recorded. As you can see, there have been no news stories, just anonymous allegations with no evidence. This is not my first rodeo.

I learned in about January that the whole department was reading. I learned that several honest deputies had placed hope that the information in this blog would somehow bring down the tyrant Stan Sniff. This is why I have been able to steal myself for the things I knew were coming. Sniff retaliates against anyone and everyone he can – including spouses – in order to enforce his dominance.

You’ve seen a lot of memes on this blog that have been sent to me by deputies. The embedded photo is not a meme, it is a photograph of a home-made sign telling people to read RightonDaily to expose corruption. This is nothing short of Amazing, I’ve never seen this happen before. I’ve been told of people in the department sharing the blog with their friends and telling people to read it – but this is incredible. (Like the 900,000+ hits and 2.5 Million Page Views in 2018 on RightonDaily)

No matter what Sniff and crew attempt to do, things like this keep happening because honest people want honest law enforcement. It is highly likely that Sniff fails to get 50%+1. He is telling people he has the election locked up. No matter what the outcome is, Right On Daily will stay after Stan Sniff for as long as it takes until he is destroyed utterly and completely politically.

This photo was taken in a rural heavily trafficked intersection outside of Corona. The irony of it being above a 4×8 of a doomed governor candidate is rich.

P.S. Sheriff’s Admin has used an internet filter to block RightOnDaily from showing up on department computers. In addition, they are starting personnel investigations against several people who have had the courage to take public stands against the Sheriff.

May 282018

Governor: John Cox
Lt Gov: Cole Harris
Atty Gen: Steven Bailey
Sec’y of State: Mark Meuser
Controller: Konstantinis Roditis
Treasurer: Jack Guerrero
Insurance Commissioner: Steve Poizner
Sec’y of Public Instruction: Marshall Tuck
US Senate: James Bradley
Congress District 1: Doug LaMalfa
CD 3: Charlie Schaupp
CD 4: Tom McClintock
CD 7 – Dr. Yona Barash
CD 8 – Paul Cook
CD 21 – David Valadao
CD39 – Shawn Nelson
CD45 – Mimi Walters
CD47 – David Michael Clifford
CD 48 – Dana Rohrabacher
CD 49 – Diane Harkey

Assembly District Endorsements
AD 1 – Brian Dahle
AD 3 – James Gallagher
AD 5 – Frank Bigelow
AD 6 – Kevin Kiley
AD 26 – Warren Gubler
AD 33 – Jay Obernolte
AD 38 – Dante Acosta
AD 55 – Phillip Chen
AD 60 – Billy Essayli
AD 64 – Theresa Sanford
AD 65 – Alexandria “Alexia” Coronado
AD 67 – Melissa Melendez
AD 68 – Steven Choi
AD 73 – Bill Brough

Senate District Endorsements
SD 04 – Jim Nielsen
SD 12 – Robert Poythress
SD 14 – Andy Vidak
SD 16 – Shannon Grove
SD 29 (Recall) – Bruce Whitaker (Yes on Recall)
SD 34 – Janet Nguyen
SD 36 – Pat Bates

Statewide Propositions
No on 68
Yes on 69
Yes on 70
No on 71
Yes on 72

Placer County Endorsements
Ryan Ronco for Clerk Recorder
Todd Irby for Judge
Bonnie Gore for D1 Supervisor
Yes on Measure E

May 202018

On the heels of our announcement of 800,000 hits since 1/1/2018, we were made aware of some misinformation. Allow your intrepid blogger to set the record straight. I am re-posting something I put on the RightonDaily Facebook Page:

Please note that there have been efforts to suppress the flow of information to RightonDaily by the second floor. These include searching the office computers of RSO Employees, setting up anonymous facebook pages to spread disinformation and of course claims that I tape all phone calls. Please note that taping a call without someone’s consent is illegal. There have also been several attempts to plant blatantly false information with your intrepid blogger as well. Since no one edits my page but me, the opinions and facts presented on the RightonDaily Blog are mine. AND – when I say you can remain confidential, it means just that. #FREERIVERSIDE #FIRESNIFF#COXFORGOVERNOR #COLEHARRISFORLG Rock On.

There have been a variety of things going on behind the scenes, some of which I have written about (Including their attempts to attack my wife, calling her employer, several attempts to hack this site, trying to attack my insurance business and the like).

It is apparent that Team Sniff is running low on options to try and stop the bleeding. It is our mission here at RightonDaily to provide him and his crew political proctology. Remember, you can remain anonymous.

May 182018

Allow your intrepid blogger to take a moment to thank ALL of you for reading. Right On Daily would not have the influence it has without all of YOU participating.

Our sincerest hope is that our work on this blog exposing corruption, fraud and the like in politics is making an impact.

Today, 5/18/2018 we crossed the 800,000 Hit Milestone since 1/1/2018.


Apr 302018

Are you a candidate for office? Have you ever been talking to your consultant or just going through life wondering, is the Right On Daily Blog going to kick my Tail?

In order to qualify for the Right On Daily Blog, you, yes you have to screw up. So let us list some of that stuff in a manner even a candidate for office can understand.

  1. Register as a Republican specifically to run for or hold office.
  2. Raise taxes as part of a “deal” or raising taxes as anything other than a last resort
  3. Use your office to advance the careers of donors or loyalists over more qualified competitors
  4. Become vested in your office – as in deriving part (or all) of your identity from your campaign(s) for or office(s) held.
  5. Fail to pay your bills – (screwing campaign staff, tax liens, lawsuits, judgments, etc)
  6. Have Sex with Staff, Donors, Supporters that you are not in a committed (preferably married) relationship with.
  7. Campaigning as a Conservative with a personal history of porn, alcohol or drug abuse
  8. Abusing your position to cover up malfeasance and/or criminal activity
  9. Supporting two or more of the following: Gun Control, Drug Legalization, Soft on Crime Legislation (or initiatives), “Rights” Bills/Initiatives at the expense of Religious Freedom, Open Borders
  10. Engage in Emotional Manipulation / Cult Leader Type behavior as a campaign or governing practice
  11. Lying about your qualifications for office or accomplishments while in office – including attempting to take credit for other people’s successes
  12. (Bonus): You’re a democrat – in which case you deserve to have your tail kicked by the RightonDaily Blog.

IF you do any thing in the above list, you, yes you could get your tail kicked by the Right on Daily Blog.

This helpful primer of pitfalls will help any candidate understand why the Right On Daily Blog is whaling the tar out of them – because we care.