Jan 182017

Some may say it was a #YUGE victory for the little people last night.

Some may say it was a victory for the partisan Republican Electeds last night.

After an estimated $100k was spent attempting to influence the outcome of Placer GOP Party elections, the results of said elections were uncertain.

All over the North State, from Sacramento all the way up to Butte County, the Partisan Republican Electeds and Political Consultants who up until 2016 were rarely interested in Central Committees for anything other than an endorsement have been engaged in mortal combat. It appears that until Placer’s meeting that the massive expenditures had taken their toll on the little people as most all Central Committees are now controlled by Staffers, Consultants or the Families of Partisan Electeds.

When Dennis Revell (who I supported) got re-elected 21-20 last night, it had the beginnings of another good evening for the elections. But, instead, it was a disaster.

Pictured is the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information minister, who along with the cowardly, neurotic Ken Campbell made last night’s Placer GOP Organizational meeting a joy for all involved.

Speaking of Crazy, Suzanne Jones – she of the failed assembly campaign and the joint campaign with liberal DTS NIMBY-BANANA Victor Bekhet is now the First Vice Chair of the Placer GOP. Apparently, due to the failures of the GOP we need to support candidates for party office who work to unseat local Republican Electeds.

Ironically, Suzanne Jones decried the fact that there were three democrats on the Placer Board of Supervisors! She may need intensive therapy and special education in a local charter school to ascertain the facts. But, for the benefit of her and her supporters, let me list the supervisors:

District 1 – Jack “Chief Ganja” Duran, DEMOCRAT (funded by labor unions and booster of turning Placer in to a Pot Farm)

District 2 – Robert Weygant. REPUBLICAN (Pro-Choice, Pro Gay Marriage)

District 3 – Jim Holmes. DTS (Pro-Life, all over the place on other issues including pot farms)

District 4 – Kirk Uhler. REPUBLICAN (PRO-LIFE, PRO PROP 8)

District 5 – Jennifer Montgomery. DEMOCRAT (the Sierra Club loves her more than Victor Bekhet)

Hopefully, this will provide the necessary education for the Devil and Mrs. Jones.

2nd Vice Chair Mark Wright and Secretary Beth Wright are good people I have known for years.

However, the Treasurer is none other than Deborah Jackson. She was a last minute replacement for the cowardly, neurotic Ken Campbell.

Last night featured Mr. Campbell waiting until Congressman McClintock left the room to lambaste him. That’s right, your intrepid blogger gets to bask in the glory of another pyrric victory as I accurately predicted that Campbell would indeed turn on McCintock. I guess a 30 year friendship with Dennis Revell does not count in Ken Campbell’s mind, as McClintock was apparently expected to abandon Revell because that is what Campbell wanted.

All in all, last night’s meeting is a recipe for another 4 years of gridlock. There are 4 members of the executive committee who are opponents of the Consultant Oligarchy and the local partisan electeds. (Even though I hear that the electeds may not have been unanimous in all their voting)

People will get a front row seat to the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister and his brand of inclusion. They will also get another 4 years of Ken Campbell’s neurotic rants via email. But like Campbell and Hudson, most on their side have done little real work. Over a decade later, Campbell is still taking credit for other people’s actions and Hudson is still living in the past.

Thomas N Hudson is indeed as effective as any member of the Consultant Oligarchy at running a drill in a small universe. This is why they won last night.

Most on the Consultant / Elected side haven’t done much to help matters, either.

This leaves Dennis Revell who has attempted to provide a vision and leadership, to rely on a group of people who prefer to debate, email and fight wars on facebook.

As a new friend to Revell and someone who has learned who he really is as a person, I am not sure whether to laugh or cry over the results of last night.

Dec 092016

Congratulations to the Western Placer Unified School District and the Roseville Joint Union High School District – the voters sided with you and have delivered what both districts need in order to deal with the state funding issues. Measure D in Roseville carried with 61.5% and N slid by in Lincoln with 56.5%.

Let’s boil Measure M Down to brass tacks. #1 It is a tax increase and that is a huge dog whistle to deal with in ANY County. Kevin Hanley opposed this as payback to all of Bill Halldin’s supporters – yet in Placer SUP D5, it was the NIMBY’s and ENVIROS that led the opposition and it was devastatingly effective in an extremely high Dem turnout universe. Measure M failed by 10 points in Sup D5. Without Sup D5, it passes.

And that gets us to the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister Thomas N Hudson and his deputy and self styled retired CSI Investigator Deborah Jackson. While they were proud of the lying and deceitful way they rigged a Placer GOP Endorsement against Measure M, it did not matter. Ken Campbell’s editorials that the Lincoln News Messenger published did not matter.

Hudson’s Home District Sup D1, passed Measure M with over 70%. Campbell/Jackson’s home D2 passed it with over 69%. #EPICFAIL

D3 and D4 were in the 64 range. But, a split of D3 and D4 to the Rocklin and Roseville Parts of both show over 70% support for Measure M.

The bottom line? The alleged Conservatives (and lying / stretching the rules to “win” is not a Conservative Value) and their allies on the extreme left campaigned to the Auburn and Rural Areas to delay progress to Placer County.

That is correct, Thomas N Hudson, Ken Campbell and Deborah Jackson – time to roll a big fat one and put your tie-dye on. The three of you are the newest tools of the ENVIROS!

P.S. Deborah Jackson is running for Chairman of the Placer GOP, perhaps the Sierra Club will endorse her.

Sep 302016

I remember 2002 like it was yesterday. Then Congressman John T Doolittle and others raised and spent thousands on slate mail cards to defend the Placer GOP from an attack of the “liberals”. The beneficiary of that effort was none other than Ken Campbell, who was re-elected chairman of the Placer GOP.

Within 4 years of Congressman Doolittle basically getting Ken Campbell re-elected chairman of the Placer GOP, Campbell was deposed as the party chairman for publicly attacking a slew of officeholders with his title and had then Mr. Campbell completely turned on Doolittle.

Despite the fact that the opposition to Mr. Revell is being led by Tom Hudson, Campbell is up to his neck in it and has been an agent of chaos in the years since sanity prevailed and he was ousted as Party Chairman.

I want the Ken Campbell that donates to local charity and volunteers time for local charity back. That guy is useful and helpful – not the vengeful self-righteous puritan zealot that pillories friend and foe alike. The Ken Campbell I see is a cowardly rage-ball that disappears from combative meetings that his rants and manipulation set up, preferring instead to let surrogates take the public heat.

No better an example there is than when the since vindicated Courage Worldwide got attacked publicly by Thomas N Hudson, Ken Campbell was nowhere to be found to defend Courage Worldwide from the attacks he knew were false. Yet, Campbell had flown to their Africa location and had donated thousands to their efforts over the years! This is not the behavior of someone who is trustworthy or a leader.

I’ve written ad-naseum about the foibles of Thomas N Hudson. He is the vocal and vicious leader of the opposition on the Placer GOP Cent Com. For the 18 years I have known him, he has been in the middle of dozens of political fights. His demonstrated character defects disqualify him from leading anything at anytime anywhere.

Both Campbell and Hudson play fast and loose with the truth and as I have learned in my years of knowing them both, and will outright lie if needed to “win”.

Deborah Jackson who is the candidate against Placer GOP Chairman Dennis Revell is a complete disappointment to me. Repeatedly, in politics, I’ve attempted to give people the benefit of the doubt and about 4 out of 5 times am utterly disappointed.

I had been warned about 3-4 years ago by another Tea Party operative about Deborah Jackson. I had a positive impression of Jackson when I met her, I was working well with Jackson despite my knowing of her affiliation with the above two. I don’t usually judge people in politics because they have friends I don’t like.

What I was warned about was that Jackson was a “Black Widow” type of person that gets involved in groups and then takes them over. Dennis Revell actually appointed her as a delegate to the state party, see what it got him?

Jackson is a retired police detective, I figured that it would make her more discerning and that discernment would allow her to see people accurately. I am sure it did.

The only conclusion I can draw is that she did indeed figure out who the players were and sought out those that would help her accomplish her goal of taking something else over.

What clued me in to who Deborah Jackson really was, was seeing her $100 check to the feckless non-Republican liberal opponent of Kirk Uhler. No real Conservative or Republican activist would attempt to take out the most Conservative Republican leader in Placer County unless there was an end game. In this case, it was Ken Campbell’s decade old grudge and Thomas N Hudson’s desire to assuage his bruised ego over the collapse of the Placer RA unit.

When the leaders of the Conservative movement on the Placer GOP are Ken Campbell, Deborah Jackson and Thomas N Hudson, it makes you want to have an abortion.

I have to admit, I was not a fan of Placer GOP Chairman Dennis Revell. The circumstances surrounding his ascendance to the Chairmanship of the Placer GOP started with $47,000 of independent expenditure money that was directed in to Placer County by David Stafford Reade. It has gotten back to me from sources that within the inside of the State GOP that “they” still brag about taking over the Placer GOP.

If having a nearly 2/3 majority of Tea Partiers that are being led by Hudson / Jackson and Campbell is a takeover, I’d hate to see what a loss looks like.

Revell seemed to be the logical choice at the time for Chairman of the Placer GOP. He was one of Ronald Reagan’s Son-In-Laws, he had no real enemies and seemed to be a consensus choice as David Stafford Reade had a relationship with him through the Lincoln Clubs. Tom McClintock knew Revell for years and all the Gaines’ cared about was anyone not aligned with any of their adversaries.

I did not like Revell as I saw him as a squish and a part of the Establishment, and I viewed the assistance of him by Congressman McClintock as the latest McSellout of Conservatives.

For the last 3 1/2 years, I have gratuitously taken shots at Revell and have enjoyed the turmoil and the ineffectiveness of the Placer GOP.

What I have since learned about Revell is revealing. Unlike many, I try not judge people by all of their friends as I expect well-rounded people to have a quiver of relationships across the spectrum. I got a glimpse of why Revell has as many friends as he does. It is not about Ronald Reagan, it is about a disarming, charming and sincere man. Meeting Revell allowed me to separate him from those that got him in to the mess of being Placer GOP Chairman.

The hubris that I once misread in Revell was actually his shyness and quiet exterior. Revell means well and indeed wants to see the GOP win more elections and register more voters. It seems that those two goals have escaped his detractors as it is all about control. Revell has attempted to negotiate with and engage the opposition. They are not interested.

Getting expelled from the CRA by people like Thomas N Hudson and others similar to him has helped me finally lift the veil of self-righteous pseudo-conservative stupidity that once blinded me. Their current leadership makes me embarrassed to be a Social Conservative as they could not stop a nosebleed let alone an abortion, but man they will tell you how right they are…

It used to be a case of “How Conservative Is He/She?” was the first question I asked. This led to repeated cases of ideological fratricide over feckless, moribund marginal candidates (or hurricanes). It led to the emergence of charlatans like Tom Del Becarro, Chuck DeVore, Karen England, Tim Donnelly and others who fund-raise and rip off naive unsuspecting people while engaging in personal behavior that is horrendous.

It has led to the legitimization of people like Hudson/Campbell/Jackson and given credence and rise to a generation of destructive operators who believe that since they are right and all those squishes are wrong that anything they do to advance their cause is justifiable.

Dennis Revell may not be as Conservative as I am, but his heart is in the right place. He is a real man with a real heart and he wants to help. I believe that he deserves re-election as Placer GOP Chairman because of who HE is, not because of my disdain for the excuses of Conservative leaders that are on that committee. It is high time we had servants instead of arrogant narcissists and cowards in leadership positions in the Placer GOP, and in office everywhere.

I sincerely hope that the legislative staff that David Stafford Reade and others paid to help elect in 2016 to the Placer GOP stay put. I hope that Kevin Kiley and other partisan electeds take a direct interest in helping right the crazy train of the Placer GOP. Dennis Revell is a good man, but he was left to fend for himself after 2012 and the crazies will once again bring the committee to a standstill unless Mr. Revell has backup.

Sep 012016

71417973Thomas N Hudson. Yes, THAT Thomas N. Hudson – the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister. Thomas N. Hudson, government lawyer. Thomas N. Hudson, political consultant. Thomas N. Hudson, senior tax counsel.

I’ve known Thomas N. Hudson since 2000. He is skilled at lying, concealing conflicts of interest, double-dealing, hiding assets, legal double speak and a host of other activities that are far from conservative. He is also a rage-ball bully. All of these things I have observed and discovered. Several people I know have attempted to co-opt Tom or manipulate Tom, but Mr. Hudson has been equal to it all.

However, recently – Mr. Hudson’s out of control life has been catching up to him.

After years of fighting, he ended up with not one, but two FPPC fines for money laundering. Ironically, some of his current political allies were calling for his head in 2011 and were rallying around the Sacramento Bee story in 2011 that quoted Ted Gaines and Doug LaMalfa accusing Mr. Hudson of money laundering. Mr. Hudson got a lot of cover from yours truly because my brother was also falsely accused of doing the same. I will continue reminding the idiots as well as people like David Stafford Reade (who I believe orchestrated the Bee Story to gin up the local Tea Party in to a lather) about these lies until one of the following three things happen, I get a written and public apology (which will never happen) or I die or they die.

I will remind the readers that Mr. Reade made sure several of the people he used to get Dennis Revell elected Placer GOP Chairman in 2012 (in no small part using the lie about the corruption and financial malfeasance) were discarded in 2016.

Thomas N Hudson took George down in to the sewer where he has lived for years – except that George did not do what it appears Mr. Hudson did. George does not cheat on his income taxes, I have reason to believe that Mr. Hudson does as he has a series of assets hidden in trusts, a series of business entities he is associated with (one of which is how George got burnt) and of course his legal machinations to try to get out of the consequences of what I have seen as a demonstrated pattern of dishonesty.

Thomas N Hudson has been fined by the FPPC twice. He got hit once for $200 for failing to report the Headquarters Partnership on his form 700 (a government financial conflict of interest disclosure employees must file) and he also ended up paying a whopping $5000 fine related to multiple violations committed by the fraudulent shell organization he runs called the California Taxpayer Protection Committee (racket).

HUDSON, THOMAS, 2010/0741 (2013) 87300 – 1 count $200 Thomas Hudson, a Tax Counsel III (Specialist) for the California State Board of Equalization (“BOE”), failed to timely disclose a business interest (which was required to be disclosed by the BOE Conflict of Interest Code) on his 2010 Annual Statement of Economic Interests.

HUDSON, THOMAS N./CALIFORNIA TAXPAYER PROTECTION COMMITTEE, 2012/0106 (2013) 84211(k) & 84303 – 1 count 84204(c) – 1 count $5,500 California Taxpayer Protection Committee and its Treasurer, Thomas N. Hudson, failed to timely report subvendor information for payments, totaling $252,653.63, made during the reporting periods ending June 30, September 30, and December 31, 2008. Respondents also failed to report twelve late independent expenditures, totaling $85,194.85, made to oppose or support local candidates and measures in the June 3 and November 4, 2008 elections, to the local filing officer within 24 hours.

In both cases, Thomas N Hudson fought the fines for several years thinking he could run out the clock. He lost. In his current divorce, it appears that he is trying to do the same thing.

Thomas N Hudson is notoriously cheap, just how bad will be the subject of a later post – but let this sink in, Hudson’s oldest daughter turns 18 next year. It does not take much critical thinking to realize that if he can delay the resolution of the divorce with legal wrangling, he can avoid paying a dime of child support for his daughter. She must feel loved and special.

I have written that Thomas N Hudson has two Gods, winning and money. Our long standing friendship was a casualty, he changes political allies like shirts and his own daughter is experiencing it right now. Meantime, more boxes of wine are emptied and Mr. Hudson continues to balloon as large as the character in Austin Powers.

Fasten your seat belts because he is going to worship at both altars, but this time he may well get crucified while doing so. Even more sad is that in his narcissism he won’t see it coming because he is right don’t you know.

Meantime, if you’re running for office – stay as far away from this guy and his crew as you can.

Aug 312016

71413245So you want an endorsement from the Placer GOP?

If you have not figured out that it is a fool’s errand, let me continue to introduce you to the players.

I used to talk to Deborah Jackson infrequently. This ended abruptly when she was caught on the failed Non-Republican Moron’s campaign finance report. This was confirmation that she had drank the Thomas N Hudson / Ken Campbell Kool-Aid.

I had actually spoken to Ms. Jackson (if you’re nasty) on several occasions about recruiting and running a slate of people for Placer GOP Central Committee in order to help her get elected Chair of the Placer GOP. Yes, I screwed up big time – which is why I am (gasp) admitting fault, something that is impossible for any of the jihad leaders on the Placer GOP Cent Com. I call this Ideological Narcissism – when the belief that you are so right on so many issues is so strong that you’re impervious to reason. I, on the other hand will freely admit I am wrong on occasion. (Even as people like Thomas N Hudson seek to use said admissions for political advantage)

I should have understood there was a problem with Ms. Jackson (if you’re nasty) when I suggested she call a few people (one of whom was Kirk Uhler) to get names of people that may have been interested in running. I gave her a few myself (some of whom actually ran and won). Deborah Jackson did not call any of the local leaders I referred her to.

Given how the lynch mob of rabid dogs treated Bill Halldin – who was an actual elected member of the Placer GOP Cent Com – during his Assembly Race, it did not surprise me that Ms. Jackson (if you’re nasty) did not call him either.

It appears that Ms. Jackson (if you’re nasty) was looking for people that were a special kind of crazy or otherwise. Some of those aligned with her on the Placer GOP Cent Com are normally adjusted people. This dynamic should add to the chaos on the Placer GOP Cent Com. Normally adjusted people can’t stand people like Ken Campbell or Thomas N Hudson.

Having these people opposing Measure M is like having a sex offender run for school board.

As of the current date, Dennis Revell, the current Chairman of the Placer GOP has started reaching out to people as it is clear that there is a full blown insurrection. Revell was installed by an orchestrated effort by David Stafford Reade. It also appears that the Tea Partiers he used in 2012 caught on to the drill and rebelled.

My biggest issue with Dennis is that he did not assert himself until recently when Thomas N Hudson’s behavior became nearly psychotic. Revell had 3 1/2 years to lead and appears to have done nothing. Rather, it appears that Revell believed being appointed by Congressman Tom McClintock along with the fact that he was married briefly to one of Ronald Reagan’s daughters would be all he needed.

When you’re dealing with a pack of rabid dogs, your resume does not matter. When dealing with a pack of rabid dogs, the only thing they understand is getting their asses kicked repeatedly.

Those that joined Reade in his effort to purge the Placer GOP are probably sorely disappointed in their investment. Most of them support Measure M and now the upcoming endorsing convention is being turned in to a public lynching and a purity test by the Campbell-Jackson cabal.

IF you’re a Republican candidate for office and you go to the Placer GOP for an endorsement, you have three choices. #1, lie about your support for measure M… #2, try to argue with ideological narcissists over measure M and #3 accept the fact that you are going to get shredded. Oh and in all cases – you won’t get endorsed, so why bother?

Back to the race for Placer GOP Chairman, between Deborah Jackson and Dennis Revell? I am glad I do not have a vote in that one.

Revell? Installed in to the Chairmanship of the Placer GOP after an effort in 2012 designed to meet out punishment on the opponents of Beth Gaines, Revell was backed by Gaines, Gaines, McClintock, Nielsen, LaMalfa and the brainwashed Tea Partiers who were led to believe there was corruption going on. (Note – 5+ years since the alleged FBI investigation, no visit from the FBI and no FPPC Fines ever. This will repeat until those responsible for the lies are humiliated or unseated or both.)

Now Thomas N Hudson has gone from a Tea Party Target to their loudmouth advocate. Amazing things one does to stay relevant. (More on the CRA’s Box-Wine Guzzling Information Minister soon…)

Jackson? She is a stone-cold liar. Don’t tell her that, she’s right don’t you know. She’s a former Police Detective who apparently was terrible at doing her job or she’d have recognized what disasters those she is aligned with are.

It is kind of like picking between the Chargers and 49ers in a Football Game.

To be continued.