Jun 092016

Last night there was a tribunal for three members of the Cent Com that committed “Serious Offenses”.

Two of the offenders – Ken Campbell and Debra Jackson – basically were let off the hook for their financial and public support of the feckless opponent to Kirk Uhler. This is how the Tea Party operates – they are so right that they are impervious to the consequences of their own actions. I sit in amazement as I watch an overwhelming majority of Tea Partiers I know take on the worst attributes of Obama in order to defeat him. (See also Narcissism)

Fresh off of having challengers they recruited against a majority of the Placer County Board of Supervisors getting shellacked across the board, they are blaming your intrepid blogger for the impending demise of the State of Jefferson, not their actions.

If you are in local government, why would you ever go to a Placer GOP event again? Give them your $25 for the local electeds reception and then have two of their leaders back your opponent! What a deal, I wonder what $250 gets you?

Lest I forget about the Placer County Transportation Tax Dog Whistle – the tax is not on the ballot yet. However, without giving the proponents of the measure a chance to make their case, the pack of rabid dogs voted to oppose it.

They are not just right, they’re really right – don’t you know…

Conclusion – if you are on the Placer GOP and you join a lynch mob against a local elected, you will get a free pass. Unless you are Mike Holmes and then you get forced to resign your position as First Vice Chair, because of someone else’s mailer.

Four years ago, Ken Campbell, Dan Catania and others led the insurrection that led to the current Placer GOP disaster. Campbell was a huge fan of Dennis Revell in 2012. Now, Campbell hates him. I’ve seen this pattern for 13 years. – it ain’t just (fill in the list of Republican electeds here) that Campbell hates, it seems to burn of control.

Dan Catania? Well, in 2012 David Stafford Reade and others got a massive Independent Expenditure targeting conservatives for elimination from the Placer GOP Cent Com. They used then-brainwashed Tea Partiers who were told what meanies we were for supporting Andy Pugno over Beth Gaines. Catania was one of their chosen candidates to help run off the Pugno supporters as GOP leadership had given a decree to avenge the Primary Challenge of Andy Pugno to an incumbent.

(If you think the hit pieces sent against Andy Pugno in 2016 had anything to do with anything other than his challenge of Gaines in 2012, you are as insane as Ken Campbell)

Catania got left off the team in 2016. I am sure others will be in 2020 when they are no longer useful. (Catania Lost)

If you like pain and suffering – go to a Placer GOP Central Committee event. If you want to incite a pack of rabid dogs who will turn on you and try to recruit opponents for you (regardless of party), go to a Placer GOP Event.

Watch. Debra Jackson or Ken Campbell are going to run for chair in 2017. Unless of course, Dennis Revell is a complete masochist.

Meantime, your intrepid blogger feels like a 5150 reporter on a reality show featuring a gas station, a trailer park and a tree stump in Oroville.

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  One Response to “Placer GOP Update: The Pack of Rabid Dogs in Full Effect”

  1. Blogger’s Note – I do not know a Cole Scott but he is a newly minted Cent Com Member. I have known Campbell for 14 years – longer than any of his current allies on the Placer GOP (except for the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister). Secondly, Campbell and Jackson supported a Bay Area Dem turned Placer DTS over Uhler – so even the defense of what they did rings hollow. And, the beat goes on for the local Tea Party.

    — the comment starts below:

    Anyways, i’m posting to inform you why Mike Holmes stepped down. He seemed to have left not only because he supported Jennifer Montgomery, but also his relentless support of Bond Measure C. Bond Measure C, which was not endorsed by the Placer County Republican Party, was endorsed by Holmes. We voted against it, despite that though, Holmes offered unwavering support for the measure. This is what made a lot of conservatives in the Central Committee quite angry at Holmes. His endorsement of Jennifer was only the straw that broke the camels back. Holmes endorsed a full fledged extreme leftist, unlike Mr. Campbell and Mrs. Jackson. Both of the latter supported conservative candidates, but both happened to also support the opponent of the guy who paid you a $1,000 for “professional services” (Kirk Uhler).

    it seemed like you are insinuating the central committee ignored Ken and Debra, but instead focused on Holmes. As explained before, that’s because of Holmes devotion to Montgomery (a democrat) and Bond Measure C. Both Ken and Debra supported neither of these, but they did support conservative candidates; this is what made their situation different in comparison to Holmes case.

    Blogger’s Note: Get it? Holmes was forced out because he supported Jennifer Montgomery, but Campbell and Jackson were OK because they supported a dem turned DTS – and, of course, Holmes supported Measure C. He had to be lynched for his disagreement with the pack of rabid dogs. Wondering why the GOP is at 27%… here it is folks.

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