Apr 112016

Screenshot_2016-04-09-21-57-24Victor Bekhet is not a Republican. Dennis Revell (Placer GOP Chairman) even called the Placer County Registrar’s office to confirm said fact.

For whatever reason, Revell is telling Mr. Uhler that the soonest the Placer GOP can consider endorsing him is May 11th. They can’t do it this week. Revell is claiming that the committee itself needs to “talk about it and put it on the agenda” first before it can be considered.

I’d hate to see what they would do to a Republican elected that drew a funded dem opponent? Make them wait until December? Well, there’s more.

In March, Michael Babich, a Republican candidate for Placer County D5 Supervisor (running against Dem Supervisor Jennifer Montgomery) showed up to the Placer GOP Cent Com Meeting. He was not on the agenda for an endorsement. Michael Babich was agendized as a speaker. He spoke. Ken Campbell moved for an endorsement from the floor – it was unanimous.

Babich became known when he ran against Tom McClintock. Yes, THAT Tom McClintock and he was endorsed from the floor with no further discussion, no pre-discussion and was not made to wait until April.

The same Placer GOP Central Committee had Mr. Bekhet at their “Local Electeds Reception”. Perhaps, this is why Mr. Revell decided to check Victor Bekhet’s registration several days later?

It is clear that Dennis Revell may well be harboring a grudge over the park that was built on the corner of Barton and Douglas that he and other residents in the area actually opposed. It is also clear that Mr. Revell, Campbell and others are engaged in a good old fashioned screw-over of Placer County’s lone conservative supervisor.

Interestingly, Revell comes from the same wing of the party that says you have to support all Republican Incumbents regardless of merit. I guess not Kirk Uhler because he supported the construction of a park near his home. Ironically, before Ken Campbell went berzerk over the disagreement over the finances of the cent com, he, too wanted to rail Uhler over a development in his area. Cozy. In a NIMBY sort of way.




Victor for his own part has been advertising on the internet. Spelling Matters.

“Reasponsible Growth” – the Victor Behket way #EPICFAIL

Victor Bekhet is also claiming racism amongst other absurdities in his whiny rants. #1 Mr. Bekhet looks pretty damn white to me, and #2 playing the race card means you are getting your — kicked. The fun will continue.

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