Aug 302016

Man on FireKen Campbell. I’ve written about him ad naseum.

Ken Campbell is a coward. He talks trash in private and prefers to let people like the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister swing the sword.

Ken Campbell is permanently butt-hurt over being forced to resign as Chairman of the Placer GOP. Many years ago, after a slew of op-eds in the local cat pan liner attacking the late Kathy Lund, Susan Rohan, then supervisor Bruce Kranz, then supervisor Ted Gaines, Kirk Uhler and a slew of others he was forced to resign.

The real issue is that Ken melted down over Measure H, an advisory measure about development in 2004. If you try to build anything anywhere near Ken Campbell’s multi-million dollar ranch, he won’t like you very much. So, it makes sense that Ken would join the coalition of the insane in opposing Measure M.

Mr. Campbell has also been prone to preforming truth abortions repeatedly in his op-eds. But, this is part of the package when you live the Ken Campbell experience.

But why isn’t Ken running for Placer GOP Chairman? Why is it Deborah Jackson? I believe it goes beyond Ken’s Cowardice. Many years ago, Ken Campbell served on the board of the Capitol Resource Institute with none other than David Stafford Reade.

David Stafford Reade is a gun for hire and is a power broker within the CA GOP. He is also State Senator Jim Nielsen’s Chief of Staff. David Reade was involved in the massive expenditure of money in 2012 and again in 2016 to attempt to elect capitol staff and others loyal to Reade to Placer GOP Central Committee. Reade managed to direct about $120k in total by my calculations over the two cycles.

The 2016 Placer GOP Central Committee election did not go as planned. People that Reade once used in 2012 in his effort to eliminate political enemies were discarded in the 2016 effort. (this is felony stupid)

It is clear to me that the 2018 election will bring retirements and a deep, inner need for Reade to attempt to control party endorsements in order to influence the elections in 2018. (more on that later) Ken Campbell and David Reade remain friends to this day, in fact, they sat together at the 2016 candidate forum for AD06.

Given that I have seen Ken Campbell turn on people multiple times, and his relationship with David Stafford Reade, I do not believe that he stands up for Deborah Jackson at the moment of truth.

If you have any doubts about Ken Campbell’s voracity – consider that recently the CRA’s Box Wine Guzzling Information Minister Thomas N Hudson sent out an email attacking Courage Worldwide, a leading Sex-Trafficking charity. The State of California because they are bureaucratic morons are attempting to treat Courage like a foster care agency and are trying to shut them down. Almost on queue, an extremely biased story appeared in the Sacramento Bee that I believe was planted by the state agency accusing Courage of being Fraudulent.

Tom Hudson, whose twin idols are money and being right jumped on this Bee Article calling Courage a Bogus Charity. Ken Campbell is a major donor to Courage Worldwide, and has physically traveled to their facility in Africa.

Has Campbell attempted to defend Courage from Tom Hudson’s attack? No. Anyone who aligns themselves with Ken Campbell can expect the same courage from him on their behalf.

Strange and sad things happen when you form a coalition of the deranged and enraged.

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