Oct 202010

The BEE? They joined:

LA Daily News
OC Reg
Bakersfield Californian
Riverside Press-Enterprise
SF Chron could not endorse Boxer
… countless other papers are hiding

AND – The Fresno Bee endorsed Carly a bit ago. The Sacramento Bee could be next?

The Modesto Bee had to get their jabs in at Carly while endorsing her – but they know: IT SUCKS TO BE BARBARA BOXER.

California has two Democratic U.S. senators, one of whom is well plugged into valley issues, especially agriculture and water, and who works well with representatives of both parties.

It’s the other one who is running for re-election this fall.

While Barbara Boxer wanders into our area every few years, and has helped funnel some federal money to the Tuolumne River Regional Park and Modesto’s Virginia Corridor, she is so far left on most issues that we in the valley can’t see her in the distance, either literally or politically.

Most days, Boxer seems to think she only represents San Francisco, Los Angeles and coastal California.

And even more troubling, Boxer seems to be caught up in Washington’s gotcha politics, focused more on beating Republicans than on doing what’s best for California and the nation.

That extreme partisanship has gotten in the way of Boxer effectively representing California in the Senate.

It’s time for a change, and thus we give our endorsement to Republican Carly Fiorina.

We need bridge builders, be they Democrat or Republican, in this extraordinarily challenging time. Diane Feinstein, our other senator, has shown herself to be such a person, and we see in Fiorina the potential to be part of a new coalition of problem-solvers who will benefit both California and the nation. There are many in Fiorina’s party who would be as stridently partisan on the right as Boxer is on the left. That is the wrong course for California.

Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard executive, has a clear understanding of the issues that frustrate tea party supporters, but without the anger that characterizes much of that movement.

She has a composure and a bearing that enable her to get her points across in a calm, civil manner.

Though she’s been a captain of industry, she has compassion for Main Street, understanding that federal bailouts and stimulus programs haven’t done enough to help average Americans. We know that only too well here in the San Joaquin Valley, where the unemployment rate is much higher than the national and state jobless rates.

On the contentious issue of immigration reform, Fiorina first wants to secure the border and have a guest-worker program that works for California industries. We support comprehensive immigration reform, but also believe that securing the border and establishing a temporary worker program for industries such as agriculture are at the heart of a solution.

Unlike many in the Republican Party, Fiorina supports the DREAM Act, which would allow undocumented youth a conditional path to citizenship by requiring completion of a college degree or two years of military service.

Fiorina says we shouldn’t punish “children who through no fault of their own are here trying to live the American dream.”

In order to win in the primary, Fiorina took some far right positions, which led us to recommend her challenger, Tom Campbell, in the June primary.

Now voters must choose between a stridently partisan long-term incumbent and a political newcomer who indicates a willingness to work across the aisle.

Fiorina has made several trips to the San Joaquin Valley in this campaign, and is paying attention to the concerns of agriculture and industry. On one of those trips, she told The Fresno Bee that the one of the first things she would do if elected would be to walk into Feinstein’s office and offer to work with her to solve California’s water crisis. That is a very positive sign.

While we don’t agree with Fiorina on every issue and hope she will moderate some of her views, we believe that she would do a better job than Boxer has in representing all Californians.

Thus, we recommend Carly Fiorina’s election to the U.S. Senate.

When Willie Brown says you have no ground game and reliably liberal rags like the Chico ER and the Modesto Bee endorse against you – you are Barbara Boxer.

WISTBBB – Part 12 Chico Enterprise Record: Boxer Sucks, Vote for Carly

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Oct 202010

WHAT!? A liberal rag in a college town endorses Carly!?

Other media outlets have endorsed Carly:

LA Daily News – Carly
SDUT – Carly
OC Reg – Carly
Bakersfield Californian – Carly
Riverside Press-Enterprise – Carly
SF Chron could not endorse Boxer
… and countless other papers are hiding

So, the Chico paper jumps in (Not without ripping on a Republican in the process, btw…)


While Wally Herger has produced little in the way of results in Congress (see related editorial), the same could be said for Sen. Barbara Boxer.

The difference on Nov. 2 is that Herger faces an uninspiring opponent. Boxer does not. Carly Fiorina is full of promise. She’s bright, engaging, has considerable success in the private sector, and is focused on jobs and the economy.

Boxer, meanwhile, hasn’t done much in 18 years in the Senate. She’s one of the most liberal members in the Senate, which explains why we rarely see her in this part of the state. Though Boxer came close last week with a campaign stop in Sutter County, the last time Boxer was in Butte County was January 2004. Carly Fiorina was in Chico in May.

Given a decent alternative in Fiorina, we think it’s time California voters gave somebody else a shot.

It sucks to be Barbara Boxer.

Oct 192010


Why it sucks to be a Democrat. (WISTBAD)

No one wants to walk precincts for socialists.

Willie Brown: “I do not believe Jerry Brown has a ground operation.” Neither does Gavin Newsom or Barbara Boxer, Willie sez

From the SF Chron – who could not bring themselves to support Boxer this time around…

…A bombshell blog post that had California Socialist Party Chairman John *()#$&^%#^* Burton hopping mad.

You see Socialist Party Chairman John %$&*(^$# Burton had to put up with two of his top Moonbats lambasting the lack of passion on the Democrat side:

First there was Willie – then there was Garry South:

South told the gathering that unless Jerry Brown has a lead of 7 or 8 points going into election day, “we’re in serious trouble.”

And John *(^%$*( Burton hit the ceiling:

Dem Party chair John Burton told us in plain Burtonese: “Willie Brown is full of (poo-poo). And Garry South never liked any politician who wasn’t paying him. So you’ve got two full of (poo-poo) guys who aren’t relevant to anything in this campaign talking about it.”


Why it sucks to be a Democrat. Only paid whores Union Workers on sick days will walk precincts for you?

P.S. Note how Newsome was included in those grim comments? Could it be that the Dems know Maldonado is winning as well?

Why it sucks to be Barbara Boxer Part 10- There goes the VFW PAC, as in gone…

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Oct 192010

Every now and them there is justice in the political world. Like people who pay for endorsements and then have them blow up (see also Part 9 and Boxer’s ethically-challenged “friend” Maxine Watters).

The rats are scurrying off the deck of the Boxer. Since Boxer hates the US Navy anyway – the Cuban and Chineese sailors manning the CCCP Boxer are probably unaware of the iceberg that’s behind the fog.

Enter the VFW PAC that endorsed Boxer despite her viceral hatred of the troops and near-perfect record of voting against everything military in her 18-year reign.

From Blackfire Blog:

I have reviewed the Political Action Committee (PAC) Board of Directors’ response to our request to rescind this year’ s Congressional endorsements. I disagree with their assessment.

It is now evident to most of the VFW leadership, both National and especially the departments, that the VFW has been subjected to extreme negative publicity throughout the nation, and the recent endorsement decisions have, in fact, harmed the VFW’ s reputation and future ability to fulfill our mission.

I cannot let this erosion of public support for our great organization continue. The apparent lack of the committee to address these concerns will lead to a proposal by me, as Commander-in-Chief, to amend the by-laws at the 112th National Convention for the purpose of dissolving the PAC. Meanwhile, under the authority granted to me as Commander-in-Chief in section 619 of the VFW National By-Laws and under section 620 of the Manual of Procedure, I am withdrawing all PAC appointments effective
October 15, 2010.

    Accordingly, I’ m asking the council for a vote of “ no confidence” in the VFW PAC as indicated on the enclosed ballot.

    To:  National Council of Administration
    From:  Richard L. Eubank, Commander-in-Chief
    Date:  October 14, 2010

This, after the Ladies Auxilery withdrew all funding support for the PAC (which, I’m told, is a good chunk of it) as well as cries from CO, FL, NY, TX and likely others to do something about the endorsements.

WHY, you may ask?

Take a gander- would you want to say your group endorsed this candidate?

   Accenting again the campaign focus she has placed on veterans’ affairs, Sen. Barbara Boxer on Sunday formally opened a veterans’ center at Pasadena City College and was later brought to tears by a forceful defense of her record by Sen. Daniel Inouye of Hawaii,  a highly decorated member of Congress.

    Inouye joined Boxer for her formal endorsement by the political action committee of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, whose California chairman also praised Boxer’s work on behalf of veterans.

    …[A]sked after her speech about McCain’s objection, Boxer merely smiled and replied: “I’m so excited to have the VFW endorsement. I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

 Me neither.  Not liking it at all.  Neither, apparently, did anyone in the VFW.

Updates to follow, I’m sure…  but this is great news!  Still awaiting some interview with the PAC chairman.  That would be interesting, for certain.


Why it sucks to be Barbara Boxer Part 9 – Maxine Waters Bails Out

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Oct 192010

Remember the slate mailer scam where Boxer basically paid off Maxine Watters and her family for an endorsement and preferrential treatment on their “Slate Mailer”?

Flap’s Blog just caught Waters trying to cover herself before her ethics trial starts. (Asking a Democrat majority to uphold ethics is like giving Jesse James the keys to the bank.)

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), Chair of the Senate Ethics Committee, has paid some $30,000 since 2004 for the endorsement of embattled Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) in the context of a scheme that critics charge is unethical and amounts to Waters using her political station to benefit her family members.According to the Washington Times, Waters “has turned political endorsements into a family business, using federal election laws to charge California candidates and political causes to include their names as her personal picks on a sample ballot, or ‘slate mailer,’ she sends to as many as 200,000 South Central Los Angeles voters.”

 The slate mailer business, it turns out, is run by Waters’ daughter, Karen, via her public relations firm.  Records show that Karen Waters’ firm has been paid more than $350,000 since 2004, and has billed a further $82,000 since California’s June primary, for its services in this regard.

Now, Citizens for Waters – 555 S Flower St Ste 4510 Los Angeles, California 900712420 has refunded monies ($1,217.35) back to Friends of Barbara Boxer.

OUCH – Barbara Boxer’s world is getting quite narrow these days.