Sep 262010

Wow! Amazing things happen when you have to run a campaign finally.

(Its’ called scrutiny)

Barbara Boxer was part of the same excesses that landed some Republicans in prison and will send Rangel and Waters to the can as well.

Maxine Waters… a flaming communist and a life-long buddy of Boxers, has drank from the same kool-aid vat for years and they’ve been paying each other’s people (off) for “consulting”.

Now Boxer’s son is caught with his fingers in the cookie jar – and look close again, this is real corruption. (as opposed to hundreds of dollars – this is hundreds of thousands of dollars)

From the National Review

From 2001 to 2006 – with precisely one Boxer Senate campaign during that period – Boxer paid her son more than $320,000, according to a report by the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. During the 2008 election cycle, Boxer’s PAC gave $141,000 to the firm Douglas Boxer & Associates. So far this cycle, Boxer’s PAC has paid another $108,000.

A cool $570,000 in 10 years, not bad.

The issue here is using campaign money for personal benefit. It looks like Barbara Boxer is right there with Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangel.

…Sen. Barbara Boxer has repeatedly paid Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ daughter for a prominent spot on a “sample ballot” sent out to voters in the South Central Los Angeles district, effectively buying an endorsement from Rep. Waters….

Nice, Huh – and Boxer was one of the biggest finger-pointers at Duke Cunningham and Bob Ney. She ought to be in the same federal prison where they were.

The latest installment of why it sucks to be Barbara Boxer.

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