Aug 112010

HUH? There goes Aaron F Park again – throwing bombs.

Not so fast, Skeptics.

The Democrats know they are going to get their tails whupped and they are preparing for the “Lame Duck” session that occurs for six weeks after they lose a boatload of seats in Congress. That session is the last seating for the current congress before the new one is sworn in.

This is lifted from a press release:

Washington- Running out of time to push his unpopular and reckless agenda through Congress, Jerry McNerney (As did Barbara Boxer in the Senate) voted today to permit a lame-duck legislative session that could allow for a whole new round of job-killing legislation. Since the lame-duck session wouldn’t take place until after November’s elections, Speaker Pelosi would be able to count on ‘yes’ votes from departing and defeated Democrats, who would be free to support the Democrats’ radical agenda with no accountability to voters.

So – Cap and Trade? Those of us on PG&E must not be paying enough – time to raise our energy bills another 50%.

Card-Check? you know the system where Union Bosses can see how people vote regarding whether or not to unionize and then for union elections thereafter?

The Bush Tax-Cuts? Flush ’em all.

This is the Democrats swan song and a last gasp effort to impose their will on America.

Jerry McNerney continues to be a Cylon Robot.

Barbara Boxer continues to be a nefarious nutbag.

And the voters of California get the shaft.

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