Have you been Ruffaloed?

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May 022011

I got my first ever Ruffaloing.

After talking to the man for an hour on the phone – I witnessed his latest column. At least he spelled my name right and at least he promised to call me before posting a column about me.

Once again, it may well have been published by the malcontents on the Placer GOP Central Committee. I got a soundbyte and the other 90% of the column was repeating age-old charges with some new twists.

The most recent new/old news is the accusation that I tried to sell a CRA endorsement to Roger Niello. Good old fashioned campaign revenge – it is funny, really as the original rumor was that I tried to sell it to Ted Gaines.

Additional information I obatined about Ruffalo explains a long connection to David Stafford Reade. Reade as you know is president of one of the fake CRA units, Reade was in the middle of the team Karen campaign for CRA President and Reade also sits on the Capitol Resource Institute’s board of directors.

Ruafflo and Reade became buddies in 1996 when Reade ran for Assembly against Sam Aanestad.

Now I know why Ruffalo is so interested in the Placer Cent Com and the State CRA all the sudden. Reade and Karen England are as close as any operators there are and why not join her fight locally under the guise of editorials.

I also understand why Ruffalo likes taking potshots at Dan Logue – Reade is going to run Jim Nielsen’s campaign against Logue.

I’ll talk to anyone in politics – but in this instance, I now understand the jihad.

Damn, it’s a small world.

P.S. remember the check written out to the Placer GOP by Mitt Romney (for 75 delegates) that was actually for the Placer CRA for the 2007 CRA Presidential Endorsing convention? Remember how Ruffalo wrote about that as more “evidence” of chicanery? Once I told him that David Reade brought the check to our office in person – it suddenly disappeared from the lexicon of his column.

Jan 132011

In a recent Column – Ruffalo attacked Ted Gaines and the Placer County Republican Central Committee.

In so many words, he attacked the Central Committee for Accomplishing Nothing. Problem – the Central Committee was instrumental and participatory in tossing more than a few of Ruffalo’s fellow liberals out of office in November.

Ruffalo’s friends on the Central Committee came loaded for bear last night – looking for a fight on anything and everything. Likely amongst the group was Ruffalo’s primary source of his erroneous information he uses to write about the Central Committee.

One of Ruffalo’s sentences was as follows: As a recovering Republican, I’ve had quite enough of Hudson and that crowd. They’re the sort who put “fun” in “funeral,” and have turned what should be a supportive and pro-active group into an invoicing organization that turns politics into a blood sport.

Last night – the blood sport was brought by people seeking personal revenge – again with no evidence.

Meanwhile still unsettled — at least by the Fair Political Practices Commission — is that check-kiting scheme which may have been political money laundering.

What Ruffalo failed to mention is that one of his sources of information, former Chairman Ken Campbell, was Chairman during at least two FPPC audits of the Central Committee for (GASP) giving money to Assemblymembers Bonnie Garcia and Shirley Horton amongst other things.

Ruffalo went on the say that Ted Gaines would get to appoint an ex-officio alternate for both his Assembly Seat and Senate Seat. It did not work that way – the Assembly seat is vacant until John Allard wins it.

Ruffalo wanted Ted Gaines to show up himself – which he did – and to not appoint Tom Hudson or George Park as his Ex-Officio.

Too bad for Jim Ruffalo that the CRA endorsed Ted Gaines for State Senate and Ted Gaines stayed true to the CRA – voting with the CRA 100% the time last night. This includes voting to elect George Park, Jr. Treasurer. (As Assemblymember Dan Logue appointed him)

It is apparent that Jim Ruffalo is taking his cues from people that are opposed to the Conservative leadership of the Central Committee – hence his repeated attacks against Tom Hudson and George Park, Jr.

Has Ruffalo ever called George or myself for comment? Of course not… but then, that’s the Auburn Journal.

Why the Auburn Journal is a Rag – Part 2, Attack Kirk Uhler while calling for Due Process for Brian Jagger

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Dec 222010

Once again – Deric Rothe repeats the lie about the solar power contract.

Once again – there is no mention of the other three Solar Power Contracts by the county that weren’t within a country mile of Uhler’s company.

Once again – Deric Rothe repeats the lie about a “sweetheart deal” for Tami Uhler’s job with the county… conveniently omitting the fact that that job was offered to two others first.

Once again – Deric Rothe brings up the issue about a deer hunt to thin the population of Deer and attributes the idea to Uhler. Rothe knows his audience are liberal gun-grabbers and wildlife lovers. Of course, there is no mention of the sharp increase of Deer vs Car accidents.

Who cares, when you are on an rampage against someone? Perhaps Deric Rothe is blaming Kirk Uhler for the revelation of his felony conviction? I can think of no other reason why the Auburn Journal would lie repeatedly – the Sacramento Bee doesn’t even pull crap like this.

If I was Brian Jagger – I’d read this phony editorial and say no thanks.

Why The Auburn Journal is a Rag – In Their Own Words

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Dec 212010

It is no secret. Deric Rothe, the flaming liberal editor of the Auburn Journal hates Conservatives and Republicans…

Case and point:

Article One – Tom McClintock Earmarked for Budget, Natural Resources Committee Posts in 2011.

Maybe Rothe’s pet cockroaches were trying to be clever with the title? Tom McClintock has famously signed the no new earmarks pledge – something Rothe and his crew have used repeatedly to get Scott Yuill, Rocky Rockholm and others in hot water with over the last two years.

Why? Because McClintock is regarded as someone who does not bring home the pork barrell spending within the district. Now, they turn the tables and use Earmark and McClintock in the same line… for search engines?

Article Number 2: Bag on Brian Jagger some more. In the process – try to tie Jagger’s maladies to Kirk Uhler and POOF guess who the Rothe’s Pet Cockroaches called this time?

Marlene George – queen of the Granite Bay NIMBY’s against Kirk Uhler. To Marlene’s credit – she did not take the bait thrown out by the AJ.

They could have called a number of people for balance, but this is the same paper that refused to correct a baltant lie about solar power contracts that were given to a company with a similar name – that was not owned by Uhler and Weygandt’s Brother.

Two-Plus years that lie has been allowed to stand. But, as I have written before – Deric Rothe is a convicted Cocaine Dealer who came to Placer County to find a soft-touch judge that restored his civil rights.

If Rothe started practicing journalism and stopped trying to destroy people with his newspaper – maybe I’d stop telling people about his felony conviction. Which, by the way Brian Jagger, Kirk Uhler and John Doolittle do not have – only Rothe.

Oct 102010

People with personal axes to grind accused our former Congressman of doing this…

There is a key difference: Deric Rothe, the convicted cocaine dealer editor of the Auburn Journal is possessed with a desire for revenge and no evidence. And, to this day is using his paper in an attempt to try and prevent John Doolittle from making a living even after he was exhonerated from a six-year investigation in to corruption charges.

On the other hand, Barbara Boxer has been caught red-handed. (Mr. Rothe might want to take some notes about what real corruption is:)

Carly Fiorina Hits Barbara Boxer for Selling Earmarks:

Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina claims Democratic U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer is exchanging earmarks for campaign cash.

At issue, says Fiorina, is a fundraiser by the Washington, D.C. firm Alcalde and Fay. The firm is sponsoring a fundraiser for Boxer’s re-election campaign, months after winning a federal earmark for one its clients, the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District. Fiorina’s campaign told the Associated Press that Boxer got an earmark worth almost $2 million for construction work designed to help the bridge withstand a major earthquake.

Fiorina, who trails Boxer in the polls, says the incumbent’s requested more than $6.5 million in earmarks for projects represented by Alcalde and Fay. She says Boxer shouldn’t take campaign money from the firm, and shouldn’t seek earmarks when the federal government’s facing a massive deficit.

A spokeswoman for the senator says there’s no connection between the projects and fundraising. And she says the earmarks are examples of how Boxer fights for money that will create jobs in California.

Now – if the Auburn Journal editorializes on this, I will be impressed.

At any rate- it sucks to be Barbara Boxer.