Aug 112010

Her majesty is most displeased.

She wants the stupid subjects to judge her on her intentions, not her actions.

Case and point – Boxer can not remember the flavors of Kool-Aid she is mixing for us hapless voters…

“Lord knows we need to work across party lines, particularly in times like these.” – Barbara Boxer in San Francisco, 8/11/10

I should have known when Boxer mentions GOD and Republicans in the same sentence that there was either a triple capo or some sort of chemicals involved… or perhaps it was just unabashed BS.

Because Earlier – Barbara Boxer mixed up a different batch (when trying to raise more money):

“We need more strong progressive leaders … If we don’t hold on to these three Democratic seats, Republicans will increase their efforts to bring our legislative agenda to a standstill. That means more breaks for big corporations, more roll-backs of environmental protections, and fewer people fighting for American consumers.” – Barbara Boxer in a Democrat fundraising e-mail, 8/10/10

Translation – IF I LOSE, we won’t be able to stop infrastructure development, the farmers might get water at the expense of a sardine, loggers would start clearing forests again and Companies might start hiring! This would be devastating to America, it might return to Capitalism and the gains toward centrally controlled Socialism would be erased.

Boy – it sucks to be Barbara Boxer.

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