Sep 092010

And since Barbara Boxer has voted against restoring the water to the Central Valley… there is nothing to put her out with.

This is another one of those Green storms.

No Dams have been built in California in years. As a result – there is inadequate water storage – which forces farmers to have to get water from the delta.

A federal judge (appointed by Clinton of course) shut off the water to the south valley on account of the delta smelt. He ruled that the delta smelt should get the water first before the farmers because it is a “threatened” species.

Meantime – the USA is importing food and has almost nothing to send overseas to starving countries.

That’s Green for you and Barbara Boxer is as Green as a Gord.

Meantime the US Chamber of Commerce dumped a wad in to Television ads lighting Boxer up over her extremism.

Check out the LA Times story.

P.S. It sucks to be Barbara Boxer. 28 years in office and she is in the fight of her life. But don’t feel sorry for her – she has voted so many times to raise her own pay and benefits that she’ll be fine in retirement.

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