Apr 262019

And like a busted clock, even someone like Chimelewski gets it right once in a while. I have cut and pasted the post from Danny boy here for your review, because it is devastating for Sean Mill – in terms of exposing his inconsistent values, hypocrisy an the like:

Seam Mill’s flyer for Riverside City Council 2019

When last seen, former Santa Ana Planning Commissioner Sean H. Mill resigned from his seat in July 2016 after a private investigation discovered he was no longer a resident of Santa Ana (more details on this to come).

Mill has switched his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican and is running for City Council in Riverside.  But stretching the truth is something he’s applying in his campaign for voters in Riverside who don’t know him as well as we do.  And he has a long track record of being less than honest.

Mill resigned from the Santa Ana Planning Commission on July 13, 2016, about a week after his wife saw a private investigator taking photos of Mill’s car outside her home in Riverside.  When Mrs. Mill confronted the PI, on July 5, she told him, “My husband lives in Santa Ana.”  Mill’s resignation letter reference he had moved to Riverside in “late June” making one wonder if he was hiding in his wife’s home or did she not get the new script.

It’s entirely possible Mill was residing in Riverside for months while he remained on the Planning Commission and enjoyed all the perks that came with that sans residency.  Here’s the Voice of OC story on the resignation.  Remarkably, Mill was appointed to the Riverside Airport commission less than a month after leaving Santa Ana, leading many of us to wonder if there’s a real shallow pool of candidates for commissions in the area there.

Take a peak at Mill’s fundraising flyer.  He states he was an airport commissioner from 2015 to 2017.  Now the rules for being on commissions require residency.  How could Mill be on this commission in 2015 when he was a Santa Ana Planning Commissioner in 2016?  That’s actually a crime — fraud I believe.  But knowing Mill as we do, we’ll chock this up to an attempt by him to make voters believe he’s been a factor in Riverside longer than he has.

Here’s the minutes of the meeting where Mill was appointed commissioner:

I have to wonder if the Republicans in Riverside are aware of Sean’s “liberal” past.  Here’s a blog post from 2015 after we filed an FPPC complaint against Mill for failing to adequately complete his form 700 disclosures.  In particular, he was called out for homophobic comments in an LA Times letter he wrote in the late 90s.  Watch him address the audience in this YouTube video.

Mill continued: “Folks that pick and choose comments — cherry picked them — taking them out of context to try and make their point failed to get the newspaper articles I’ve written in support of the LGBT community — scores of them as a matter of fact — but those never seem to make their rounds.”

Mill continued: “I own what I say. When hearing what people have to say, for every article they’ll come and show you, and ‘oh look what he said’ after they take it out of context, I can show you articles I have written  with my name published in the newspaper in which I support the LGBT community. So be very careful of folks telling you things.”

Mill continued: “I usually sit here and be quiet and take it, but when I see an organized effort based on a pack of lies to come down here and attack myself and Commissioner Alderete I’m not going to remain silent.”

So where are these “scores of articles” with Mill’s byline in support of the LGBT community?  If you can find one published in the newspaper, send us a scan of the print edition or a link to the website.  We can’t find a single story.

Mill never says which newspaper he’s published “scores” or articles and, from his speech, we’re almost certain he doesn’t know that a “score” means 20 articles and “scores” would be 40 or 41.  I challenge Mill to produce “scores” of stories…I just don’t think they exist. I’d be happy to see one or two, but “scores” of pro-LGBT articles with Mill’s byline are simply hot air.

I still can’t find a single article written by Sean H. Mill that supports the LGBTQ community published anywhere.  I do have a comment where he called the former publisher of this site, Chris Prevatt, an HIV+ gay man, “you infected little shit.”

For voters in Riverside who don’t know Mill’s party-switching, political vendettas and honesty about his LGBTQ support, Santa Ana residency/Riverside residency, and his Airport Commission appointment date.  Does this man have the integrity to serve you on the city council of your city?

Blogger’s Note – while Dan C is obsessed with homosexuality and left-wing purity (including supporting 4th Trimester Abortion) his points about Sean Mill’s failure to be honest, his residency, potential fraud, potty mouth, abusive behavior, playing fast and loose with the truth, pandering, party-switching and the like paint a picture that is not a good scene at all.

Apr 252019

There are these things called daily reports. If you track them, you can watch the flow of the money. They are also an indicator of strength or weakness in a candidate.

Kevin Kiley has made several tactical errors in his campaign.

Sending out an email attacking the Roseville Chamber of Commerce PAC resulted in a $4700 Check to Brian Dahle.

Going to said PAC meeting, when the board of directors was inclined to endorse and then losing said endorsement on a 9-0 vote is another error.

Attacking the “Secret DMV Office” which is actually a constituent services office to try and gain brownie points is another. Said evil secret office is used by all 120 members of the legislature to get problems solved for people in their districts. It is clear that Kiley has never done that for the people in AD06. Why am I not surprised.

Side Note: When I helped get Brian Dahle elected to the Assembly in the first place, Kevin Kiley was still in Law School.

Picking a fight in an assembly committee in order to try and play victim after getting the expected outcome is still another. While it may look cool to a small number of voters to be stuck in the Beth Gaines office (along with attacking the DMV’s Constituent Services Office) – the reality to donors is that Kiley now looks like a eunuch.

Another strategic blunder has been the reputed pattern of Kiley letting people know he is annoyed with them when they don’t take the desired course of action.

Just Yesterday, $275,000 arrived in to an independent expenditure committee. The money came from another pac that is funded by the Prison Guards Union, The Realtors Union, the Independent Oil and Gas Producers Union, the Sempra Energy Union and the Chevron Union. I mean EVERYONE that donates to Brian Dahle is a union, right?

Yet another strategic blunder is telling people “I am the only True Republican in the race”. There are two problems with this statement, one is Brian Dahle’s record (A ratings from Conservative groups) and the second is Kiley’s personal history of dodging the Gay Rights and immigration issues (and endorsements in tough races).

Another blunder is embellishing his resume. This is so common among candidates, that it is all the way down the list of maladies. In Kiley’s case, he has almost nothing for a resume so it is an issue.

Your Intrepid Blogger decided to total up Publicly Reported contributions since Kiley’s humiliating 2nd place finish in March. (It was made humiliating by two more blunders from the young man, one was celebrating 28% of the vote and the other was claiming victory before the election was certified.) Brian Dahle is very close to $150,000 reported and Kiley is very close to $50,000 reported. Ouch.

It is a double ouch when you add in that Kevin Kiley is reputed to be in debt from the primary. It was clear that Kiley was playing for a first round knockout. Due to the extent of Mr. Kiley’s debt, it is likely that money he raised will net him little or anything in the General Election.

Perhaps this is why Mr. Kiley’s communications have been getting progressively more shrill in the last couple of weeks?

Several people close to Kiley told him to stay put in the Assembly. This attempt to better position himself for a run for Congress may prove to be a fatal blunder, as there are some people your intrepid blogger have talked to looking for a primary opponent for Kevin Kiley in 2020 should he lose in a month and have to run for re-election to AD06.

Kiley is one of the more talented members of the legislature, but he is allowed his ego and conniving to override any promise he has once shown. A recent post from California Political Review put it in to perspective:

It looks like almost  every member of the Assembly and State Senate Caucus gave the California Republican Party a donation recently—most in the $1,000 category—but Assemblyman Frank Bigelow gave over $100,000, Chad Mayes gave over $40,000, Marie Waldron $60,000—Brian Dahle gave over $100,000—the Dahle opponent in the June run off for State Senate gave $0—Kevin Kiley.

This is the biggest blunder of all. Kiley decimated whatever goodwill he had by refusing to be a team player, cementing the all-for-himself perception some had of him. After the 2018 Primary when it was clear Ted Gaines was going to the Board of Equalization – Kiley gave no one a thing, instead hoarding his money for his State Senate Campaign. While some Republican members of the legislature are rewarding Kiley’s behavior, most are not. Still others (such as those evil third house donors) are responding in kind by unloading a bank vault against him.

This is not a crowded 2016 primary where Kiley had a million dollars from Bay Area liberals and tons of time to knock on doors. This is 2019 where the spotlight is squarely on him and Kiley is not weathering it well…

To be Continued…

Apr 062019

Kevin Kiley is sweating. A fake Cattle Company, running as a deputy attorney general then getting hammered for working for Kamala Harris, having less work history than years in college… take your pick. He is not doing so hot.

Below is the text of an email he sent:

I am winning!

Following our weak second place finish in the March 26 primary, the Kiley for Senate campaign announced a series of new endorsements from elected officials and Republican leaders:

  • Congressman John Doolittle (ret.)
  • Senator Tim Leslie (ret.)
  • Assemblyman Roger Niello (ret.)
  • Folsom Mayor Kerri Howell 
  • Folsom Vice Mayor Sarah Aquino
  • Sacramento County Supervisor Sandy Smoley (ret.)
  • Sacramento County Supervisor Roberta MacGlashan (ret.)
  • Placer County Auditor-Controller Andrew Sisk
  • Placer County Supervisor Jim Williams (ret.)
  • El Dorado County Supervisor John Knight (ret.)
  • Lincoln Councilmember Alyssa Silhi
  • Loomis Mayor Pro Tempore Jan Clark-Crets
  • Rocklin Mayor Scott Yuill (ret.)
  • Auburn Councilmember Bridget Powers
  • Auburn Mayor Mike Holmes (ret.)
  • El Dorado Irrigation District Director Pat Dwyer
  • El Dorado Irrigation District Director George Osborne
  • Rocklin Unified School District Trustee Wendy Lang (ret.)
  • Eureka Union School District Trustee Renee Nash
  • El Dorado County Board of Education Trustee Georgianne Knight

Half the people on the list are former electeds. Oh and “Republican” Folsom Mayor Kerri Howell? I think the American River Democrats missed the memo. I don’t think current supervisor Sue Frost is going to be too thrilled to see one of her former opponents featured as a Republican.

Similar to claiming victory before the final count (and with 27% of the vote no less), the second Epic Fail since Primary Election Night. Looks like we have a trend.

P.S. Special Bonus – the RainbowPAC endorsement of Howell is linked here

Apr 012019

I am going to preface this post to say that I believe Jessica Patterson is NOT involved in this effort to shred the California Republican Party Platform. I have also spoken to one of her close associates, a Congressional Chief of Staff, a CRP Board Member and an Assembly Chief of Staff and none are aware of an organized effort within their own ranks.

Some may be wondering why your intrepid blogger is making a big deal out of Platform Committee Membership for the CAGOP. Take a look at this manifesto called “Reframing the Message“. This was the result of a reputed $250,000 expenditure and this document was produced some time pre-2018 elections.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeees Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

Several Calls with several activists confirm that Luis Buhler is on a rampage in the Bay Area. He has recruited some social liberal Trump Supporters in at least two Assembly Districts, while recruiting some known platform destroying never-trumpers in other districts.

If the previous four party insiders I spoke to were/are unaware of an effort to shred the Party Platform – it appears then that Luis Buhler is on a rampage by himself. It seems non-nonsensical that party leadership would want open warfare over the party platform after the shellacking in 2018.

Luis Buhler does not play well with others and he is obsessed with eviscerating conservative values from the California GOP.

Your Intrepid Blogger has been briefed about efforts in AD22, AD29, AD30 and several other districts in the Bay Area peninsula – led by Buhler.

It has also been reported that Mr. Buhler is active in the Santa Clara and Santa Cruz GOP Central Committees assisting the liberals on said committees in ousting Conservative / Travis Allen supporting committee members. This is also consistent as since I have known Luis, he has raised money to purchase slate mail cards in an attempt to control the outcome of Central Committee Elections in the Bay Area.

We have confirmation that one Travis supporter in Santa Clara and Santa Cruz County have been ousted from their local committees. (and there are efforts to oust others) In Santa Cruz the ouster was for two absences (their bylaws state two absences, in a Buhler led modification to standard language) in 2018, not 2019 and in Santa Clara, the ousted member was in the hospital. This sort of ruthless behavior is also consistent with the Luis Buhler I know.

In the North State, someone who may or may not be David Stafford Reade has made calls in at least AD01, AD03, AD05, AD07, AD08. In AD06, right-wing Conservative Ken Campbell is running and will have no serious opposition.

We are following up on leads from the Central Valley as well. In particular, Kern / Tulare which are controlled by the McCarthy Machine. Also, of interest is South Sacramento County / San Joaquin which is home to a top lieutenant in the leadership proxy drills.

The information is coming in piecemeal, we are looking for info from anywhere south of Fresno County. Please email [email protected] with your tips. Let us know if Conservatives are being run off of Central Committees, and if “leadership” types are pushing people for Platform Committee.

Thank you to the confidential informants that have been coming forward, there are a lot of you. Together, we can save the California Republican Party from itself.

In 2011, the liberals led by Luis Buhler and others came within inches of shredding the California Republican Party Platform. I wrote volumes about that. It looks like history is repeating itself in 2019. This time, we are not being taken by surprise.

Mar 262019

Please vote for Brian Dahle for State Senate today.

BLOGGER’S NOTE: I DO NOT DO ANYTHING ANONYMOUSLY. Unless my name is signed to it, I did not write it.

One of the main reasons for my disdain for Ted Gaines is his history of discarding long-term relationships and his constant planning for his next run(s). Gaines had amazing luck, always seeming to jump to his next office when there were few if any viable alternatives. In addition, he was able to use his influence to install his wife in office for 5 years as a bonus. Mercifully, Gaines will be termed out in 2026 after an astounding 20 years infesting various offices.

I worked for one of Kevin Kiley’s opponents in 2016, without going in to that story again, suffice to say I hoped that Kiley would listen to good advice and be effective. The voters of AD06 had not had a representative in 12 years of Gaines.

1.0833 Years of Kiley’s work experience was for Kamala Harris. Ouch.

One of Kamala Harris Deputy Attorney Generals. Lovely.

Despite being run out of a local church over my professional involvement in the AD06 Race, I still met with and communicated with Mr. Kiley as I knew he was not responsible for what happened. I was hoping that Kiley would be engaged and effective. He asked good questions.

Kevin Kiley is extremely intelligent as his Ivy league pedigree suggests. He is, however grossly inexperienced at life. His work resume is quite thin. I was willing to put his lack of experience behind me because Mr. Kiley was appearing to engage with local government, he was showing up at functions and doing a lot of what Tim Leslie and Rico Oller did almost two decades ago the last time we had a real Assembly member in this area.

My first point of frustration were his decisions to only endorse in races with a clear favorite or straight D vs R races. He even avoided mixed races (vote for 2 or 3) This was a huge red flag for me. While he supported Bonnie Gore actively, that was a clear cut D vs R race against a guy rumored to be a viable Democrat option post 2022 Redistricting.

AWOL – time and time again

A couple of recent examples of Mr. Kiley refusing to take stands were the Lincoln City Audit that just exploded in to the local rag. Apparently, the City of Lincoln has major issues and Mr. Kiley was remiss to stand up. Secondly, while both Hime and Dahle took the wrong stand in the CAGOP Chairman’s race, they took a stand. Kevin Kiley did not endorse, yet his proxy ended up in the hands of Kevin Eastman, a staffer of the Jim Nielsen machine. (This means he voted for Jessica Patterson as well – note, I was paid by Travis Allen and have since publicly pledged to honor the results of the CAGOP officer elections) I have more respect for Hime and Dahle making the wrong choice than Kiley, who tried to play both sides.

Quoting a Bee Article:

Three of the Republicans running for termed-out Assemblywoman Beth Gaines’ heavily Republican seat – it includes Roseville, Rocklin and Folsom – dropped by for an endorsement interview.

A lightning-round query underscored the slim pickings at the top of the GOP ticket. Asked which of the presidential contenders they supported, Cristi Nelson, endorsed by Gaines, said she was for Carly Fiorina but would probably settle for Trump. Kevin Kiley said he is a John Kasich man. Bill Halldin said he liked Marco Rubio and is undecided now. A fourth candidate, Andy Pugno, declined to participate in the interview. – Shawn Hubler @shawnhubler

Along with the horrific endorsement for President by Mr. Kiley, I’ve written about a variety of skipped votes by Mr Kiley as well. It would show a pattern by itself until the 2018 election cycle.

The Kasich endorsing Kiley had votes to skip and endorsements to dodge as it is clear now that he has a plan for living in political office only he knows about. It appears that Mr. Kiley has potomac fever. I had been warned shortly after Mr. Kiley’s initial electoral victory that he was preparing to run for Congress eventually. It may well be that he attempts to Primary Challenge either McClintock or LaMalfa. It could also be that he tries to play 3rd man in to a district drawn to envelop both McClintock and LaMalfa.

If you doubt me, consider that Mr. Kiley is still single never married. This means he can up and move wherever he needs to with a minimum of consideration. Consider that Mr. Kiley does not own a home. (He was hysterically lampooned for not owning a gun either)

If you still doubt anything, let’s get to my #1 issue with Mr. Kiley. The GOP got hammered in California in 2018. 5 of Kiley’s colleagues were run out of office and two other viable challengers against dem incumbents also lost.

In the fall of 2018 in the lead up to the disaster, Kevin Kiley made no contributions to the CAGOP or any of his Colleagues. There is a paltry $14,400 in the 2018 Primary and the obligatory $36,500 to the CAGOP in the 2018 Primary. It is the opinion of this blogger, and I am not alone in that, once Ted Gaines made it in to the runoff for Bd of Eq, Kiley set his sights on State Senate and gave nothing other than a $500 check for an event to a local GOP committee in the fall of 2018. Kiley announced his campaign for senate the day after election day while his colleagues were getting slaughtered at the ballot box.

At best, it looks like Kiley was politically clueless. At worst, it looks willful, deliberate and conniving. Kiley, being as intelligent as he is, appears to be very willful and calculated in all of his moves, including his refusals to take stands, precious few endorsements and hoarding his money in the fall of 2018.

As to his fundraising in 2018, leading to his end of year hoard of $480K, I took special note of the $4,400 from Facebook and contributions of $1000-$2500 from bay area liberals famous for censoring conservative content (Yelp, Google and others are listed).

Kiley, had he been listening to wise counsel would have written a few checks to a few of his colleagues and likely would have had little ill will. Win or lose, this decision he made in 2018 will define him.

It is sad, really, I had some high hopes for Mr. Kiley. It sure looks like all the good things I saw were just part of a long-term plan in his mind to promote himself. In 22 years in politics, it seems to be the rule and not the exception.