Oct 222019

Blogger’s Note: Some of the people angry over what Gene James and Others did have filed a lawsuit against the City of San Clemente – citing the absurd decision by the Obama Judge that basically tied one hand behind the backs of municipalities in dealing with homelessness. (The “Judge” ruled that arresting homeless people when there was not adequate shelter space in the municipality was cruel and unusual punishment – thus giving Homeless people the “Right” to camp on or inhabit sidewalks and other public places)

Gene and one of his buddies backed in blowing exhaust in to homeless people’s shelters

I am not going to debate the merits of their case. Rather, I direct your attention to pages 33 and 34 of the lawsuit: (Bold for emphasis as Gene James is identified as one of the people that has engaged in these actions, (and looks to be proven as such by the videos I have in my possession) and said actions are in legal documents filed in a lawsuit under penalty of perjury)

Over several months, the CITY OF SAN CLEMENTE, through its employees and agents, fostered a climate of fear directed at people experiencing homelessness in the city. Homeless individuals were barred from locations where they previously stayed, largely out of sight. They were told by the OCSD, the contract LEO for San Clemente, that they could not be at the train station except limited purposes, could not stay at the beach or a public grassy area where they had stayed, and other similar relocations every time they moved. They were forced into more public spaces where they became the target of residents virulently opposed to the presence of homeless individuals. For example, as part of a concerted campaign to force homeless individuals out of public view and out of the city, several individuals parked their trucks in such a manner as to have the fumes from the exhaust blow in the direction of homeless individuals on public sidewalks, where they have a right to be under Martin v. City of Boise in a municipality that lacks any shelter beds, and where they have a right to be at any time like any other member of the public. These individuals left their trucks running to maximize the toxic impact of the engine exhaustOthers made it a point to transit the sidewalk with wheelchairs, challenging ADA compliance.  Some, if not most or all of the individuals are able-bodied as evinced by the fact that these individuals are observed rotating who is being pushed and who is sitting in the wheelchair. Still others scream at the homeless individuals in public spaces while law enforcement does nothing. Since unsheltered persons were forced to move to the camp on Avenida Pico, the community harassment has continued with housed residents throwing firecrackers into the camp, standing outside the fence and shouting at people and similar harassment.

Based on my research – which includes public records, interviewing people that have interacted with Gene James, I am of the opinion that Gene James is a “Malignant Narcissist” (google the description) and may even be a Sociopath. Since I am not a trained Psychologist, I have to rely on my experience in dealing with Alcoholics and Drug Addicts in recovery groups. What I see is that Gene James saw an opportunity to get to the “Cool Kids” table and thus made abusing and harassing the homeless his ticket to getting more narcissistic supply out of people in San Clemente. Narcissists take other people’s issues, make them their own and mimic behavior in order to crash boundaries and serve themselves. It is my opinion that Gene James is doing exactly this.

Once again, as a sober alcoholic, I 100% get that many homeless people are homeless because feeding their addiction is all they care about doing. I also 100% get that many homeless people game the system and abuse the court decision to further their lifestyle. That said, these are still people and deserve better than being abused and assaulted. It is the abuse and the assaults that are the point of my issues against Gene James. Not only is Gene James unrepentant about the assaults – he is celebrating them on his campaign facebook pages.

Click here for court documents, dates and case numbers detailing Gene James 11 Liens, 4 Judgements, Wage Garnishment and a Foreclosure. <<< and the OCGOP endorsed this guy!

Click here to view a video of two homeless victims of Gene James and others blowing exhaust in to their shelter. They clearly describe the pattern of abuse and harassment by Gene James.

Click here to see Gene James in the middle of a celebration where residents of San Clemente are flipping off, waiving goodbye and otherwise mocking the homeless people that were being moved.

Click here to see yet another video of Gene James harassing homeless people, this is six minutes long and is undeniable.

If you visit the Right on Daily facebook page – there are several videos featuring Gene James. What a terrible look for the OCGOP. The abusive behavior alone would be a black eye, but the lifetime pattern of judgments and liens is even worse. See even more in an expose from one of Gene’s Exes that is backed up with proof and evidence.

He was extremely racist and bigoted; spewing insults at different ethnic groups consistently, regardless of present company. At a backyard BBQ with a group of Little League players and parents, he made a very derogatory comment about Mexicans.  John M. took offense, stating his wife was Mexican and worked at Ralph’s. There was another insult by Gene and an exchange from John.  Gene instantly lunged at John, pushed him back in the chair, put his hands around his neck and started to choke him out.  It took 3 men to get Gene off John as he was starting to lose consciousness. John didn’t have Gene arrested at the time, fearing that it would make matters worse for Diane.

It is sad that the #1 option is a 20 year old #ANTIFA #OCCUPYICE #TAKEAKNEE Jackson Hinkle. Please vote for Christina Setler as neither Gene James nor the extreme left-wing Jackson Hinkle are the answer (Hinkle in his own words is anti-cop, and supports legalizing prostitution and heroin)

(Please see below for another photo of Gene James’ truck. Note the personalized license plates, and the license plate frame. Image folks, Image.) Note the position of the truck relative to the tarp, suggesting that he was caught in the act of propelling exhaust in to the homeless people’s shelter.

Oct 202019

The Orange County Republican Party has screwed up even worse than their hemming and hawing over William “Bill” Brough. Why they did not do their research is beyond me.

Tune in tomorrow to get updated about Gene James’ vigilante behavior against the homeless in San Clemente.

Here are the public records on Gene James:

Retired from the Army in 1992 –

May have had as many as 10 jobs between 1992 and 2001

2001 – 2016 – Jack in the Box – Loss Prevention

JUDGEMENT #1: 1992 – Tax Lien Hardin County Court  – Case# 92-15828 – judgment against James for unknown $ amt

Gene W. James, 5745 Allison Ave., #B, Fort Knox, CA 40121


JUDGEMENT #2: Civil Judgment – Cuyahoga County, 1200 Ontario St., Cleveland, OH 44113

Plaintiff AVI (James past employer)

CV03515820 Filed 12/1/2003 against Gene James, 2705 W. Canyon Ave., #112, San Diego, CA 92123 in the amount of $45,600


JUDGEMENT #3: Civil Judgment – Cuyahoga County, 1200 Ontario St., Cleveland, OH 44113

Filed 4/20/2004 – Judgment against Gene James, 2705 W. Canyon Ave., #112, San Diego, CA 92123 in the amount of $5,240.00


TAX LIEN #1 CA State Lien – San Diego County, 1600 PCH., San Diego, CA 92101

Filed 08/27/2007 – Court Case# 2007-0566939

Judgment against Gene James, 3360 Daley Center Dr., #1014, San Diego, CA 92123 in the amount of $24,624.40


JUDGEMENT #4: Judgment recorded as paid – San Diego #2009-0155167

Plaintiff Jacqueline James (2nd ex-wife) – judgment against Gene James in the amount of $12,000

Balance of $6000 collected by income withholding filed Oct 7, 2009


TAX LIEN #2: CA State Tax Lien – San Diego County, 1600 PCH., San Diego, CA 92101

Court Case# 2009-0627967    Total lien/judgment $34,499 dated 10/30/2009

Gene W. James, 6051 Dunant St., #310, San Diego, CA 92122


TAX LIEN #3: Ohio State Tax Lien – Trumbull County, 160 High Street NW, Warren, Ohio 44481

Filed 2/19/2010 – Court Case # 2010-JL215226

Judgment/lien against Gene James, 211 Pawnee Ct., Girard, OH 44420 in the amount of $34,347

FORECLOSURE: Foreclosure on residence in 2011 – Gene James, 211 Pawnee Ct., Girard, OH 44420



Total Federal Liens in the amount of $299,759 for non-payment of taxes from 2002 – 2009

Oct 172019

San Clemente is a mess. Only the Toll Road matters, everything else is secondary. This is why people seemingly are turning a blind eye to Jackson Hinkle and his wacked out positions on issues. This seems to be why Gene James’ pattern of abusive behavior is given a free pass.

Here is Jackson Hinkle being arrested at an #OCCUPYICE Protest in Washington D.C. – that’s right, he was part of a sit in in front of Nancy Pelosi’s office in Washington D.C.

Jackson Hinkle is getting a lot of money from the far left. Some of the corrupt bully Bill Brough’s donors are giving Hinkle Money as well – just to show the bizarre web. Young Mr. Hinkle has had professional help (my opinion) in scrubbing his on line presence so he looks more moderate.

Here you go – give homeless people fresh needles (aka Harm Reduction), legalize prostitution and heroin. These are Jackson Hinkle’s own words. He also promotes some socialist dog whistle programs as well.

This is the exact opposite of my criticism of Gene James with regard to the homeless problem It appears that Jackson Hinkle wants to coddle homeless people – but nowhere do I see anything about accountability, building relationships or theraputic solutions. Just housing, legalizing crime and making it easier to feed their addictions. If people would have treated me like this when I was drinking, I’d be dead now as I’d have had no incentive to get clean. Anyone with life experience realizes that societal problems can never be fixed with extreme ideological solutions.

Then we have Mr. Hinkle expressing his disgust for the police patrolling areas impacted by vagrancy – but he goes off the ideological cliff with the following, “A System that is designed to oppress and kill people“. His solution to preventing crime is legalizing crime. I suppose this sort of idealism is common when you are 20 years old with no life experience.

The OC Firefighters endorsed Jackson Hinkle – in effect throwing the OC Sheriff’s (San Clemente’s Police) under the bus.

I was 18 when the Berlin Wall came down and understood it came down because of a hard line by President Reagan that precipitated an economic collapse in the USSR. Their fake economy could not sustain true accountability from the West. Young Mr. Hinkle believes in communism in so many words and people in San Clemente appear to be equally as blind to Hinkle’s extremism as those supporting Gene James are to his foibles.

Hinkle has attempted to reinvent himself – telling outright lies when compared to his past posts.

Sorry Kid, your own words prove the above to be an outright lie.

Jackson Hinkle is an extreme leftwing idealogue who in my opinion sees himself as some sort of Che Guevarra or Mao Tse Tung. In looking at Gene James and Jackson Hinkle I think the City of San Clemente needs serious help. Perhaps an evangelist needs to meet with the incredible homeless pastor I talked to in order to lead a revival in that town.

All this and the OC Firefighters threw the police under the bus with their endorsement of this guy.

Jul 102019

It was with some mixed emotions that I attended my first Placer GOP meeting in six years tonight. I am now Senator Brian Dahle’s representative to the Placer GOP. I last served on the Placer GOP in 2012 when Luis Buhler and David Reade directed $100,000 in to the Placer GOP race targeting myself and 3 others.

In the ensuing six years, torrents of political water have raged down the political river under the proverbial bridge. The most noteworthy is striking up a friendship with former Placer GOP Chair Dennis Revell who was the beneficiary of Reade / Buhler’s efforts in 2012. Revell is no longer on the Placer GOP, but is a good man that I consider a friend.

Bill Halldin was at the meeting talking about local issues, but he, too is no longer a member of the committee. In fact, I recognized few people at the meeting.

The meeting lasted over 2 hours, similar to how I remember them years ago. The difference was the absolute lack of bickering and open warfare that I saw for the ten years I was previously a member. To be honest, the meeting resembled a CRA meeting rather than a party meeting.

Mark Wright, the current chairman is a good man and a friend. It is interesting as years in politics have allowed me to have friends on all sides of issues. I sat next to Doug LaMalfa’s Chief of Staff Mark Spannagel at the meeting.

Mark to his credit appears to be attempting to fund-raise and try to organize a voter registration effort. It remains to be seen how many members of the committee pitch in to help him. They indicated they are attempting to assemble their first Lincoln-Reagan dinner in six years and are attempting to put an event together at Top Golf.

The highlighted speaker of the meeting was Brad Dacus from the Pacific Justice Institute who spoke for a total of 30 minutes. I learned that the School District I live in – Dry Creek Elementary is going even further than the Rocklin USD did with the sex indoctrination agenda – according to the concerned parents in attendance. I will talk to people in the district to get their take and follow up on this.

The main purpose of the meeting was to render an endorsement in Assembly District One.

The leading candidate is Megan Dahle. She has a resume of her own and is a capable candidate who is dealing with the aftermath and the skepticism created by Beth Gaines incompetence permanently marring a generation of Republican activists against Spouses running for election. I have interacted with Megan Dahle, and while I worked for Brian Dahle, I am not yet part of the campaign as anything other than a volunteer.

Please do not underestimate Megan Dahle, she is tough as nails and is quite intelligent. She’d be a formidable candidate even without a husband in the State Senate.

Patrick Henry Jones is a former Redding Council-member. He showed up and talked almost exclusively about his working for a Gun Store. It is unclear to me if he will have the resources to walk and chew gum at the same time. However, he can speak well. He also left the meeting right after speaking and walked right by myself and Josh Cook without saying a word.

The other two candidates are Joseph Turner, the former Lassen GOP Chair and Lane Rikard, a trust fund baby who used to work with former Senator Ted Gaines (who has endorsed Megan Dahle). Turner and Rikard presented themselves poorly.

The vote went down 19-6-1-1. Patrick Jones was endorsed as the Placer GOP is an ideologically based committee that did not evaluate viability – just bona-fides. This also comports with what I remember of that group.

All four candidates are prototypical Republicans.

I also took note of one member who showed up with a folder full of the mailers from the previous State Senate Campaign. It always happens that some people complain about negative campaigns, which always happen and have for years. I’ve said all I need to say about Kevin Kiley.

I will refrain from further comment as I am just getting re-acquainted with the committee and hope they are successful in their efforts to register voters and unseat some democrats. Filing opens on November 12th and Closes on December 6th for candidates in the 3/3/2020 Primary.

So let’s make some endorsements and recommendations.

CA-01: I am endorsing Doug LaMalfa. My wife likes him and thinks he’s awesome. That’s good enough for me to set aside whatever and say Go Doug. And Audrey Denney? Just hope you don’t end up on right on daily

CA-04: recommend Tom McClintock. I have several issues with him. There will be no viable republican against him and I will never vote to screw President Trump by letting personal issues get in the way of #MAGA.

SD-01: endorse Brian Dahle will be up for re-election immediately

AD-01: endorse Megan Dahle. See above for disclosure about my relationship with her campaign.

SUP D4: endorse Kirk Uhler. He is the most conservative supervisor we have in Placer County. He has stopped several fee increases and has helped pay down long term debt and get contracts under control. Placer is one of the most fiscally healthy counties in the state.

SUP D5: recommend Cindy Gustafson . she is a conservative and is a marked improvement over the extreme left wing democrat activist that got appointed to some six figure job by Newsom. I believe that Cindy fits that district and I wish she was a registered Rep which is why I can’t endorse her.

Please note that none of my endorsements imply that Brian or Megan Dahle have chosen to endorse the above. (but they should)

Jun 242019

The AD-73 Race has a personal angle. I went after Anna Bryson and to a lesser extent Jesse Petrilla in that primary. The beneficiary was the beleaguered and now scandal-riddled Bill Brough. Contrary to popular belief I did not work for anyone when I ran that drill.

The AD-73 Race in 2014 was also a personal first. My Wife was attacked publicly by Art Sanchez on the OC Politics Blog and the post was live for about a day before someone called my wife to tell her that her photo was on a blog site from Southern California about some political stuff her husband was doing. Art Sanchez attempted to run over my wife to get to me, as he was a big time Anna Bryson supporter. Art Pedroza (who runs OC Politics) pulled the post and later expelled me from his website.

My Wife has been attacked two more times since then. Once was in 2017 after the 2016 AD06 Primary by people friendly to the winner Kevin Kiley. Kiley’s brother is on staff in a local church we were basically run out of in retaliation for my role in helping one of Kiley’s opponents. The most recent incident was in 2018, by former Chief Deputy Ray Wood, a Chief for the former Sheriff of Riverside County who I helped defeat. They created memes of my wife to troll her ministry page and social media, sent her IM’s and had people call her employer and an attempt to get her fired.

In addition to the attacks on my wife, I’ve received 27 legal demand letters since 2011, been attacked front page above the fold in the Sacramento Bee, and have been banned for life from two blogs and the CRA.

Anyone that thinks I sit in my office lobbing bombs and that it is all fun and games should think again. The political world is full of scum, slime, cowards, backstabbers, hypocrites, charlatans, dirtbags and other forms of parasitical amoeba. If it was not for the fact that I feel called to be in this game, there is no amount of money I could make from anyone that is just compensation. As such, I feel little restraint in how I approach the political blood-sport.

When Art Sanchez did what he did, he signed Anna Bryson’s death warrant. At the time, $400K worth of independent money was pouring in to her assistance. She lost and Brough made the runoff with the democrat. At the time, the battering that Bryson took on the OC Politics Blog was viewed as devastating. In a sense I avenged my wife. I was told later that Anna Bryson’s husband was talking about and researching legal action against me. (As if Sanchez attacking my wife was not enough)

I coined the term “Oligarchy of Controlled Failure” as a moniker for the folks in charge of and profiting off of the CAGOP for the last 20 years. It is the opinion of this blogger they could care less how many seats the GOP has left, if they are one of them. They could care less about the results of the election as long as the checks cash. They could care less if the CAGOP is a carcass as long as they are in control.

I’ve been around the CAGOP for 22 years and have watched the CAGOP lose repeatedly. I’ve seen people get rich off of losing. In 2012, when Luis Buhler directed $100,000 in to the Placer GOP Central Committee race to target myself and three others, I am sure a consultant pocketed several thousand dollars off of that operation. What a waste. Buhler wasn’t done – $3,000,000 plus was dumped in to Central Committee Races in 2016, including Orange County. The goal was to elect liberals and country clubbers over conservatives. These same people engineered the staff infection that is the delegate universe at the state party in order to ensure that Travis Allen was not elected Chair of the State Party. In all, consultants wasted $45 Million of Charles Munger’s money with a ton of it spent picking winners in Republican races.

It appears now that the people that control the CAGOP are obsessed with trying to recruit anyone that is not a white male to run for office. In addition to the stories from SD-05, SD-23 and CA-45 where white males were told not to apply, it appears the same has happened in AD-74. There were apparently several suitors and in particular, two guys that had access to money, had connections and were young and photogenic. They were told not to bother. The establishment decided on Diane Dixon, and rolled off of her onto an unknown trial lawyer by the name of Kelly Ernby. Ernby appears to have some issues of her own, appears to be controlled by some old familiar names in OCGOP politics and is working in the consumer fraud division of the OC DA’s office (the equivalent of being a traffic cop or a meter maid).

I am currently writing about the incumbent protection plan. In particular, I am being made aware on an almost daily basis of the machinations being made to protect Bill Brough (AD-73) and the Scandal-Riddled Duncan Hunter Jr. (who may yet be exonerated) Time and time again I’ve watched and talked to people that knew the incumbent was a feckless, ineffective loser, yet they still endorsed and/or donated to the incumbent. We get what we deserve.

I am currently writing about the CAGOP being broke/bankrupt/cash challenged. The CAGOP had $330K in their State Account as of the 5/18 cutoff. I’ve seen about $150K raised since. The Dems have over $11 Million. The CAGOP has a net $26,500 in their federal account, the dems have $1,500,000. If that ain’t broke/bankrupt, I don’t know what is. It’s wrong and we were told that Travis Allen would cause exactly this if he was elected chairman of the CAGOP.

The inserted photo from Facebook shows that people were attempting to suppress one of the blogs I wrote about the financial condition of the CAGOP by running a spam complaint drill on facebook. Once again, the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure at work.

What I also know is a whole bunch of good people are on the outside looking in. Documents obtained from a FOIA related to a campaign finance caper show that CAGOP leadership were making contingency plans as far back as 2011 in case Central Committees fell in to the hands of “The Tea Party”. (More on that shortly) This solidifies the evidence of contempt for the “little people” by the power brokers. This is also evidence they are willfully attempting to shrink the opportunities for participation in order to control things.

The consultants and staff that control the CAGOP are currently in the process of re-writing the CAGOP Platform seeking to shred the social issues out of it. It is the 1,000 year old argument of how to win elections, compromise or distinguish yourself from your opponents. They choose compromise. This is a subset of how they picked the CAGOP delegates to ensure an outcome from the 2019 Chairman’s election. They have the ability now to realize a long-held dream of shredding the CAGOP Platform and the real grassroots have been marginalized out of the process as the party leadership at all levels marginalize the party statewide.

I am watching the same people doing the same things over and over again. I have a choice, leave the GOP and do something else – or use the platform (Right On Daily) I’ve earned over the last 22 years to hold them accountable in an attempt to change the situation.

Bill Brough’s situation is a microcosm of everything I’ve seen in 22+ years of politics. It is important to get this one right as our numbers are in freefall, and irrelevancy is upon us. Will we acquiesce in the name of expediency or will the weak leadership of this party finally assert themselves? 22 years of experience tells me that we will have to drag Brough out of office in a political bodybag with our own side in the way the whole time.