Jun 122019

I met lobbyists. I met PAC Donors. I met members of the legislature. I also got to see a part of the capitol building.

I met Rex Hime in person and his son, also named Rex Hime. Hime is 71 not 58. I still think he looks 58. He and I have the same taste in business casual attire too.

This is photographic evidence I was in the Capitol Building. I did take a shower when I got home.

Present was Jan Arbuckle from the Grass Valley City Council, she was attempting to send a message to the people in the room that she is going to challenge Megan Dahle.

Megan Dahle is 43 and is smart as a whip. Having run the family business for several years while Brian has been in Sacramento has added some experience there. When I spoke to Megan briefly I got clued in that she is not like Beth Gaines at all.

The field for the AD01 special election psychosis looks to be Jan Arbuckle, Megan Dahle, Joseph Turner and at least one other.

People I had never met shook my hand as if they knew me. Others thanked me for rendering vital therapy to Mr Kiley and the like.

Your intrepid blogger also got to see the CAGOP Headquarters which is paid for in full and thinly staffed at this point.

I had a chance meeting with Senator Scott Wilk that wanted me to make sure my readers understand that he is fundraising, walking precincts and making phone calls even now. He indicated that he was born and raised in Lancaster and has an excellent connection with his district. Hopefully, it translates in to a held Senate Seat.

I had legislative staffers tell me they liked the Iraqi information minister memes the best. The folks that were there that were over the age of 30 preferred the brokeback mountain meme. What was cool, is that they all read right on daily… regularly. It is appreciated.

If anyone has a tip or stuff they don’t feel they can push out to the media – contact your intrepid blogger, you can remain anonymous.

In other news – we’ve been alerted to a coup on the Butte GOP Cent Com and some pretty out in the open fighting. More to come soon.

UPDATE: a key point I forgot in the original write up was the near universal disdain for the Ose-Kiley Cattle Company. I even had one lobbyist tell me their organization endorsed Dahle based solely over their irritation with that lie. I found this rather interesting.

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