Jun 172019

Update: Since the original posting of this blog, other insiders with knowledge of the finances have been candid with your intrepid blogger about the financial situation. There will be a follow up blog posted tomorrow. They also confirmed that our accounts of the Platform Committee Drama and attempts to eviscerate the CAGOP platform are 100% accurate. 

I wrote about the CAGOP Platform and how the liberals / consultants / staff have a majority of the delegates to achieve the lifelong goal of most all the liberal GOP’ers I’ve met. This goal is to get rid of social issues from the CAGOP platform and compromise.

They are so strident in this belief that they have spent millions fighting conservatives instead of democrats and worse when elections spiral – they are the first to blame conservatives despite their consistent financial advantage in elections.

Back in 1998, I was warned that Liberal GOP-ers believed Conservatives were the enemy and that once they had control of the party, they would destroy it. I’ve seen the contempt. I’ve seen the manipulations, back-stabbing, double-dealing and the control games.

I believe that were it not for Jim Brulte, the moderates would have bankrupt the CAGOP 6 years ago.

The CAGOP is bankrupt now. A close knit oligarchy within the oligarchy are discussing this fact – away from the CAGOP’s board of directors. The Oligarchy of Controlled Failure has met the reckoning. There is no more Jim Brulte to keep the lights on. They are trying to figure out how to borrow money or they could be shuttering the K St Headquarters shortly. They are also reputed to be discussing Bankruptcy proceedings.

We were told that Travis Allen would bankrupt the CAGOP, donors would not donate. So, the liberal GOP-ers. the consultants and the staffers rallied and selected party delegates that would vote for the desired candidates. We had to elect the ex-staffer ally of the establishment Chair of the CAGOP because She could raise money and keep the party going!

Now –

The CAGOP is Bankrupt

Major Consultants have lost their CAGOP Contracts

CAGOP Staff has been cut dramatically and more layoffs are coming

Caucus Staff has been cut significantly

Others have had their retainers slashed

GOP Recruits are failing background checks leaving beleaguered leaders to try and find replacements, still other target races are languishing without candidates because no quality people will run

Many GOP incumbents lack the resources to defend themselves from the coming dem onslaught in 2020.

Kevin McCarthy and his crew’s bid to control everything has detonated in his face.

A major CAGOP player resigned as executive director of the Southern California New Majority largely because the New Majority is broke.

The Chair of the LAGOP Richard Sherman is reputedly resigning any day now. I’ve also been told at least three other county chairs are talking openly about resigning.

Disgraced former Assembly Minority leader Kristen Olsen has made a reputed $70k a month as a lobbyist against CAGOP values in 2019.

Despite getting run out as Assembly Minority Leader, Chad Mayes was a larger donor to CAGOP causes than every GOP elected not named Brian Dahle.

This is vindication for all the conservatives that have been subject to withering attacks from the establishment. The establishment has had control of the CAGOP for at least a decade and the numbers have deteriorated severely. Look at the meme of Kevin McCarthy. That’s a net loss of 11 legislative seats (plus Maineschein for an even dozen) and 8 seats in Congress.

We are sifting through the ashes of Hiroshima. I am actually glad now in retrospect that Travis Allen was not elected Chairman. There is no Conservative to blame, the establishment owns all the failure. There is no Jim Brulte to mask the failure. What we have is the legacy of the oligarchy of controlled failure – some of whom are now getting quoted in statewide news outlets trashing the GOP they once made millions off of.

As I write this – Luis Buhler, David Reade, and other consultants are presiding over a re-write of the CAGOP Platform. Deborah Wilder, the NorCal Vice Chair who is a leftist Republican Bay Area transplant to Nevada County is one of the prime movers. Undaunted by years of failure, they are coming for the rest of what’s left. In their wisdom, losing a dozen legislative seats in 8 years in not enough. It is time to alienate those pesky Conservatives in the GOP base. They are the last straw man to blame the abject failure on.

Luis Buhler and his crew should be proud of themselves. They are finally in position to realize their dream of detonating the CAGOP platform, but are doing so just as the party breathes out its’ last gasps of life. David Carney may well be too little too late and I do not see how the leadership of the CAGOP can pay his $25,000 a month retainer for long (given the layoffs, slashed salaries and withdrawn contracts to others). Luis directed some $3 Million in expenditures to take control of 44 GOP County Parties and almost all of them are a shambles with tons of vacancies, infighting and listless, feckless leadership. These people manipulated by-law amendments to strip people of delegates, consolidate power and the like. Now they have an unmitigated disaster they can blame on no one else.

It is infuriating to write this and at the same time It is vindicating for all of the little people that have been derided and pushed out of the process by the people that have brought us this disaster. They got it their way and they have wrecked everything.

Travis Allen is vindicated, the late Mike Spence is vindicated as are other conservative leaders that were once active in the fight. What they predicted has happened with lightening speed.

Ask yourselves, who is going to go to the CAGOP convention in September? A bunch of staffers? Consultants? For what? There’s nothing left.

To be continued…

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  12 Responses to “CAGOP Update: The CAGOP is Broke, People are bailing and Those That Bankrupt the CAGOP are Shredding the Party Platform”

  1. I hear a totally different story from the CAGOP 🙁 it does not matter. I always knew Travis would be vindicated. I am The Base and always will be.

  2. There are no winners or losers in this fight…Only an ever growing body count.
    The time has come to shut down our lap tops, stop fight amongst ourselves on social media
    and take this fight to the streets. Central Committee to Central Committee, RWF to RWF, CRA unit to CRA unit, and YES…The California Impact Republicans too.

    Only the conservatives who have been shunned for too long can rescue this party for total annihlation in March of 2020.

  3. Haven’t heard of this group or publication before.
    Who wrote this article?

  4. If all of the above is true, then are we officially DOOM.?
    Extremely scary and demoralizing as we are just eight months away
    from the CA’ March 2020 primary elections. Is DC going let the CAGOP
    collapse to the ground, I honestly pray it would not.
    Any positive thoughts…..?

  5. What I don’t understand about registered GOP, is your disinterest in the 28% registered No Party Preference: people like me who are Constitutionalists supporting free enterprise and freedom to decide how we live our lives within lawful parameters. We vote! There are millions of us determining elections for love of country. Too often when I interact with registered GOP citizens, preaching their self-righteous views and personal faith overshadows the share political views and our Constitution that unite us as Americans, one nation under God (not yours specifically but a universal God) . Overall, too many I meet are ignorant of history and current events, with a narrow, alienating perspective. Many of we registered NPP independents are strong, visible, vocal Trump supporters, knowing we need a disrupter, and because we are tired of CAGOP holier-than-thou hypocrites. As an American female with conservative views, am I free to make independent decisions with Constitutional rights and protections or am I not?

    Blogger’s Note: As a hard-core right-wing conservative I share your opinion and frustration. I have watched it from the inside and choose to shine light as a long-time party activist.

  6. Time to go door to door with good candidates and take back our state!

  7. Simply not true. This is Fake News!
    Bobbi McGinnis
    Chair SBGOP

  8. Bobbi…

    50/50…Life Line or Call a friend?????

    Come clean Bobbi…

  9. Bobbi, I’d love to hear how Aaron F. Park is wrong? I don’t always agree with him but I respect his work and research he puts into his writing that tends to be proven true.

    What specific points can you challenge on this (not general but specific)?

    I believe what he says but I’d be an idiot not to want to hear the other side’s specific points to disprove this with a general comment and nothing to back it up.

  10. Where do we as the public, a central committee member, and just became a delegate this year get our hands on a current treasurer report / latest financial filings?

    Making this case to the destructionist running central committees is going to require a bit of validated paperwork if I am making sense.

  11. I’m sure the champagne was flowing at former Assemblyman Brian Dahle’s headquarters in celebration of his election to the state senate.

    While certainly a well-deserved victory, I’m left wondering if it really matters.

    Today, democrats make up 43.1% of all registered voters in California, while the percentage for republicans has dropped from 31.1% in 2009 to 23.6% in 2019.

    Obviously, most voters like what democrats are selling, giving them a veto-proof ‘supermajority’ in both houses of the legislature.

    This ‘supermajority’ gives democrats the ability to do just about anything they want without the need for republican votes. This includes raising taxes, crafting bond measures and overriding vetoes.

    Republicans can holler all they want about the need for pension reform, protection of 2nd amendment rights, lower taxes and less government. But it matters not. Democrats will ultimately do whatever they want, however they want, whenever they want.

    And there’s no way to stop them.

    The republican party’s best and only hope is to attract new voters to party rolls. This requires an intense, comprehensive marketing campaign intended to sell its vision for the future of California.

    Not an easy task to be sure.

    Dare I Say, I’m not holding my breath.

  12. Most of what Aaron has expressed here is correct. He’s pretty much pegged it.

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