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Sometimes, people will call me to tell me I am reading the tea leaves wrong. However, I am rarely challenged on the facts I lay out. I find that interesting. I fully well expect to field more calls after this post is seen by my usual regular readers.

I’ve had the list of CAGOP Platform Drafting Committee Members sent to me three times by three separate people. It is a disaster. There are a handful of conservatives, but none I see that are going to stand in front of the train. At least 30 of the members are known liberal/moderate Republicans.

What I do see is Deborah Wilder, the newly installed Northern Region Vice Chair (who I would argue is to the left of all the delegates in that region) is positioned to drive the boat on that committee. She has been an aggressive form of liberal cancer on the floor of the CAGOP – including fighting for money controlled proxy voting.

She has close ties to some of the paid consultants that were recruiting staffers to fill assembly district slots on the platform committee.

My prediction is that the platform is going to come out featuring a ton of the language from the Chad Mayes funded re-shaping the message memo. CRP – Reframing the Message <<< have a look. Watch anything related to traditional values disappear, defending religious freedom will get a platitude and the like. I’d expect abortion to be eviscerated along with Gun Rights.

The Oligarchy of Controlled failure spent the money and picked the delegates in order to get a desired result of the CAGOP Chariman’s election and now the spoils go to them with the numbers they need to rip the feckless GOP to the left. Just sit back and watch for the draft platform abortions they draw up.


Your intrepid blogger had written about how there were machinations in SD05, where a candidate Bob Elliott said on Video that Shannon Grove asked him to leave the SD05 race. He then did so, joining Marla Livengood who has to move to CA10 and Tedd Howze who is now in $600K of his own money committed to the CA10 race.

Well, Bob Elliott was ousted to make room for Jesus Andrade in SD05. It appears Andrade has some major-league baggage. It looks like the star recruit was picked for his surface traits before a vulnerability study was run.

Bob Elliott has a good resume and had money. Will they come get him back in to SD05? Or will they let the CA10 Primary turn in to a three-way bloodbath.

ON the Subject of Chad Mayes, he and Brian Dahle were by far the two biggest donors to GOP Candidates at the state level in 2018. This should be humiliating for self-styled conservatives that love to blast Mayes. Party-building is not something you can criticize Mayes on, but most of his critics are remiss to help anyone other than themselves.

Mass Layoffs and Terminations?

Your intrepid blogger has been made aware of several layoffs within the CAGOP Caucuses. In addition, the CRP has dropped over half its’ staff as the cash flow is down significantly. David Carney is reputed to be cleaning house. At least one major consulting firm with years of business with the CAGOP has been told they will have to compete to get their next contracts. Yet another fundraiser, who I have never met, but who is known to many got her retainers slashed. I’ve not confirmed rumors that a second major consulting firm has received a similar ultimatum regarding loss of exclusivity and preferential treatment for CAGOP Contracts – but when you see the list of outside consultants nabbing California races, there is a sea change.

Slashing Staff

Slashing contracts

Slashing the CAGOP Platform.

Then getting buyer’s remorse over a beneficiary of slash and burn in a State Senate race. lovely.

To be continued…

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  5 Responses to “CAGOP Update: Platform Set To Be Annihilated, Buyers Remorse Sets in Over Recruits and Consultants on the Run…”

  1. I don’t know why the CAGOP need Consultants? It is so 1980’s. They are useless.

  2. Another insightful edition of ROD. Thank you.

    The CRP is dead. A certain practitioner of “Identity Politics” today tweeted that he wants to “Fumigate the CRP”. What these clowns need to do is follow the advice of the Junior Senator from Utah, and simply “Self Deport”!

  3. Who better to have in the White House as we clean house and rise from ash heap of establishment tactics? TRUMP!! California counties will be celebrating his candidacy tonight and rallying around him. He has shown us how to win.

  4. Ditto Catherine: Consultants are useless. In fact, they seem to make things worse.

  5. No one cares about party platforms other than party activists. When was the last time you heard a candidate talking about or running ads about his/her party’s platform or the other candidate’s platform? Candidates run on their own issues and plans.

    However, you can alienate your party’s activists with the platform and in particular changing the platform. If Rep Party activists see the platform going left, that will further alienate them from the CA Rep Party.

    Will moving the platform to the left attract any voters? Very few if any voters read the parties’ platforms. To the extent Rep voters and Rep aligned DTS voters learn the CA Rep Party is moving to the left, they may be less inclined to turn out to vote.

    Moving the CA Rep Party platform to the left is an all lose no gain idea. But then we are talking about establishment Reps.

    That being said, and this is what Travis Allen tried to do. Find 5-7 issues where a majority of California voters agree with us and which the party’s conservative base agree with, and every Rep in CA campaigns on those 5-7 issues and refuses to discuss anything else. This would be a “contract with California,” what the CA Rep Party will do if given a chance to govern.

    When asked about issue X, the candidates say “Issue X is an important issue that many people care about. Let me tell you again about the CA Rep Party’s Contract with California to restore the California dream for all the people of California.”

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