Aug 092019

Your intrepid blogger has been taking in information from a fire hose.

The most important bit are conversations with party insiders / consultants / staffers who insist that Jessica Patterson wants to make public comments about President Trump and the burgeoning scandals yet is being held back by staff and consultants. I’ve consistently been referring to the “Old 1990’s Era Consultant thinking”, which generally tries to stay silent and let things blow over. George W Bush tried this and as a result was successfully smeared for the WMD Lie (that wasn’t) and Hurricane Katrina amongst others. On the polar opposite end, President Trump torches people like the mayor of Dayton Ohio and Senator Sherrod Brown who attempted to create a false narrative about his visit (and attempted to blame him for the shooting by a left-wing Elizabeth Warren supporter who may be tied to ANTIFA).

I’ve been under the opinion that Jessica Patterson is lukewarn to President Trump, but her competitive spirit and desire to be out front is clashing with the 1990’s era consultants manipulating the shrinking CAGOP. Secondly, it is indeed true that Jessica Patterson has been in contact with one of Bill Brough’s victims privately and that she on the advice of the consultants deferred the AD73 scandals to the local GOP leadership.

In the backdrop of Orange County GOP registration deteriorating so badly that the democrats have caught up and passed the GOP in Orange County – your intrepid blogger has launched withering criticism of GOP leaders in Orange County.

Now, we are being told that OCGOP Chairman Fred Whitaker has decided to engage on the AD73 issue – albeit a month or more later than your intrepid blogger would have liked. We’ve hammered him for refusing to comment (see also 1990’s era GOP Consultants) and the one time he did it was horrible. It is possible that Fred Whitaker is on the road to redemption and is making the calls necessary to apply appropriate pressure to rid the OC Political World of the scourge of William “Bill” Brough from the Assembly. When I have real, public confirmation that Whitaker is leading on this issue, previous posts lighting him up will be removed from this blog.

Your Intrepid Blogger is also aware that at least two local OC GOP Stalwarts who are no longer in office, yet who wield tremendous influence have been in contact with William “Bill” Brough. One of those people is former Assemblyman and OCGOP Chair Scott Baugh. I am still mystified why Baugh played a role in the CA-48 election in 2018, as for the most part his political instincts have been fantastic. He is spot on in the AD-73 situation and apparently was out in front of many others as regard to Bill Brough’s maladies.

It is clear to your intrepid blogger that few if any knew about Bill Brough’s abuses of campaign finance laws before Right on Daily started highlighting them. Several people have talked about correlations between his expenses and what they thought were personal (non-campaign) events they participated in. Almost everyone I talked to were not aware that his campaign paid for retirement parties, birthday parties, charity events, booze and cigars for example.

A piece of bad news – it appears that State Senator Pat Bates has dug her heels in. This is a sad reality that I have observed in the last 20+ years in this game, the ego first rule of politics. Apologizing or retrenching is viewed as a fate worse than death. Fortunately, Mrs. Bates is term-limited so there will not need to be a fight to primary challenge her in 2022. Contrast this to Fred Whitaker who took the time to gather information and changed his stance based on evidence. (again, in my opinion, he took far too long to come around)

Things I am watching for:

It has been put to me by multiple people that donors in Orange County are also beginning to abandon Bill Brough. If true – your intrepid blogger is expecting the OC Lincoln Club and the OC New Majority to take some sort of public and drastic action. This would be a natural response to understanding that their money is subsidizing Bill Brough’s alcohol abuse, junkets, cigars and fancy dinners… amongst other things.

To be quite blunt, I am most frustrated by the failure to protect women by so many in leadership in politics. Worse, the abuse and exploitation of women. The fact that society is so perverted and twisted that my referencing traditional gender roles and leadership by men would even be controversial shows the compound problem. If the Republican Party does not stand up for ethics and integrity, no one will. I think of the crap women close to me have dealt with and I recount the dozens of sickening stories told to me by women and it makes me angry.

In my opinion, this makes Senator Pat Bates even more culpable than the bumbling Fred Whitaker. Whitaker was never interested in trying to hide the problem, he just wanted to be the nice guy and a peacemaker. Bates? She had to know about the behavior of her would-be protege. Based on what I know of her behavior, it appears she wanted to bottle up this scandal and preferred to blame the victim rather than evaluate the evidence in the form of four brave women with VERIFIABLE (key word) stories of abuse and mistreatment. Pat Bates should never be taken seriously as a leader for anything, anywhere again. Covering up malfeasance to assuage your ego is among the worst of behavior politics has to offer.

P.S. End note about the Duncan Hunter Saga – I’ve received information that Congressman Duncan Hunter Jr. will be on trial for his issues in September. The San Diego GOP has postponed any action related to his election / re-election campaign pending the disposition of the trial. This is not unreasonable – but were I the Chair of the SDGOP, I’d be calling for his resignation due to his moral failure.

To be continued…

Aug 072019

Unless you are living under a rock, you are aware that several women have come forward with verifiable claims of severe misconduct by Assemblyman William “Bill” Brough.

A check of the man’s facebook account shows some seriously sick irony and further evidence of the double-life Bill Brough has been leading.

I was told that Brough was at one point part of the working group on #METOO issues. He was removed from said group after one of his victims contacted other members directly.

Similar to the absurdity of Brough being anywhere near a working group dealing with the rampant sexual misconduct in the State Legislature – here he is on a working group related to alcoholism. On one hand, here’s hoping he is learning a few things… on the other hand, I am wondering he he brought his Bourbon Barrel to the meetings.

Then there is this:

Bill Brough and Senator Pat Bates – one of his enablers – sponsoring an event for Women’s safety. This is not a sick joke folks – this is Bill Brough. It is clear he thought he’d never get caught, and given the behavior of the State Assembly and others that dismissed claims even they admitted had merit I could sure see why Brough began to believe he was invincible.

This is where Right on Daily Comes in. Sooner or later, people like Pat Bates and others in GOP “leadership” that are trying to avoid this issue are going to be forced to act. To be continued…

Aug 052019

You read it correctly. We expect democrats to try and forestall development, but in Southern Orange County, I have discovered another batch of NIMBY’s and BANANA’s. This time, I am not talking about the contingent of wealthy loudmouths in Granite Bay (in my backyard) that oppose development anywhere for any reason, I am talking about Southern Orange County. Specifically, as I was looking at the landscape of CA-49, and AD-73 what I found was disturbing. (CA-49 = Congressional District 49 (infested by Mike Levin), AD-73 = Assembly District 73 (infested by Bill Brough))

Some weak people trying to find a reason to avoid the real issues with Bill Brough think that the sudden explosion of scandals are related to this issue. All their stupidity (and that of Maryott) did was cause your intrepid blogger to start looking. And look I did. I’d also like to thank the two San Clemente City Council Members that are publicly defending Bill Brough for their assistance in narrowing my search for information. I found a whole bunch of Republican BANANA’s and NIMBY’s. 

BANANA = Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything.

It appears that San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano Mayor Brian Maryott, Failed Liberal Republican Rocky Chavez, the scandle-riddled Bill Brough, and some other mystery players have joined with the Enviros and Congressman Mike Levin in an attempt to thwart development in Southern Orange County. However, I am not sure any of the previously mentioned luminaries had anything to do with what the City of San Clemente has done.

Research shows that Bill Brough has cashed in from San Clemente Donors in 2019, ostensibly after his aggressive moves against development.

I originally thought I was going to be looking in to the CA-49 race as this one of is the best chances the GOP has to recapture lost territory in California. Once the Citizen’s tribunal meets to re-draw districts in 2021, if we don’t re-take the CA-49 and other lost territory in 2020, you can make sure the new lines will be much worse. With short sighted selfish anti-growth “Republicans” like those in local government in the south end of Orange County including the intransigent Bill Brough and his enablers… they are doing their part to entrench Mike Levin in Congress.

At this point, Maryott is the only known “Viable” Republican candidate for CA-49. He proved in 2018 that he is incompetent with a humiliating 7th place finish in the primary. (Your intrepid blogger could have carpetbagged down there and done better) As I was researching Maryott, I noted that on his website, he calls himself a Conservative. (#YUGE Red Flag, you live it, you don’t have to tell anyone you are)

Maryott’s campaign theme is “Enough Already, Let’s Get to Work”… apparently, except when it comes to congestion relief in Southern Orange County.

This was sent to me by someone that lives in CA-45, not CA-49. Enough already Bryan. Oh and I get these too and I live in CA-04, you may need to look at a map to find CA-04. 

I had family members leave San Clemente because they could not make simple improvements to their property without the NIMBY police approval and a pile of paperwork. So, this behavior did not surprise me in the slightest.

Then of course while researching the CA-241 Extension which this is known as, I found out that one of my favorite Green Republican Cap-and-Traitors Rocky Chavez also opposed the project in his vain attempt at getting elected to Congress (he ran for CA-49 in 2018 and is looking at CA-50 in 2020). Anyone within the GOP will remember that Chavez was elected in an R vs R runoff with something like $2 Million worth of expenditures and attacks against his opponent. Chavez like so many other self-serving and short-sighted politicians repaid the investment by bailing out of office for bigger and better things, then bad-mouthing all of his former colleagues after suffering an almost as humiliating loss as Maryott did!

I am sure once Bill Brough is a former officeholder he will blame his female victims and everyone else that rose up to expel him once the totality of his behavior became known. 

I’d tell both Chavez and Maryott “Enough Already, Get Back to Work”, but Mr. Chavez’ Ego would replenish the polar ice cap and Maryott is clearly bored with financial planning as his stance on development is geared toward shredding the retirement savings of his clientele.

A lot of people in Orange County have told Bill Brough “Enough Already” but he is going to require long-term therapy as his brain function appears to be inhibited. Let’s see how many more leaders in Orange County join in the hit parade.

And, then there is San Clemente. I will refer to it is San-NIMBYte. I stumbled upon this LA Times attack article against the CA-241 Extension project. I’d have been good with a drive-by on Maryott, Brough and Chavez, but this article in the LA Times is quite convenient and deliberate. No one in the California Media has enough non-THC Tainted brain cells to be this effective.

The article was a classic left-wing hit piece all about the money paid to consultants working on the CA-241 Extension. That was all it was about, and in the course of whining about traffic as a backdrop for all this evil money, the LA Times took a position against traffic relief. At least I can rationalize the stupidity of Maryott, Brough and Chavez – they were pandering for votes they didn’t get. (or in the Case of Brough, won’t get ever again)

San Clemente officials, fierce opponents of a proposal to extend the toll road through the beach town, obtained the consultants’ billings through a public records lawsuit and have sharply criticized the payments to the high-priced, politically connected consultants.

Note that the LA Times Reporter used Hyperbole – huge red flag

I was looking for a motive for the LA Times hit piece, the 4th paragraph let the cat out of the bag, it looked like a jealous rage and a desperate city (San Clemente) trying to carpet bomb everything and everyone.

It is not a bad strategy as many in the political world are cowards and fold at the first sign of criticism. Witness how long it is taking to get people to stand up to Bill Brough’s behavior. 

Then, it hit me.

…the source of the problem was an “antagonizing” campaign waged by San Clemente’s own consulting firm, Los Angeles-based Englander, Knabe & Allen, which had lost out to Venture Strategic in bidding for the tollway agency’s contract.

The firm’s strategic proposal to San Clemente invoked Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” in explaining how it would battle the toll road extension, and mentioned filing public records requests for consultants’ fees as one of its weapons. City records show the firm in late 2017 was paid nearly $100,000.

Hell hath no fury like a jilted consultant. Is Harvey Englander behind the LA Times Hit Piece?

Adam Englander lost the contract to the consultant quoted about in the LA Times. Adam and Harvey Englander are now “employed” by the City of San Clemente. I know Harvey Englander by reputation and in my opinion, he is not a good dude at all. 

So did Adam get his daddy to come in and bully local government in South OC?

So – you have Harvey Englander, Leftists, a leftist Congressman, a leftist Cap and Trade warrior Rocky Chavez AND a self-identified trans-conservative Brian Maryott with the scandal-riddled Bill Brough trying to scuttle the CA-241 extension to keep I-5 clogged? I can’t get drunk enough to imagine how the hell that helps the environment. 

Apparently, the San Clemente City Council post closure of their hospital is A-OK with it taking 45 minutes to get to the next closest hospital during rush hour? And, they are working with Harvey Englander who appears to be racketeering the whole thing by bullying and harassing anyone and everyone affiliated with the project? What did Bill Brough get out of this deal? Given that Brough appears to have been living off of his campaign account, it appears he would be vulnerable to being sucked in by the San Clemente anti toll-road racket… 

Who is Harvey Englander? What is he doing? Stay tuned as in our next installment, we introduce you to Rocky Chavez, Bill Brough and Bryan Maryott’s good buddy. Oh, and all of this is paid for with your tax dollars courtesy of San Clemente – the NIMBY capitol of Southern Orange County.

Is the OCGOP smoking crack? Do you really think you have a chance at re-taking CA49 or holding AD-73 with nimrods like these guys? Please do something about this!

To be continued…

Aug 012019

The good news? Bill Brough only has $157,000 left. He spent a whopping $72,000 from 1-1-2019 thru 6-30-2019.

Bill Brough just got back from another junket to Ireland. He’s taken three of them – one of which was the subject of a prior post detailing how he added a trip to Boston to see a Red Sox Game on to one of them.

While the Junkets to Ireland (at an average cost of $15K a piece) are “legal”, a lot of what we’ve chronicled on the Right on Daily Blog may well be violations of campaign finance law… and could potentially be criminal.

Note – Bill Brough is his own treasurer. We’ve written about that in the past and the current filing shows it as such. It would not surprise your intrepid blogger if Mr. Brough has had to retain an attorney both because of the harassment victims having the courage to step up and the public scrutiny of his behavior with his campaign account.

His donors include $500 from Businesses for a Better San Clemente. Also listed are several individual donors from San Clemente as well. More on “them” soon – but, suffice to say, I have to ask if this was a payoff for Bill’s attempts to run legislation against the Toll Road. Remember, some of the knuckleheads in Orange County thought that your intrepid blogger was sent after Bill Brough by people angry with him over his sudden opposition to the toll road. I don’t even know that issue that well (save for my bashing Brian Maryott over it when I got his ads on my facebook 450 miles away), but I do understand timing.

Since your intrepid blogger is in to research, we’re going to follow up on that toll road stuff shortly. Why not, it seems like my Orange County audience is interested.

Bill Brough has another problem, $9400 of his money is earmarked for the 2020 General Election. This now puts him below $150K in available cash. (Two of his donors “Double Maxed”)

Bill Brough had a “Spring Training Event”… did you know that? The event started on 3-15 according to the reports but not before an entry to Brough’s favorite spot that same day – Brio Tuscany Grille for $47.

$859 to a limo company. $4,063.84 to a Resort and three other entries totaling $945. (Baseball Game Tickets and food don’t you know) I will give Mr. Brough credit for using a limo instead of driving a rental car…

Interestingly enough, there are pernicious rumors in the insider community that said Spring Training Event was the scene of yet another Bill Brough Drunk + Hitting on Someone Else’s Wife/Girlfriend incident. It is alleged that while on this junket funded by his political donors that Brough nearly got in a physical altercation with the Husband/Boyfriend of the latest target of Brough’s amorous drunken behavior.

By the way, there was no fundraiser in the midst of this “Spring Training Event”. Perhaps the FPPC should look at receipts closely from everything 3-15-2019 thru 3-17-2019.

I am not 100% sure the FPPC regulations surrounding Air Travel, I know a certain portion of Bill Brough’s junkets to Ireland is a-ok under the vacuous campaign finance law. That said, it is debatable if the children are allowed to be financed with campaign funds. If you assume that taking the entire family to Ireland once a year for an “Irish Caucus” vacation is ok, then we get to 2019’s version of Donor-Funded vacation: 2 Notations to Aer Lingus – one for $4992 and another for $9716. That’s $14,700ish for 4 people’s flights to and from Ireland. Business class funded by his business donors, eh? Brough could have flown his family around the world on a regular ticket for that price. If this abuse of donor funds is indeed legal (BTW, there are established standards for limits on types of expenses such as $200 per person on a food event), it is still unethical and is completely hypocritical for a so-called fiscal conservative.

Let’s take a look at a slice of the $72,000 in “expenses” as a screenshot from the Secretary of State’s website.

Stacy Davis is Bill Brough’s Fundraiser. I am not sure if she still is – I am not sure she could continue in that role given what is coming out about Brough’s conduct and the disposition of his campaign money.

Hopefully the VFW in Dana Point gave Brough a receipt because the FPPC will ask for one.

Now – look at this snippet, it covers 8 days. 4 Times he went to a restaurant in Sacramento within 3 days for “Campaign Meetings”. If Republican candidates for partisan office were truly this active in an off year, the GOP would never lose seats in California ever again. Note that all four notations were 2 person meetings, quite odd. There is a 5th meeting on 4-11, again two people racking up a $180 bill.

There are several references to Safeway dotted throughout Mr. Brough’s reports including this “Office Expense” for $111.11. It is the opinion of this blogger based on other incidences (see also paying his entire family Verizon Bill out of his campaign) that Brough was likely buying groceries with campaign money. Again, receipts that the FPPC could ask for would show the truth.

Then you see world-famous Brio Tuscany Grille pop up. Brio is owned by a good buddy of Bill and Mr. Brough was recently in Catalina with the owner, that by itself is not illegal. However, it appears that the frequent use of Brio may be well beyond anything political and could very well be Bill Brough paying personal bar tabs out of his campaign.

Brio appears 7 times on Brough’s 1-1-2019 thru 6-30-2019 report. It appears 3-10 times in any other given 6 month period going back to the beginning.

What was Bill Brough doing? Who did he meet with? A Girlfriend? Another member of the legislature? (Remember, one of the harassment episodes happened when Brough was getting wasted in a bar with another Assembly member) If he met with a Staffer, did they know this was paid by the campaign? Did they report these meetings on their form 700?

Another notation caught my eye:


Briar Patch went out of business due to Sacramento’s Social Justice Warrior City Council banning flavored tobacco (but weed is ok, got that?) – but Bill Brough bought $600 worth of Cigars from them before their 5-24-2019 closure. Brough lists costs of $2400 for the event itself, but $600 for Cigars? I am sure most of those ended up in the humidor he bought as an “Office Expense” (remember that one?)

Then there is this:

This is rich, isn’t it. The Assemblyman that is trying to kill Toll Roads is a frequent user of toll roads. That is just special. At least the clueless Brian Maryott in CA-49 has yet to list any Fastrak expenses on his Congressional Campaign ledger. (Make a note Brian)

There is so much to find in these reports, but this last one (at least for THIS post) is just hysterically funny. (At least I think it is)

Looks like Mr. Brough ran up a big fat bar tab at Senator Bates’ event. How ironic that Pat Bates is about the only Female elected in Orange County that is still defending Mr. Brough. As written previously, the handoff in SD36 was supposed to be Bates to Brough. Bottom’s up guys.

To be continued…

Aug 012019

One of the major themes your intrepid blogger writes about is the unbelievable power of ego in Politics. Another concept is the fealty to the status quo. Both explain 99% of what I’ve seen happen in the 20+ years in this game.

In the case of Bill Brough his own intransigent ego is keeping him in office, the ego of Pat Bates who is fully invested in Brough and the fealty to the Status Quo by Cowardly OC GOP Chairman Fred Whitker is enabling him even as the truth is being pieced together.

In 2011, Brough had a business fail – and the whole time he was on City Council appears to have never had regular employment.

In 2011, Brough is alleged to have sexually harassed/battered now Supervisor Lisa Bartlett.

In 2013, Brough went in to default on his home mortgage. (selling the residence in 2014)

In 2014, Brough is alleged to have laundered campaign money in to or out of a PAC that never existed.

In 2014, Bill Brough was his own treasurer and the financial issues are alleged to have started then. These include paying his entire family cell phone bill out of his campaign.

In 2014, after selling his house to avoid the trustee sale, Brough is alleged to have begun renting an expensive Beach House in Dana Point.

In Feb 2015, Bill Brough is alleged to have sexually battered / harassed a woman who is employed as a political staffer. (I have copies of records and text messages related to this)

In March of 2015, Bill Brough is alleged to have sexually harassed / propositioned yet another political staffer. (I spoke to this victim)

Bill Brough’s 2017-2018 Campaign Finance Records are replete with personal expenses being paid out of his campaign account. A second post is linked here. These include a portable bar and a cigar humidor listed as “Office Expenses”. The embedded photo is Bill Brough on a donor-funded trip to a RedSox Game courtesy of his donors.

Bill Brough turns 50, no problem having a big fat party! – $7613 worth of donor money paid for it all!

Hopefully, Brough’s political opponents can use this list of issues to run him out of office. It appears that the Sacramento donors are not going to help an opponent (fealty to the status quo) so the Orange County donor community is going to have to carry the day despite the interference from Senator Pat Bates.

Bill Brough’s behavior is not a recent thing, nor are his maladies isolated incidents! There is a pattern going back 8 years (that we know of).

With Bill Brough you have three documented cases of misconduct with women. Multiple documented cases of malfeasance with his campaign money. Personal Financial Disaster. Add to this, Brough is alleged to have been drunk or on his way there in at least two of the cases of harassment and is alleged to be a heavy drinker with quite a reputation in Sacramento. Apparently, Brough has a similar reputation in Orange County as well.

This is certainly not the life of a Conservative nor someone anyone wants representing them in Government. Fire Bill Brough…

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