Nov 122019

This is Bill Brough at a local veterans event, note his enabler up front.

Your intrepid blogger is not sure if Brio had a two for one drink special on 11-10-2019, but Brough looks pretty bad. It is as if Bill Brough was out on Veteran’s Day Eve.

It is a legitimate question to ask if William “Bill” Brough is feeling the pressure of the exposure of his actions. Recent intelligence indicates that Bill Brough may be drinking more than ever and he appears to be miserable. Mr. Brough can end the whole thing if he retires.

Nov 112019

Bill Brough may think he got a break while I was whaling the tar out of San Clemente Councilman-Elect Gene James. Nothing could be further from the truth, it may well be that the attacks on Gene James abusing homeless people actually helped him in San Clemente. The problem for William “Bill” Brough is that AD-73 is a hell of a lot more than San Clemente. The other problem for Bill Brough is that Gene James (and others) recognized how toxic Brough is and during his campaign, Gene distanced himself from Brough.

Here are items we are tracking:

We are getting mixed signals indicating that the Republican “Leadership” have finally gotten out of the way, when as recently as 5 days ago it still looked like blocking and tackling.

This means Brough could lose more endorsements. This suggests that people like Tyler Diep, Stephen Choi and John Moorlach – all imperiled by the Brough scandal may well jump ship and endorse one of Brough’s opponents. It appears that “Leadership” are finally starting to see the deleterious effect of the Brough scandal on anything Republican in Orange County.

Ed Sachs was seen in Sacramento this past week. This suggests that institutional donors who would usually never give a challenger to an incumbent the right time of day are talking to Laurie Davies and Ed Sachs. This further buttresses the notion that Republican “Leadership” are getting out of the way.

Brough has been seen around the district, at least two of the sightings were in local haunts and Mr. Brough was intoxicated in those two events. At other sightings event related at earlier times in the day, Brough has appeared subdued and sullen.

Do we get shifts in major endorsements? Do we get donor shifts? What is coming out of the capitol? What is the status of the well-known investigations in to Bill Brough’s fiscal and female malfeasance? I am being told things that indicate that Brough’s world is going to shrink significantly and we will see things happen this week that are in line with the 4 month old streak of bad news and accountability that has befallen Bill Brough. Filing is not until early december and it is really going to suck to be Bill Brough (unless he bails out, of course) as the walls close in.

CA-25 is a mess. Here is your field: (citation: Around the Capitol)

  • Mark Cripe (Republican) –     
  • Michael Garcia (Republican) – Veteran/Businessman  
  • Angela Underwood Jacobs (Republican) – Councilmember, Lancaster    
  • Steve Knight (Republican) – Former Member of Congress    
  • George Papadopoulos (Republican) – Advisor/Author    
  • Charles Patron (Republican) – Businessman    
  • David Rudnick (Democrat) – Small Business Owner  
  • Christy Smith (Democrat) – Member, State Assembly    
  • Christopher Smith (Democrat) –  (nimrod)

Let’s sum it up as best I can.

Steve Knight decided to jump in just a few days ago and some folks on an ego-fueled rampage attempted to muscle other candidates out of the race. It didn’t work.

Angela Underwood Jacobs has modest funding and some GOP organizational support. She is an officeholder and has potential to be competitive

Mark Cripe and Charles Patron appear to be also ran candidates

George Papadopoulos is being derided as a convicted felon by the local whores media, indicating that they are scared of his candidacy. I don’t know enough about his operation to make a determination if he is a serious candidate. It is assumed he will have “Trump” support. We all know what assumptions get you in the political game.

There is also Michael Garcia who has a lot of support and endorsements. It was put to your intrepid blogger that he has about $600K as well. He has the McKeon-Strickland crew in his corner.

Christy Smith is the current Assembly-mess who was ordered by the dem party bosses to make the jump to Congress. She appears to have few, if any original thoughts in her head. She will have plenty of money and will have some top-flite thugs in her crew harvesting ballots.

The other two dems do nor appear to be viable.

This is what I am looking for – does Kevin McCarthy attempt to meddle in this race? If so, how? I’ve been told of a variety of potential money dumps in this race. George Papa is expected to announce on Tuesday.

Underlying all of this is Suzette Matrinez-Valladeras in AD38. One of the rumors was that the ego-fueled rampage by the aforementioned Steve Knight supporters included muscling Michael Garcia in to AD38. Garcia killed that rumor himself with a campaign email.

The CA-25 Race is going to be a free-for-all trainwreck between now and the March Primary. It is possible that we could have an RvR or a DvD runoff as much as it could be Garcia v Christy the Puppet. Everything is on the table and political nerds from across the US will be looking at this race.

I do not have a horse in AD-73, AD-38 or CA-25. (Except for opposing Bill Brough)

NOTE: (CA-XX refers to a congressional) as in CA-25 = California’s 25th Congressional District. (AD-XX) as in AD-73 = California’s 73rd Assembly District.

Nov 052019

Blogger’s Note: The OC Weekly are a bunch of leftists like any other media outlet. But, they NAILED Bill Brough:

Multiple Republican women have come forward this year to accuse third-term Assemblyman Bill Brough (R-Dana Point) of sexual harassment. Some allegations go back years, while others are more recent. But there are so many charges against Brough that both the OC Republican Party Central Committee and the Lincoln Club—that big-money bastion of far right-wing conservancy in Orange County—have asked Brough to end his re-election campaign. For his part, Brough has resolutely proclaimed his innocence. In fact, he insists that all the accusations against him are just an elaborate conspiracy to silence him for his opposition to Orange County’s Transportation Corridor Agencies. Mitigating factor: He has three challengers in the Republican primary.

Bill Brough may have enjoyed a break for a little while, but your intrepid blogger and therapist has been hard at work dealing with the intransigence from our elected officials.

… But there are so many charges against Bill Brough … Alas he is vote #10 for Marie Waldron and it is more important for the 19 member caucus to be large and in charge rather than give another win to the little people. Morality be dammed…

(Ad-73=California’s 73rd Assembly District)

Oct 312019

I’ve now been told by 5 different capitol insiders that Marie Waldron is muzzling CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson. I have alluded to it in previous posts – so now I am going to spell it out.

What the hell does Trump have to do with this? A core belief among pretty much everyone in “Leadership” and their consultants believe that Donald Trump was a #YUGE factor in the shellacking in 2018. It is a level of denial and projection that may well be clinical.

I spoke repeatedly to one insider after another (some of whom are not Republicans anymore and have moved on to lobbying jobs, etc) that said it was all about Trump. So while trying to soft-peddle the President in 2018, they alienated even more voters than were already allegedly alienated. (Remember the oft-used canard of the suburban woman voter that abandoned the GOP in 2018?) Nowhere in their paradigm is a discussion of the nearly $3 Billion poured in by rage-filled old white guys (Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer) and the fixation on Ballot Harvesting was also short lived.

In a previous post I called on Marie Waldron to resign over her intransigence related to Bill Brough. I’ll back off my call a bit as it relates to Jessica Patterson as I am now convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Marie Waldron is protecting the monster Bill Brough and is keeping Jessica Patterson Muzzled.

First off, it is clear that Jessica Patterson is upset over the behavior of Bill Brough and wants to go public with her disdain for it.

Secondly, it has been put to me by people in various parts of the state that once I started writing about Sean Doherty, that Jessica Patterson became very interested in who Doherty might have been talking to about political work in California so she could make sure Sean did not get hired. The parallels between the abuse that Doherty was allowed to commit over time and the abuse that has recently been exposed regarding Bill Brough are undeniable.

Third, I have confirmed more than once that the tiny Assembly GOP Caucus is divided 10-9 in favor of Marie being Permanent Minority Leader. Bill Brough is vote #10. Never, EVER underestimate the self-interest of a “leader”.

Fourth, and this is key. The Assembly and Senate members, all 30 of them, are still angry with the “little people” rising up against Chad Mayes.

Remember the county parties taking resolutions that led to votes of more committees and then a vote at the CAGOP’s Board of 13-7 calling on Mayes to step down as leader?  When you are dealing with egos that defy normal explanation and you cross in to that realm, it can get sticky. Generally, activists step on the toes of the officeholders, it is what we are supposed to do. The officeholders resent us for doing it as well. 

Jessica Patterson is in a place where she is going to have to make a choice quickly as the scandal-riddled Bill Brough and Duncan Hunter are going to need to be escorted out of their respective areas. The longer these radioactive candidates last as a political factor in their district – they will damage those around them. It is time for Patterson to break the leadership veil and call out the serial abuser/harasser Bill Brough.

You see, the “Orange Man’s” Ascension had a lot to do with Republican Leaders like these. His very existence exposes their moral bankruptcy. With few exceptions in the Republican Caucuses it is on display as our registration numbers plummet.

Duncan Hunter could Take Assemblyman Randy Voepel out with him. Brough’s AD-73 has pieces (or proximity to) three congressional districts, one is Michelle Park Steel, another is CA45 and the last is the feckless Bryan Maryott in CA49. All get affected by Bill Brough. It has been made clear to your intrepid blogger that our party chair is not in favor of keeping Bill Brough office any longer. Just Marie Waldron and Pat Bates stand in the way. The subject of Pat Bates’ intransigence is going to be looked at in a bit… and we again call on Marie Waldron to resign over the moral failure of protecting a monster like Bill Brough.

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