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To say that Art Sanchez is nuts is understating the issue. It is my opinion that Art Sanchez is a bizarre combination of toxic masculinity and psychosis. I can only base this on other people’s opinions of him and his public persona.

This is a grainy live action shot of Art Sanchez with former OC Dem Chair Fran Sdao

If you check Art Sanchez’ voter registration history it is spotty, but is certainly not the portrait of a reliable Republican.

The crazed Art Sanchez worked for Anna Bryson in 2014 in the crowded AD73 Primary that had the late Paul Glaab, Brough, Bryson, Jesse Petrilla and a democrat in it. Anna Bryson was thought to be the favorite. Your intrepid blogger received several anonymous dumps of information I used to decimate Bryson’s campaign. I was writing on the OC Politics Blog – run by Art Pedroza. After the election was over – Art Pedroza tossed me off of the OC Politics Blog.

The irony is that Art Pedroza was concerned over gutter politics – yet I had to get him to pull down a vile post Art Sanchez wrote attacking my wife. The second irony is that Sanchez who once hated Bill Brough just got $3500 from Bill Brough for Consulting Work.

It should come as no surprise to people that Art likes to bully women. Apparently, Art has been a well-known Male Chauvinist frozen in the stone age of the early 1950’s when he was born. He refers derisively to Laurie Davies – even before she was an assembly candidate, and has been disdainful of people like Pat Bates and Mimi Walters according to accounts I’ve heard of him. He is a declared candidate for AD-73 GOP Central Committee in Orange County. His priest should shave all the grey hair off his chest as pennance for his attitude towards women.

Electing Art Sanchez to OCGOP Central Committee would be like inviting Bill Brough and another 99 Alcoholics to a wine-tasting. It will be a disaster.

I can think of no one more appropriate to be a staffer of Bill Brough. So let’s release that Blog that Art Sanchez wrote on OC Politics (which I got Pedroza to remove within a couple days of it being posted after I got calls from Orange County people asking about it)

When does a Fish become a Shark? Answer: When the family name is Park. Jodie Stevens, host of the Fish Family Morning Show on 103.9 the Fish Sacramento at Salem Communications, and her husband, Aaron Park, bring their brand of Christian love to the South Orange County Political Arena.
In a rare display of Christian Brotherly love, Aaron Park has decided to enter the political arena here in South Orange County under the guise of helping the Republican Party and figuratively speaking, to collect their 30 pieces of silver. They have savagely and relentlessly attacked Anna Bryson, and for that matter anyone associated with her, spewing lies and character assassination tactics for nothing more than a means to a political end here in Orange County. It begs the question why Anna?
In this race we have a candidate who served time in prison, a candidate who had some questionable dealings when he was on the OCTD board and a candidate who proclaims he is a successful businessman, when in fact he is a lobbyist who had his personal residence go into default to the tune of around $16K. Sounds pretty successful. This candidate is not even endorsed by the elected official who he served as chief of staff for. This candidate just recently formed a consulting company in Feb. 2014, I believe, so he could actually state that he is a businessman. It appears his wife is the real breadwinner. This candidate’s biggest achievement is he voted against a ban on plastic bags. Wow.
The Parks are definitely the cream of the crop of the CRA. Whoever heads that organization must be proud of the way this man savages a Christian woman. A big amen for them. How else would he get away with it? Their hypocrisy here is just amazing but I guess it must be norm for the CRA. The CRA is a Republican organization right? It must be mostly male by the way this man acts.
Then there is his wife, Jodie Stevens. Mrs. Park, or Jodie Stevens as it seems she prefers to go by, talks about Christian values and living them, yet their family just savages a woman of God. Jodie must have forgotten her own past. Jodie’s own prayer: “Teach Me to Love,” should be changed to “Teach Me to Love whoever is endorsed by the CRA.”
Here’s Jodie’s prayer in current form: “Dear Lord, teach me how to love my neighbors. Please remind me to be kind and gracious to them, instead of quickly rushing inside and closing the door so I can avoid speaking with them.” She should add except if it’s Anna Bryson. On Jodie’s Facebook page she posts “A lot of churches have a saying; ‘come as you are.’ There’s a reason for this. I don’t think it’s that we should show up in pajamas or gym clothes. It means we should come in our brokenness. We bring our struggles and addictions; wounds and afflictions; illness, shame and torment to Jesus.”
Apparently in the case of Anna Bryson, she also needs to bring them to Aaron Park and family for their vetting also. For Anna, being a devout Catholic who believes in Christ, she apparently cannot continue in her life or choose a path to travel with God unless Aaron and family has totally vetted her and proclaimed her redemption valid. It’s no wonder why people have a tendency to be suspicious of Christians when they display this kind of action toward a God-fearing, Christ loving woman.
I anticipate soon Anna’s vetting to be on the airwaves of the Fish Family Morning Show on 103.9. Heck, maybe they will even get John Tesh to wade in. The actions of Jodie Stevens’ husband, and her apparent consent, are a troubling reminder that even family members of employees who work for a proclaimed Christian company, such as the Fish Family Morning Show on 103.9, will eat their own so to speak.
Jodie States “The journey to recovery (and I’m still on it) was a long one and it didn’t start until I surrendered my life to Christ. He didn’t die for our sins so we could live in them in misery the rest of our lives. He died so we could have abundant life here on earth and eternal life with him in heaven.”
Apparently Christ’s death doesn’t apply to Anna Bryson until Jodie Stevens’ husband says so. The Fish Family Morning Show on 103.9 and the Fish Sacramento at Salem Communications will never be viewed the same way again. Their Bridgeway congregation is probably the same way and condones Jodie’s family savagery of Anna. I would love to put my full name to this article, but given the way this man savages this God fearing woman, I will not. Welcome to the new Christianity.
This, ladies and gentlemen was written by Art Sanchez, Mr. Pedroza told me as such. Note the Paragraph in Bold where Sanchez tears in to William “Bill” Brough.
My wife has nothing to do with my political blog, nor do I have anything to do with her radio career. That did not stop Art Sanchez from venting his rage on her. Similar to William “Bill” Brough clinging to the OCTCA Straw Man to obfuscate his life problems, Mr. Sanchez, suffering from the similar emotional and mental maladies as Mr. Brough thought somehow that the above would somehow dissuade me from pile-driving Anna Bryson. Bryson was getting hundreds of thousands in support from the establishment at the time. The blogs I wrote about her were sometimes the only voice in the middle of the blizzard of money pouring in to her.
Part of the reason I am here again 6 years later in AD-73 is that my demolition of Anna Bryson led to Bill Brough winning election. I did not know Brough had a long history of sexual misconduct. No one knew that Brough was using his campaign account to finance his alcoholism and lifestyle. On every metric you measure a man by, William “Bill” Brough is a failure, including hiring Art Sanchez and Sex Robot Sean.
I am here righting a wrong. I’ve consistently told every media person I have communicated with that is the case and continues to be so… and you will see my next installment in the tour-de-brough soon
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