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Why am I not surprised to see Sex Robot Shawn (aka Shawn Gordon or Our Town Videos) on Toll Road Billy’s reports? He got $1750 and the crazed Art Sanchez got $3500. More on Art Sanchez soon – but, suffice to say this slimebag has an obsession with attacking the spouses of candidates. He is a perfect fit for William “Bill” Brough.

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Note- I am focusing on items since 7-1-2019 as I have written about his past abuses in graphic detail. If you have any information about Bill Brough – you can email me at [email protected] YOU CAN REMAIN ANONYMOUS. Now is the time to come forward.

Did you know that Bill Brough’s Donors Sent him to Ireland (again), Hawaii and to a 49er’s Game? Yup, Toll Road Billy dropped $12,500 on the most evil decrepit team in NFL Football for some sort of “Campaign Event”. I am sure it went just as well as his Spring Training disaster.

49ers: $12,500
Levi Stadium $896.92
Irish Caucus Junket: $6,866.12 + $3,000 (that we can easily discern)
Hawaii Junket – at least $5,000 for the “Independent Voter Conference” – Notations include Makena Beach Golf Club, Fairmont Hotel

Toll Road Billy spent $4,000 on Legal Fees. (Your intrepid blogger has seen some of the work of his attorney in public records I obtained from the FPPC regarding the complaints I filed against him) He’d better get ready for a lot more in legal fees given what is coming down.

It looks like Billy spent $43,000 on Landslide’s Slates, about $15,000 on two of Tim Carey’s Slates, $4,500 for the RINO Revolution Slate, $2,200 on Campaign Signs and $20,000 on a Maryland Based Consultant. There are also thousands spent on other consultants, a fundraiser and a notation for $3,196.03 to Jim Bieber.

Bill Brough sent a bizarre email touting that he raised $223,000 since last year. The part missing from his email is that he raised $125. That’s it – only $125 from 1-1-2020 thru 1-18-2020 while being hotly contested for re-election. Consultants appear to have gotten $80,000 of that $223,000 Toll Road Billy bragged about.

Since 7-1-2019 – Bill Brough CONTINUED to abuse his donor’s money. 

Notations for $537.29 and $354.91 to BevMo. These are alongside two $200 notations to Drug Abuse is Life Abuse. (Alcohol is a drug too, Billy…)

11(!) Notations to Brassiere Capitale – One “Event” for about $1400 and 10 Strategy / Campaign Meetings.

13(!) Notations to Brio Tuscany Grille – in addition to the dozens we’ve detailed already. There are 11 Campaign / Strategy Meetings and two “Events” totaling some $7,000.

It is the opinion of this blogger that Brough is running up a bar tab and then paying for it under the guise of an event.

On 9-28-2019 Bill Brough’s campaign paid $908.98 to the Disney Grand Californian Hotel. Last I checked, Dana Point is an hour or so from Disneyland?

3 Trips to Target.
8 Notations to Lyft
7 Notations to Chevron
3 Notations to Elite Black Car – totaling over $600.

The following is a batch of “strategy meetings / campaign meetings”: Dana Kai Sushi x1, Frank Fats x1, Good Choice Sushi x2, Shady Lady Saloon x2, Sol Agave x1, Simon’s Cafe x2, Tony’s Deli x3, Turk’s Dana Warf x2.

It must be nice to spend thousands on dining using your campaign account.

Then – we add another 7 Notations to Verizon Wireless. 200.37, 204.85, 562.52, 207.21, 207.21, 207.21, 207.21 bringing the total to Verizon Wireless from his campaign to nearly $20,000 lifetime. (the 7 newest notations total $1796.58)

Please note – I requested an update on Public Records since the previous update I got in October. The FPPC indicated they had no additional records to send me as the case is ongoing and open. I will posit theories as to what that means later – but Bill Brough is in serious trouble

#1 He has lost all the critical endorsements in Orange County, The Party Itself, the Lincoln Club, the New Majority and dozens of local officeholders
#2 He has only raised $125 since 1-1-2020
#3 He only has $49K net left in his account
#4 He has two active investigations against him – the Sexual Misconduct investigation by the Assembly Working Committee and a large list of FPPC campaign finance issues
#5 The local media is using him as a punching bag

And he dropped over $13K on the Niners. That alone should be grounds for federal prison.

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  One Response to “AD-73 Update: Toll Road Billy limps through 1-18-2020 with only $49K on Hand (Only Raised $125 since 1-1-2020) + CONTINUES Abusing Campaign Funds! (While Hiring Losers)”

  1. I make all the Our Town Videos, it is a home business of mine. Apparently Brough liked my work and hired me after I had him on my program. Why don’t you post the link to my article about the societal impact of sex robots? Do you have the balls to actually post my comment this time or will you bury it like last time because you are such a gutless and corrupt man child. I guess we will see. Keep in mind that when you filed your FPPC complaint, you claimed you were a blogger, so controlling comments on your page exposes you to some issues, so let’s see what you do. Of course your 2 daily readers won’t notice, but facts are important and you like to ignore them while you are cashing your paychecks.

    Blogger’s Note: Sex Robot Sean folks, he’ll be here all week.

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