Feb 212020

Your intrepid blogger has heard that one Sean Feucht is having not one but TWO campaign meetings this weekend. The subject of said campaign meetings is RIGHT ON DAILY. Your intrepid blogger is FLATTERED over the attention.

We’ve received several reports that Sean Feucht and his volunteers have been behaving in a very unchristian manner including angry outbursts, tourette’s syndrome, telling people they are going to hell and a host of other psychological maladies that are consistent with the followers of PTL-Club style evangelism.

For those of you that are trying to decide between Tamika Hamilton and Sean Feucht – you should go to one of these meetings with this handy Right On Daily guide. DOWNLOAD YOUR VERY OWN COPY OF IT HERE

  1. Dear Mr. Feucht – did God tell you to run for Congress? If so, how?
  2. Did Bethel Church “commission you” to run for Congress and did they connect you with the Virginia Based Consultant you are using?
  3. Are you a part of the “New Apostolic” movement?
  4. Did you or did you not get a DWI in 2001? Is Case Number: 810GT0108128900 Court Name: Virginia Beach GD Court Correct? Did you plead guilty on 1-11-2002?
  5. Did you or did you not get cited for Fishing without a license in Shasta County? MCRDCRM 180000159002 Description: SHASTA COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT REDDING Disposition: Status: PENDING Level: CRIMINAL MISDEMEANOR <<< If this is not for fishing without a license, what was this for and why is there a case pending against you?
  6. Did you or did you not get a speeding ticket for exceeding 70MPH in Colusa County Case #TR184052 in 2019 that you went to traffic school for?
  7. Did you or did you not get cited for driving an unregistered vehicle? Case # MJ-51303-TR-0002132-2015 Date: 11/17/2015 State of PA
  8. Did you or did you not get cited MJ-09102-NT-0000201-2018 Date: 06/05/2018 and MJ-09102-NT-0000457-2018 Date: 11/07/2018 for weeds and failing to cut back trees on one of your properties in PA?
  9. Did you or did you not file your campaign for Congress 8 Months after Tamika Hamilton had been a publicly declared candidate?
  10. Have you or have you not been rude and confrontational with Republican Party officials who have not endorsed you?
  11. Do you have the endorsement of any major Republican Organization from within your Congressional District?
  12. Have you or have you not been hosting campaign events inside of local churches without paying rent?
  13. Why or why should we not be concerned that you’ve taken at least 5 trips back east paid for with campaign funds since declaring your candidacy?
  14. Why or why should we not be concerned with your campaign attempting to data-mine with an on-line petition drive that is not legally binding and this is not real?
  15. Why or why should we not be concerned with the three non-profits that are registered with you as the agent, none of whom appear to show income?
  16. How long have you been a registered voter in the 3rd Congressional District?
  17. Please list all of the Republican Candidates for office that you have donated to?
  18. Please list all of the Republican Candidates for office that you have volunteered for?
  19. Please list all of the Republican volunteer activity you’ve engaged in from 2019 and before?
  20. Please tell us how much of your campaign money has come from within the 3rd Congressional District?

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To be continued…

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