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Remember this photo:

It turns out there is an active case in Shasta Superior Court against Mr. Feucht for fishing without a license. Might the above photo have been shot on a trip lacking said license?

MCRDCRM 180000159002
Disposition: Status:PENDING

I’d remind Sean that the Bible is clear about following the laws of the land, especially if you see yourself as a new apostle.

Sean also owns 4 modest properties in Pennsylvania. A check of records shows that Feucht is a laxsdasical landlord. It looks like he was cited for maintenance issues on one of his properties.

On 6-14-2018 and then in 11-08-2018 Feucht was cited for overgrown weeds and then overgrown trees on a piece of property in Cumberland Pennsylvania.

Further checks of records shows that Mr. Feucht has a parking ticket in 2016, a vehicle registration ticket from 2015 and a DUI/Reckless from 2001.

Lastly, It appears that Feucht got popped in Colusa County for speeding in I-5. At least he was actually IN CA-03 when he broke that law. (In 2019) Was he on his way to some sort of campaign event when he got pulled over? (Note, records indicate that Feucht went to traffic school)

Here’s the point. Feucht is claiming to be the candidate of morals and is basically running a televangelist style campaign while his personal life demonstrates a lack of discipline and a lack of regard for the law in the municipalities he is actually connected to.

Sean Feucht also has three corporations that he is listed as a principal in. All are non-profits. In a future post, we may open some of these up as we are getting contacted regarding the operations and the disposition of them.

Regardless of how far you will go to justify these recent issues – the point stands, John Garamendi is going to have a field day with this nimrod. The 18 year old DUI/Reckless is kind of a bonus to the more recent issues for Mr. Feucht:

2015 – expired registration
2016 – Parking Ticket
2018 – two Civil Misdemeanors for allowing one of his properties to become an eyesore and a mess
2019 – 2020 criminal case for fishing without a license
2019 – Popped for Speeding within the boundaries of CA-03

Now – when you add in that he lives 150 miles outside the district, (and has only been in California since 2016) and the rest of the package we’ve written about… the profile becomes clearer.

To be continued…

Note: CA-XX = California’s XX Congressional District.

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