Nov 252019

Click here to enjoy Sean Feucht’s Campaign theme song.

Central Committees and GOP Groups have been getting emails from the Feucht people. When they don’t respond as desired, it has been put to this blogger that Sean lets them know what Jesus thinks of their heresy. (His actual reaction is not far from this description)

I am not sure what translation of the Bible condones being a jerk to someone who does not buy your product. (Or campaign) Your intrepid blogger is going to fact-check the rest of this email.

Sean is running in California District 3 (Sacramento west and and north to Colusa) against John Garamendi (D). He is receiving lots of national and local media attention. Garamendi is scared of Sean, so he broke ranks with Democrats this week to endorse Pres. Trump’s call for a House vote on whether or not to proceed with the currently closed door impeachment proceedings run by left-wing extremists like 4-Pinocchios Rep. Adam Schiff (D). In non-presidential election years, Garamendi won by just 5% against the uninspiring Assemblymember Dan Logue (R).
(Sean Feucht has not gotten any media in a couple weeks after the initial drill that his expensive VA based consultant ran. Secondly, as further evidence Feucht is a grifter – he’d reaize that Dan Logue is loved and respected by MOST in CAGOP circles and insulting him is not advisable. Third, if Garamendi is afraid of Sean Feucht – it is because Feucht’s hair is more expensive than his is
Sean can win this race with your support and the national support he is receiving. He has several fundraisers in other states that will generate funds necessary to run a $3-4 million campaign at this level. Sean is a transformational leader with social media followers including over 110,000 on Instagram and over 60,000 on Facebook.

(Sean is a musician that built a social media following – I suppose that is “National Support”)

The district looks a lot like Sean and sounds like him. The district’s 25-35 year old millennials are the largest demographic group, and 50% of the district is white. Sean has been active for over ten years in the district and has relationships with local mega churches of which five (5) churches with over 30,000 members combined are actively giving support and volunteers to Sean’s race.

(LOL – your intrepid blogger has been told CAGOP people are telling donors they have 20,000 volunteers ready to go and no one believes them either…)

Sean said, “California, it’s a land of revival. And I don’t think it’s any coincidence, that the enemy is coming with such an intensity to squelch out that vision and mandate, to bring division, to bring heaviness, to bring oppression and anxiety. Because that is the calling. It’s the sunshine, it’s the golden state, it’s the state that radiates the glory of God. And so, I feel like even for me a big part of this race is really stepping in to contend for that to happen again in California—that God would move in amazing ways. And that’s why we’re incorporating worship, and we’re incorporating prayer. I mean, I feel like those are two massive elements of what we’re called to carry as we walk out this campaign.”
His wife said about Sean that he is, A man of faith, a man of mission, a man of character and integrity, not driven by ego but purpose. A man that knows what feeding the hungry, protecting the vulnerable, fighting for one’s beliefs is all about…
Please watch his video Let’s Take Action, and please let me know if we can schedule a time for you to meet Sean.
It is actually painful to read the last three Paragraphs. If Sean Feucht was actually in prayer and supplication, he would not be mistreating people along the campaign trail. A man who prays for wisdom would not be making ego-based manipulation plays to get a handful of people to help on social media. If Mr. Feucht was truly following a spiritual path on his election he would not be pitting churches against each other or attempting to imperil their non-profit status by crossing the line while on the premises.
I’ve learned in my time in politics, I don’t need to tell anyone I am a Conservative Christian, my life does that for me. I find that often times candidates that are wielding incomplete resumes and/or who are new to an area have to overcompensate.
Sean Feucht is not doing well. I’ve received some responses from party people to him that are pretty brutal, but quite true. To be continued
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  2 Responses to “CA-03 Update: Bizarre Grifter Campaign of the Year Nominee Sean Feucht’s Pitch to GOP Groups Part 2”

  1. If we push the names aside and think back on what we know, how often do you find a musician who is not scattered and often unpredictable? I grew up in a musical home, mostly playing my trumpet and marimba in church. I also belonged to a large marching band in the 1960’s with some of the best musicians I ever met. My son has been in church music teams for 20 years. So, I’ve seen musicians. And over the last fifty years of watching many of them, very few became great leaders. Some remained great musicians but the majority faded into beta male areas of their communities. That’s not a bad thing but US Congressional people need to be Alpha leaders to fight for their communities.
    Having said this, I’m not labeling Sean but just stating experienced facts per musicians. Leading church music doesn’t equal leading communities against nasty Liberals and their assaults. You think and you decide.

  2. Nobody is going to beat Garamendi unless they raise about $3 million. God on your side or not.

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