Nov 212019

How many of you have gotten solicitations for Sean Feucht’s Non-Profit being sent to the same list as his “Jesus told me to run” congressional emails? (Note, he brags about leaving for India in the middle of his congressional campaign, adding to the bizarre nature of his effort) Also note I did not edit the email he sent except to break the links to landing pages that were in the email.

Friends & Family

I just released a new song this month!

My new song, “Raise Our Voice”, was just released and I want you to have a free copy! My kids were a part of the recording process, so listen for their voices as we sing out this anthem. If a song could carry the meaning of why we’re running for Congress, this would be it.


Keturah and I leave for India this week!

It’s such a special time to spend with my daughter and I am so excited to see what God is going to do in India. Pray for our team and for divine strategy as we move forward with Light a Candle Sponsorship program.






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One of the theories your intrepid blogger has had about Sean Feucht’s grifter campaign is that it was a ploy to sell records or raise money for his non-profits. In this case, he straight out blurs the line of Congressional Campaign with fundraising solicitations for his non-profit.

The potential violations of federal law are several:

  1. Does he jeopardize the 501C3 status by mentioning his congressional campaign in this solicitation?
  2. does he break campaign finance law by doing so?
  3. is it legal to use a non-profit donation list to promote a congressional campaign?
  4. Is he supposed to have his federal disclaimer on this solicitation?

I think I need to file a complaint with the IRS and the FEC. Good Lord.

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