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Who said Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker are out of business…

If you have read the Right On Daily Blog for any length of time you will realize that there is one brand of politician that I despise more than a flaming liberal – it is a fake Christian who abuses their faith in an attempt to get elected. I am not talking about a democrat who calls themselves a Christian while supporting candidates or Judges that want to destroy the Church or supporting gay rights / abortion contrary to God’s law. I am talking about someone who uses their faith to manipulate and control people to get what they want. That sort of abuse is beyond the pale.

I’ve laid it out clearly why I have a major issue with the new apostolic movement within the Church that has spawned Feucht’s campaign.

Sean Feucht is a musician from a Church in Redding that has a national presence. The Church in my opinion has crossed the line from gospel in to new age and bizarre practices. It is clear that when the Church dispatched Feucht to run for office that they parachuted him to CA-03, some 100-180 miles from Redding as it was the closest competitive district. Apparently, they were unsure if his brand of pseudo-christian religious manipulation would sell as well in the Sacramento-Based CA-07.

The key issues are:

Sean Feucht claimed NRCC support in the early days of his campaign. This lie was quickly unraveled and he repeated it until local Republican Groups called him on it.

Sean Feucht claimed that the Virginia-based consultants that once ran the Ben Carson Campaign were a meal ticket for him with DC Donors.

Sean Feucht’s opponent Tamika Hamilton has the endorsements of 5 county parties. The other three counties within CA-03 have not even met to consider an endorsement. People within those parties have been clear that they knew Feucht did not know what he was doing, did not know the issues, spoke in platitudes and has an enormous ego.

Sean Feucht has the support of a handful of Republican activists within CA-03, while Tamika Hamilton has entire organizations supporting her.

Sean Feucht has lashed out at several people who did not buy in to his approach. Some have spoken to me.

Sean Feucht via proxies has attacked the military service of Tamika Hamilton. Charlie Schaupp, who has run unsuccessfully for office many times and who has launched quixotic runs for CAGOP office was the latest to repeat fallacious claims. Having Charlie Schaupp as a top booster for one’s campaign is a highlight of the fact that Feucht does not know his district nor does he have much of a standard for whom he recruits. No one sane would enlist Schaupp as a booster.

Schaupp took to a small facebook group to spread said lie on Feucht’s behalf. (Note – your intrepid blogger has been expelled from several equally small facebook groups by one of the 3 supporters Sean has in Solano County)

Charlie Schaupp’s bald-faced lie.

Regarding the military service issue – from someone who has served with Tamika Hamilton:

I have known Mrs Hamilton since 2007. I am currently active duty Navy and have had the privilege and honor to serve in a joint environment most of my career to include serving as a first sergeant in a Air Force Training squadron at Lackland AFB. Mrs. Hamilton attained Staff Sergeant/E5 paygrade after successfully completing the required Airman Leadership course at Bolling AFB. Your research, investigation or background checks of Mrs. Hamilton have yielded incorrect information. Had she truly been an E4 she wouldn’t have served past 12 years of service. Mrs. Hamilton has served her country honorably with multiple deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and she WILL be recognized for doing so.

So we have an entitled, arrogant musician who is jealous of his opponent’s military service. Mr. Feucht’s campaign resembles a PTL telethon, including playing fast and loose with the truth and ethics. I want to know what part of the Bible condones tearing in to people you disagree with and making material misrepresentations regarding one’s campaign – or is this stuff allowed once you are on your apostolic mission to reclaim parts of government?

When my series of Sean Feucht continues – we are going to dig in to Feucht’s background as it spells out that he does not live his life as who he claims to be. I will also make the case that a lot of the things Sean has in his background were orchestrated with future runs for office (or simply bigger and better non profit ventures) in mind versus being for an actual greater good.

There’s more to life than staged photos…

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  6 Responses to “CA-03 Update: Sean Feucht’s Holy Lies – Claiming NRCC Support and Attacking the Military Service of his Opponent”

  1. So there you go again Aaron…Claiming Sean ‘attacks’ Hamilton. Sean has not said one word about Hamilton’s service. However I and others have….We also want to know why she doesn’t follow Title 10 of the US Code when posting herself in uniform in her campaign media.

    So what’s next Aaron?…You going to again claim I am a Democrat plant trying to destroy the Republican Party again?

    I was not impressed when I met Ms. Hamilton and others have also questioned her military record and they pointed out the deficiencies to me. Sean as nothing to do with this. Spin it however you want and call me the world biggest loser if you want….my skin is thick. I am support the better candidate.

    Blogger’s Note: Charlie – your reputation is what it is. I do take note of what you are avoiding however, that is illuminating.

  2. The Republicans’ circular firing squad continues helping Democrats by destroying friendships, allegiances, and good people who dare put themselves inter the political fray.

    Blogger’s Note: Fraud is fraud. Either you care more about pointing out the fraud or you care about the fraud itself. The choice is yours.

  3. Oh…there I a fraud in this race alright…and it’s Sean Feucht.

  4. Oh I am a fraud alright…which is why I love Sean Feucht

  5. Aaron…you are purposely changing my statements…the voices in my head can see that….So who is the Fraud? Fake News Aaron Park? (I thought better of you than that)

  6. Again Aaron…you are being childish…Change my statements to what ever….Folks know you are doing it. You are acting like a little kid…and you have been for some time now…. Pitty!

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