Oct 102018

So, we’ve documented that Karen Spiegel supported Cap and Trade

So, we’ve documented that Karen Spiegel supported SB1 Gas Tax/Car Tax Increase.

So, we’ve documented that Karen Spiegel supported High Speed Rail.

The GOP forced Chad Mayes out as Assembly Minority Leader because of his role in passing Cap and Trade.

The GOP platform is expressly against higher taxes

The GOP is campaigning against High Speed Rail in 2018.

Then there is this: $1,000 from the Community Engagement Manager
Planned Parenthood of the Pacific South?

Donald Dix refused to shake my hand at the Riverside GOP Dinner – it has been put to me that he is a hard-right talk radio host on a low-power station somewhere in the Inland Empire. I’d be curious to know why he likes Karen Spiegel So Much…Dix is working with several candidates in Corona. (One of whom I actually like by the way, he probably should have asked me)

Frankly, beyond Dix, the rest of the folks on the RivCO GOP are a pretty conservative bunch. Did they do their homework? It has not been very difficult to turn up this information related to Spiegel.

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  2 Responses to “Karen Spiegel Update: About the GOP Endorsement… Did They Know (or care) About Her Connection to Planned Parenthood???”

  1. DO NOT VOTE FOR SPIEGEL, she’s almost as crooked and corrupt as Sniff. Spiegel has a lot of skeletons in her closet, they just need to be exposed for every voter to see.

    Sniff is as corrupt as they come, so he needs to go!

  2. If Karen Spiegel gets elected to the Board of Supervisors, she will ignore Eastvale, Jurupa Valley and Norco, just like she has ignored the police department, and will continue to ignore law enforcement as she concentrates on how to line her own pockets. Karen was the subject of a recall for poor leadership, and the city workers were going to strike over a reduction in wages. We don’t need Gas Tax Karen in county government, so send her backing. She needs to stay in the trailer park where she belongs.

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