Sep 202018

Remember Jerry Brown’s Ego-Legacy Train that is now projected to cost over $100 Billion?

Well, when Karen Spiegel thought there was a chance it would come to Corona, she signed up for it!

Note that the Corona Chamber of Commerce (where here Husband served as President recently) is on the bottom of the letter. Still Cozy.

Soooo, we have SB1 the Gas Tax and Car Tax… now we have the High Speed Rail Boondoggle.

The California bullet train project has cost state taxpayers an average $3.1 million a day over the last year — a construction spending rate higher than that for the Bay Bridge, Boston’s Big Dig or any U.S. transportation project in recent history

But still it’s not enough, planners say.

In order to hit its 2033 deadline and $77-billion budget, the California High Speed Rail Authority will have to increase daily spending by up to nine times over the next four years or risk putting the already-delayed system further behind.

Russell Fong, the authority’s chief financial officer, acknowledges the goals will be difficult to achieve.

Whoops. Will she support wasting the money of the Riverside County Taxpayers like this too???

Read the rest of the LA Times article HERE.

It was supposed to cost $33 billion and eventually reach from Sacramento to San Diego. Now, the route connects only San Francisco to Los Angeles, with the completion date pushed back 13 years.

It was perfectly fine to waste billions of tax dollars when the project was coming to Corona, right?

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  2 Responses to “Gas Tax Karen Spiegel Update: Why Yes! I like me some High Speed Rail!”

  1. Typical California governement wasting our money for what, so Moonbeam Brown can have cattle car named after his ignorant a—.

    This lady is a lying thief…

  2. Karen Spiegel supported the gas tax, she supported increasing vehicle registration fees, and now she supports the high speed rail that won’t even benefit the City of Corona. The high speed rail was a bad idea to begin with from the idiot governor we have, but can you imagine what Karen Spiegel will do if she becomes a County Supervisor? Karen Spiegel’s behavior shows a pattern of taxing the residents and spending their money on frivolous projects. The residents of Riverside County can’t afford someone like “Gas Tax Karen” in office. Send Karen Spiegel packing, back to the trailer park where she feels most comfortable at because because based upon her behavior, that’s where she belongs. I just wonder if she owns, or still rents her double wide.

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