Sep 132018

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Some people were wondering why she had her hand stuck out for the $84.45 Million from the State of California? That money was earmarked for the controversial McKinley Street Overpass that would close down some 30 business in Corona and severely impact 150 others.

An effort to recall Karen Spiegel actually qualified to proceed over her jam down and gamesmanship with the process in approving the McKinley Street Project.

It all makes sense really, they wanted the money. The way to get the money was to do the most expedient project, which was to bridge the tracks rather than tunnel under them. The dirty little secret is that to actually get the money that Sabrina Cervantes and Richard Roth screwed California over for, you have to drop a shovel within 6 years.

Gas Tax Karen says she supports Proposition 6 (the Gas Tax Repeal), yet, here she is signing the letter of support from the City of Corona supporting SB1 (which would be no on 6 to keep SB1 in force). SB1 was the original gas tax that did the following:

Up to a $175 per car registration “fee” hike. (also known as the Car Tax, a regressive tax that hammers the poor)

$.12 per gallon on all of us. (See my above comments about the disproportionate effect on the poor)

$.20 per gallon on diesel AND a 4% sales tax hike on diesel. (This is why it costs more for shipping in CA when you buy stuff on line now)

Gas Tax Karen did not have a thing to say about the fiscal mismanagement at the state level and the budget games that led to re-characterizing gas taxes to circumvent voter passed ballot initiatives to get existing gas taxes to be used properly instead of to pay off democrat voters on welfare.

I hope the overpass was worth it. See for yourself the entire letter of support for raising your taxes here. Otherwise, enjoy the photo snippet. For comparison, Eric Linder never supported SB1, ever.


  2 Responses to “Gax Tax Karen Spiegel Update: Doublespeaking Spiegel – Ummm Yes She DID support the Gas Tax Increase”

  1. Gas tax Karen is not someone we need in office, she has only one agenda, herself and everyone else (the voting public) can “go to hell.” Eric Linder is who we should vote for. Karen, who is watching your double wide when you attend City Council meetings?

  2. Another hypocrite trying to pull one over on the people. We all need to vote for Eric!

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