Sep 242018

Oh Karen, we hardly knew ye…

Chad Mayes, Arnold Squishenegger, John “Triggered” Kasich and their Ilk would be proud. (Maybe not so much over SB1 and High Speed Rail Support but I digress).

Gax Tax / Cap N’Karen Spiegel is starting to look at lot like Sabrina Cervantes these days. Maybe Spiegel has always been a flaming liberal and has been lying about that too?

Did Karen Spiegel forget what she sent her opponent, then Assemblyman Eric Linder???


Is there a tax hike Spiegel didn’t like??? (Hey that rhymes)

All this and Spiegel is a warm and cuddly councilmember that was subject to a recall! Perhaps this is why she wants to build a bridge in to downtown and close down a bunch of businesses while thwarting the process?

OR – you can support Eric Linder whose record in the Assembly is solidly pro-taxpayer and pro-business (even when people aren’t looking).

  3 Responses to “GAS TAX Karen Spiegel Update: Or is that CAP N’KAREN Spiegel, Yup She Supported Yet ANOTHER Massive Tax Hike!”

  1. I am with you in support of Eric. He has my vote, my family’s vote and tell all my friends to vote for him!

  2. All Karen Spiegel wants to do is spend the tax payers money on projects, yet rhe Corona Police Department has vacancies she won’t fill. And she wants to raise taxes and close businesses that bring in money for the city. Karen is someone that does not have the interest of the tax payers in mind. Karen Spiegel only thinks about “What’s good for Karen Spiegel” and everybody else can go to hell. Well Gas Tax Karen can go back to her mobile home on Green River where she belongs.

  3. If Karen Spiegel is elected to the Board of Supervisors, will she back Lieutenant Aaron Kent and his cheating ways since it appears Lt. Kent has friends affiliated with the Corona City Council. There is too much at stake here to vote for Gas Tax Karen.

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