Apr 162018

Stan Sniff doesn’t care about the abuses of overtime. If he did, people like Aaron Kent and Christian Dekker would be fired. Lt. Rose (similar to Kent and Dekker) is alleged to have gotten a college degree on public time.

Could you imagine how much money we’d save if these three men were actually working? If they were actually working a “normal” amount of overtime? Broken Cop cars could be replaced, new recruits could be hired. These three men are not alone in their abuses of the system, we’ve been told that goldbricking, studying for exams, etc and milking overtime is a systemic problem.

No wonder why the KPMG audit has been fought tooth and nail?

Just one of the Cheating Scandals came out in to the open in the local media – the detective’s exam. And in that case, the Media did a poor job of covering it.

We’ve uncovered the Lt’s Exam cheating by the aforementioned Aaron Kent. We were told by several anonymous sources that there is rampant cheating on the Sgt’s and Lt’s exams.

Heck we even uncovered a county document indicating the Captain’s test in 2016 had been compromised. That document is re-linked here.

Under Stan Sniff, the culture has become one of Cheating. The supervision has become lax or incompetent allowing the unscrupulous to rip off the taxpayers. Under Sniff, the name of the game is cover everything negative up, which only makes the problem worse. This in my opinion is why Sniff is fighting the KPMG audit. They would find this abuse as easily as I did.

The second issue is the seeming favoritism shown towards the dishonest. There has become a clear pattern that most all of the senior management have serious personal flaws and spotty service histories. One example is undertaker Diyoyo whose retirement sparked celebrations department-wide and then Sniff brought him out of retirement almost as if he was giving the department the middle finger.

What I have learned through churning up the dirty laundry of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office are patterns. Sniff has to be in control of everything and as a result, it is impossible to promote good, independent, honest people. Now you get why the culture of cheating is endemic, now you get why there is little of no oversight of day to day operations enabling people to clock in and go home, study for college degrees or rack up massive overtime while doing next to nothing. Their superiors did the same, they cheated on their own time cards and advancement exams too.

I am afraid that the new Sheriff, weather it is Dave Brown or Chad Bianco are going to have their hands full trying to get a handle on the corruption that has overcome the department. The silver lining? It is my estimation that 80-90% of the employees are basically good people are will respond positively to new leadership.

The bottom line, Stan Sniff needs to go.

  One Response to “Stan Sniff’s Legacy – Cheating on Advancement Exams and Time Cards”

  1. Liars, cheats, and thieves is who makes up Sniff’s Eagle’s Nest and marionettes at the station level. Don’t forget the biggest cheater of them all: Pecker Ray Wood with the skull tattoos! Pecker Ray loved to screw the younglings back in the day and probably does to this day behind his current wife’s back (but she’s probably on her back anyway and too busy to care).

    These “managers” walk around all important but when you scratch the surface, they are as fake as counterfeit money. ALL need to go.

    Send the message to others: SNIFF OUT IN 2018!!


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