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A couple weeks ago, we blew the lid off of the Sgt. Christian Dekker case. It appears that Dekker has been a cancer within the Riverside Sheriff’s Office (RSO) for years. Dekker is in the blue shirt at a fundraiser for Stan Sniff. (Dekker has written him two checks that we are aware of)

According to the staff in Jurupa Valley, they know who is robbing the county… Sgt. Dekker. Dekker is alleged to come in late and leave early. He is also known to manipulate his schedule to work 10, 12, 13, or 15-hour shifts to get more time off. The staff there say they have never seen an admin sgt getting so much time off, being allowed to come in late and not put in for vacation. They resent it. (It is also clear Dekker is not using the time off to work out)

Recently we were told that Dekker did his usual, magically showing up for work on President’s Day in order to get overtime pay for working on a County Holiday. The scrutiny of Dekker’s behavior is actually causing him to physically be in the office as of late, but we are sure if Stan Sniff gets re-elected that the PSB department will quietly cover this back up again?

Why do I make such a charge? Several deputies/employees of RSO have made it clear that Stan Sniff likes organizational cancers like Christian Dekker because they are “Whistle-Blowers”. Dekker is not a whistle blower about sexual harassment as women that speak out are transferred, separated from their spouses, deliberately scheduled to screw up their home life, pulled off of special team and relegated to the jail or ordinary patrol, or are documented so that losers like Mark “Investigate to Terminate” Bostrom can fire them. Nope, Sgt. Dekker according to accounts is a Whistle Blower for personal profit.

Nope, Sgt. Dekker has been tolerated, if not encouraged for years by the Sheriff.

I was told that Dekker used to solicit stories from inmates in order to get dirt on his co-workers when he “worked” in the jail. I was told another story that when a fellow investigator went to the bathroom and came back, there was Dekker searching his computer to try and get dirt on him. The investigators told their superiors and both were transferred, rather than Dekker being fired.

Why else would Dekker carry around recording devices with him and leave them in the work-spaces of colleagues? I am told that to this day, Dekker still carries recording devices with him and may well have a recording device on him as he is reading this blog post about him. This is why he is universally hated in the department and in my opinion why it suits Stan “retaliate against everyone” Sniff to keep him around. Dekker’s very existence on the county payroll is a gigantic middle finger to the honest rank and file that resent Sniff.

Any other Sheriff would have had Christian Dekker prosecuted for his behavior.

Dekker was on the Homicide unit for 7 months. According to accounts, during the 7 months, you guessed it, Dekker was not at work. He was most likely at home. When Dekker was actually working he was up to his usual tricks sewing dissension and nearly shattered the homicide team before being moved out of it.

Dekker has apparently filed several “Hostile Work Environment” Lawsuits. He has gotten settlements off of some of them. Why? “Whistle-blower”. This is reputed to be the reason why he has defined his career by snooping on fellow employees, while the PSB department (hand-picked by Stan Sniff) could not be bothered to cut this cancer out of the department.

IF you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you have been presented with a staggering array of stories about the rampant corruption in the Riverside Sheriff’s Department and a Sheriff whose policy is to cover everything up and not deal with the problems.

Sgt. Dekker has a backyard that was reputed to have cost some $50,000+ to install. I paid for that with my tax dollars while this man was ripping off the taxpayers of Riverside County falsifying his time cards and snooping for dirt to file his next lawsuit. (with the disclaimer that I am assuming everything I have been told about him is indeed true)

Apparently, Dekker is not aware that secretly recording people is a crime without a court order to do so. Apparently, Dekker is not aware that falsifying time cards is also a crime if indeed he is not at work when he says he is. What we do know about Dekker is that he is unethical by virtue of the accounts of his behavior. (which I believe to be true)

This gets me to 2009. Dekker was an investigator at the Southwest Jail. An Inmate was on the release list that was not supposed to be on the release list. Another officer of the jail told Dekker about the problem. Rather than fix the list, Dekker decided that they were going to release the inmate and then arrest him for escpaing the moment he was outside the walls of the Jail. Dekker believed he could play “Hero” similar to all of his frivolous “Whistle-Blower” Lawsuits he files to shake down the County of Riverside.

It is apparent that another ethical jail employee told the inmate not to leave the jail because of what Dekker had planned for him. The Inmate refused to leave his cell.

If true – Dekker is indeed guilty of a felony, “Entrapment”. It is likely that the statute of limitations has expired and that the situation would be Sgt. Dekker’s word against the others that were a party to the situation. I’d take Ali Mazarei’s word over Christian Dekkers given what I’ve learned about him.

I think the point of all this is, honest deputies have put up with people like Undertaker Diyoyo, Kevin Vest, Ray Wood, Jason Horton, Leonard Purvis, Captain Tripod, Lt Bostrom, Lt. Rose, Sgt Dekker and the list goes on for years under the tyranny of Stan Sniff. The department is overrun with corruption. As a sad footnote, since I’ve been tearing the cover off of the corruption of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office, a retired Lt. Committed suicide – a sad reminder of the decimated morale of the department.

If I did not have a strong respect for the badge, I’d look at people like those I’ve been writing about and completely lose faith in law enforcement. It also eviscerates any argument that Stan Sniff could even make about his budget. This kind of fraud and abuse is an outrage.

I am sure there will be PLENTY more stories like this one to tell as Riverside Confidential rolls on.

  4 Responses to “Riverside Confidential: More than you EVER wanted to know about Sgt Dekker who is alleged to have ripped off the taxpayers for years”

  1. I never had a problem with Christian I will say there were some deputies that were doing some racist shit in Temecula and he took care of it. There was a special team and the code word was “N.I.T.” It meant nigger in Temecula. Christian is cool with me. One of the deputies actually threatened Christian. There is a certain master investigator that I am not cool with. He has transferred to Temecula Station. Wherever he goes he will still be looked at as a liar and dirty. You don’t lie and run someones name in the ground to make yourself look good. I haven’t mentioned his name but it was good to see the look on his face when he saw me a few weeks ago. By the way you racist bigot I am not going anywhere.

  2. Anyone who manipulates time sheets, comes and goes as they please, and makes as much as this admin sergeant does is proof he is ripping the county off. And while deputies are out there working hard with so little.

    His supervisory skills fall right in line with the other thieves who make up the 2nd Floor. Funny they he is reporting to work like he is supposed to since this came out. Again, the guilty cover their tracks as best they can. Dekker needs to be transferred where there is little or no responsibility or the ability to manipulate his time cards.

  3. I appreciate that Dekker was good to you! However what he has done to a bunch of other people (hell, he may have recorded you) is dead wrong. Worse is what he has done with his time sheets.

  4. The other person in the photograph is LT Kusy. Another one that should be added to your list.

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