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Another well-known cheating scandal within the department is the Lt’s exam. Apparently, sharing test questions is commonplace. Chief Jason “Deuce” Horton managed to finish in first place most of the times he went for promotion. It is no coincidence that Chief Deuce’s Dad, John Horton was the original pre-Leonard Purvis architect of the decimation of the Banning PD and is you guessed it long time buddies with Sheriff Stan Sniff. As you recall, the rightondaily blog broke the investigator cheating scandal 3 weeks before the local media.

Pictured is Aaron Kent. Another donor to Sheriff Sniff. Kent has issues. First of all, his first name is the same as mine and that is more than irritating, but I digress.

When Aaron Kent was a Sgt. on the Moreno Valley SET Team (special investigation team) he is reputed to have ordered subordinates in to the office to milk overtime so he could get overtime.

He is also alleged to have done the exact same thing Lt. Rose is alleged to have done, study for a Master’s Degree (Rose a PHD, too) on the clock.

Another particularly frustrating incident is when he sent deputies to his house to wait for a shipment of Bose Speakers and then had a deputy install the surround sound system in to his house, while on the clock.

Lt. Eric Hernandez (a friend of Kent) miraculously was in charge of the resulting investigation after the deputies complained. Eric Hernandez sent the file to PSB in an attempt to choke off the investigation only to have PSB return the file with more questions. (rare indeed) Eric Hernandez sent the file to then Chief Deputy Kennedy-Smith who did the ritual team Sniff thing. Aaron Kent received nothing more than a written reprimand for ripping off the taxpayers. In 2013, Kent was paid $113K in regular time and an astounding $91K in overtime pay. This is unheard of and shows that Kent’s actions were deliberate. Also note that this rate is over double what Christian Dekker pulled off. Meantime, Sheriff Sniff is complaining about his budget all the time.

Now, let’s fast forward to 2016-2017. Kent finds himself being investigated once again as a result of his good buddy Lt. Eric Hernandez being investigated. The investigator pulled both Hernandez and Kent’s emails.

(in 2014, Aaron kent earned $121K in regular pay and an astounding $96K in overtime)

In the treasure trove, the investigator found an email from now Assistant Sheriff Kevin Vest who sent then Sgt. Aaron Kent the Lt’s exam (Oral exam) test questions. (Sound familiar?) You will see Vest on Stan Sniff’s donor list and you also saw a photo of Vest who drove across town with Ray Wood to spy on a Chad Bianco event. This is the latest evidence of Vest’s role in the corruption of the Sheriff’s Department.

Aaron Kent? Yup, he scored 29 out of 30 on his advancement exam. While I have no evidence to prove that Jason Horton Cheated in a similar manner (on the Sgt’s exam), it is widely known that Horton’s career has been aided mightily by his Father’s relationship with Sniff.  It is also widely known that Kevin Vest and Aaron Kent are academy buddies and this could be a nexus. (according to my sources)

Aaron Kent was investigated for cheating. Apparently that investigation is still open.

Now, let’s tie in Stan Sniff’s endorsement list. Then Corona Mayor Dick Haley is on Stan Sniff’s endorsement list. He just so happens to be Aaron Kent’s Father in law! Ruh-Roh. Mr. Kent himself bragged to people that Mayor Haley traded an endorsement of Sniff in exchange for Aaron Kent making Lt. If true, this may be a felony called influence peddling. Similar to most of my information, the source is anonymous because of fear of retaliation. Given what I have learned about the operations of the Riverside Sheriff’s Department, I believe this to be true as it is consistent with so many other verified facts learned.

The significance of the deal becomes clear when you remember that Aaron Kent’s cheating investigation is still open. He could not make rank until the investigation was cleared, yet he did anyway.

Take a look at the screenshots of Transparent California to see how much overtime Aaron Kent has been ripping us off for. Sniff could hire another deputy easily with that money.

(2015 – 128K in regular pay and $70K in overtime pay)

(2016 – 134K in regular pay and $64K in overtime pay)

If I did not have a strong respect for the badge, I’d look at people like those I’ve been writing about and completely lose faith in law enforcement. It also eviscerates any argument that Stan Sniff could even make about his budget. This kind of fraud and abuse is an outrage.

P.S. Anyone with any information on any of these actors or others is encouraged to come forward, you can remain anonymous.

  17 Responses to “Riverside Confidential: Lt. Aaron Kent in the Spotlight with A New Cheating Scandal? Another time card ripoff? A backroom political deal?”

  1. Another back door deal? Aaron Kent seems to be a “back door” man. So he’s been bilking the taxpayers of all this money while he sat in an office, paid for by the taxpayers, and did his schoolwork so he could get an even higher rate of pay with a college degree. Did his good buddy Kevin Vest tell him it was ok to do that too? Aaron Kent you filthy little worm, that figures you would be keeping the company of that jughead Kevin Vest. And then, after the city of Moreno Valley paid you in excess of $200K per year to get your college degree, you still had to cheat and your buddy Vest helped you cheat?

    This department is scandalous! Assistant Sheriff Kevin Vest helping his little academy buddy cheat the taxpayers, and cheat his own beat partners. Kent you should bury your ugly little face into the ground and hide from everyone because you are a worthless piece of flesh. Vest is just another example of a Stan Sniff clone, corrupt and unethical. You need to follow Sniff out the door and go find another profession, maybe a used car salesman would suit you better!

  2. So in the now famous Snitler video which one was Kent or could he not be seen because Snitlers desk was blocking? You done messed up A-A-Ron

  3. Ben Dover, you might also find it interesting Jason Deuce Horton is also accademy classmates with Vest and Kent. Kent is also known to sit inside his office on overtime while deputies wrote their reports, stating he needed to approve the report when finnished. Hey Kent, any supervisor “already on-duty” can sign off a report, this occurs everyday. This was just more overtime scheming.

    The circle of trust is very small and should be known by all. It must be nice to keep your friends around you while the ship is sinking. I hope there is enough room in the lifeboat for all.

  4. Kent has scammed the county of overtime all his career. As a deputy, he pissed off his partners by making so called dope arrest. He would often scrape a usable amount from bindles, pipes, whatever so he could to substantiate his shitty arrest and get some overtime. A true man-boy who could care less about anyone but himself. He was never there to back you up unless he could weasel his dope experience in the mix, otherwise, he was nowhere to be found or parked at his house.

    I shake my head at how as a lieutenant he is still scamming the system. When is enough, Kent?

    Why these so called administrators get away with it is unbelievable. Sniff turns a blind eye to the insane asylum and he expects us to support this? Rewarding crooked department members with promotions before the ink has touched the PERS forms? Any deputy would have been skipped over if he or she were accused of this. BLACKLISTED for years! But as we know, it’s who you associate with and who can donate the most to get that promotion, get the building contract, get your CCW, or a nuts to butt photo op with an autograph (going for two cents on ebay).

    These thieving turds need to be put on notice when Sniff is out of his cushy Eagle’s Nest and the marionettes are all tangled and swept off the floor when a new administration takes over.

    WE need to take back our department!! Sad to see what it has become under Sniff’s scamming and association with known criminals. HOW COULD YOU, STAN? HOW COULD YOU FUCK THIS DEPARTMENT UP SO MUCH? HOW CAN YOU MINIMIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF YOUR POSITION BY ALL OF THIS MALFEASANCE WHILE YOUR DEPUTIES LOOK FOR DIRECTION?



    Kent, gather your sweaty cash while you can, enjoy that home theater while watching pornhub, your days of scamming the system are limited.


    VOTE – VOTE – VOTE!!

  5. Don’t forget that ‘Duece’ was investigated for cheating on the promotional exam himself. He was investigated for giving his wife the answers on the Sgts test prior to her taking it. Result…they both stuck to their story so it was ‘not sustained’ and she got nearly a perfect if not perfect score (just like aaron kent) and got promoted to Sergeant. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that ‘Duece’ did the same thing for the Lt’s test as she once again got nearly a perfect score and got promoted to Lt as well. Oh well, apparently this is what Stan desires in his leaders, otherwise he wouldn’t promote them. We all have bets that she’s the next captain. Ugh! #notqualified

  6. Steven Favero and Steven Kusy both attended Stan Sniff reelection party with Ali. Then they both promoted. Fevero to sergeant and straight to a special assignment too. Im sure it has nothing to do with the fact Ali and Favero were good friends. They even met up at shot show in Las Vegas. Favero on the county dime to Las Vegas. True.

  7. Went shopping with the wife today. To kill time, I pulled your website on the iPads, and iPhones. Left them sitting there for people to view.

  8. It’s rather unfortunate that we have become like sharks circling the waters waiting for that first drop of blood to hit so we can start the feeding frenzy. The fact that there are so many stories to tell is a very sad commentary and actually very embarrassing to most of us in this department. The unfortunate reality is that these feeding frenzies become therapy for so many who have been mistreated for so long. After reaching out to several people about the names on this particular list, I will share the general consensus.

    While Aaron Kent has done some questionable things in the past, overall he was pretty well-liked and he did do some good police work at times. He had the reputation of the angry cat because of the sour look on his face all the time, but he wasn’t too bad. His main problem was that his greed sometimes overrode his ability to use common sense and do the right thing. It’s probably best that he is now a salaried employee, because he won’t be able to get greedy with the overtime any longer. Overall, everyone accepts Aaron and agrees that this was just his time in the barrel. Lick your wounds, treat people right and you will recover.

    Eric Hernandez was always considered to be Aaron Kent’s daddy, because he always took care of him. Overall, Eric was well-liked by the troops and he is now retired so he probably couldn’t care less about any of this, good for him!

    Shelley Kennedy Smith was actually one of the most well-liked chiefs because of her warm people skills and she is also now retired and probably couldn’t care less about any of this, so good for her.

    Jason Horton has had some questionable things in his past, but most of the troops actually have positive opinions of him. The positive outweighs the negative so they would rather not see his name on the hit list.

    Leonard Purvis has absolutely zero positive opinions from the troops. There is far too much evidence of unethical behavior in his past and no one respects anything about him. The manner in which Sniff brought him back to the department and shot him right up the ranks doesn’t sit well with anyone, he deserves to be on the hit list.

    Kevin Vest was thought of as just some computer geek who brought agency web into everyone’s lives and told them it would be paperless (everyone knows that’s a joke). Vest lost all respect when the troops read about him and Wood driving all the way out to the Canyon Crest pizza restaurant to try and intimidate department members from supporting Chad Bianco. What made it even worse was when he lied about it and tried to deny he was there for that reason, and then made snide comments on social media which rubbed it in even more. The consensus is that he showed his true colors and is nothing more than another liar.

    Looking forward to June 5th! Make sure you all vote!

  9. Well said Silent Majority. I plan on going to some of Chad’s campaign events. Vote people if you don’t vote you don’t count.

  10. Perhaps SM is correct and the rhetoric and vitriol can be toned down a bit. Some of the people mentioned may be good and beloved by most. Some are retired and could care less what’s happening around us. Maybe the actions displayed here were meant well or they were forced to turn a blind eye. I know many are just trying to keep their jobs.

    Some department members who have been mentioned are still among us. In the end, we need to take care of one another. I would like to think by exposing their nonsense, change will occur.

    I’m sure the angst is fueled by the double standards for those who have been promoted or are known as golden boys/girls. There are so many examples of wrongdoing: from members who have been sorely injured and allowed to return and promote up the ranks while others have been thrown to the curb to shipping department equipment to third party entities for personal gain.

    We need to remember although some of the supervisors mentioned here can be good people, as supervisors they need to be above standards and lead by example. But under Sniff’s umbrella, this has not been the case.

    Many of the examples of wrongdoing go above and beyond a pat on the back or a returned favor. Some are examples of criminal activity, fraud, voter intimidation, and the tried and true favor for a donation (seems the bigger the pot, the better favor is returned).

    It’s not a bad thing for them to be called out. Maybe this will help them change direction which benefits the person in question and the whole department.

    Only by sticking together and getting behind Bianco can we make positive change. From what I know of Bianco, he wants to do right by us and the taxpayers. We need to take care of one another…obviously the 2nd Floor has made us the latchkey kids of Riverside County for too long. Few captains actually command their stations or bureaus and need a “daddy may I” pass for almost everything. What orders they are given have to do with keeping Sniff clean and plugging the many holes this ship has.

    Only by communicating with our neighbors, family, and friends who the better candidate is will we make a difference at the polls, the ultimate measure of who will be our next sheriff.

    In the meantime, anymore examples of malfeasance is just more reason to vote Sniff out of office and (hopefully) change the behavior of Sniff’s followers when he is sent packing.

  11. Sorry I don’t buy the soft serve idea since these people took an oath to live there lifes above reproach. stealing taxpayers dollars even if disguised by sitting in your office on overtime is stilltheft. Covering it up in a pers is still covering up a theft and emailing test answers to a thief is still aiding a thief. Right On Daily keep doing what you are doing the only people wanting you to stop are the cockroaches like that stupid bitch that threatened Chads kids. she ain’t shit but a ho and trick

  12. @ John S and Silent Majority – Based on what I have learned about my targets, I have no regard for them. Please also note that I have been threatened with lawsuits and they have taken to attacking my wife now. I am doing this for the honest deputies that are getting screwed. I, like most civillians expect a higher standard from law enforcement, not cheating, bogus promotions, having affairs, banging vulnerable trainees, gaming overtime or committing felonies. I expect a sheriff to provide leadership, instead Stan Sniff has chosen the lowest common denominator to be his top management, including an assistant sheriff who is not even a sworn officer. I’ve been told so many stories about PSB screwing the innocent and covering up for the guilty that I am in the mood to burn it down.

    Thanks for your understanding and support.

  13. Aaron I like your mentality. If you are being threatened it means they are worried. I am sure they would love to do some more dirty shit to me.

  14. Understood sir, and like I said in my first paragraph, “The unfortunate reality is that these feeding frenzies become therapy for so many who have been mistreated for so long.”

    It seems that your blog started out to be something different, but because you have uncovered so much, it has taken on a life of its own and become something much bigger than it started out to be. For those who have chosen to go to war with the intrepid blogger, may God rest your souls.

    For those who are guilty of Aaron F Park’s above listed offenses, you made your beds and now you will have to lie in them. He is right when he says civilians expect a higher standard from law enforcement. We need to drain the swamp, carry on sir.

  15. Aaron maybe you should look into Aaron Kent’s Medal of Merit he received while in Lake Elsinore from big daddy John Horton. Kent kept a notebook with all the supposed narcotics cases he worked. The problem with his hero book was most of the case file numbers in his notebook didn’t belong to him, they were the actual working deputies arrest files. Kent would obtain these file numbers by volunteering to help the arresting officer by doing booking paperwork and then use your file number to pad his hero stats so someday when he grew into a man he could write his own arrest reports or maybe even a search warrant. When Horton heard he had a stat book he asked to see it and was impressed with the arrest stats and put him in for the award without doing the research to find out all those file numbers didn’t actually belong to him. Knowing he didn’t earn the medal he didn’t wear it. Horton learned the truth of the stat book and instead of retracting the medal from his records he made him wear it.

  16. They definitely need to be put on notice. As I said, perhaps it will prompt them to change their evil ways. Appreciate all this blog exposes.


  17. Hi Rich – something tells me I am going to find out more on this soon.

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