Feb 272018

Joseph Cleary (Sent the infamous email we obtained a copy of ordering people to campaign on taxpayer time)

$100. 9/17

$100. 11/17.

$100. 12/17.

$100. 4/17

$100. 5/17

$150. 6/17

Christian Dekker, Sgt (He of the manipulating time cards and off time)

$150. 9/17

$100. 6/17

Christopher Brandon Ford. $100. 5/17 <<< A Chief Deputy outed in the campaigning on public time scandal.

Roy E. Grace. $150. 4/17 <<< The captain at Thermal station who also shows as giving $300 (as a Lt.) on 4/25/14

Lisa DiYorio

$150. 12/17

Bill DiYorio <<< This is undertaker Diyoyo the undersheriff

$150. 10/17

Robyn Flores. $150. 10/17

Jerry Gutierrez <<< An Assistant Sheriff, who is not even a sworn officer, yet makes Asst. Sheriff Money (can you say Pension Spike? I knew you could…)

$100. 7/17

$100. 10/17

$100. 12/17

Daniel E Hedge, Jr. $100. 7/17 <<< This is captain hedge whose station Sgt. Dekker works at and and who is alleged to have been promoted to captain because of his service covering up the cheating scandal.

Valerie Hill. $100. 12/17

Jason B Horton Sr. $100. 10/17 <<< This a Chief Deputy, who like the others is despised by the rank and file. Horton is alleged to have gotten away with a recent DUI. Please also note that Horton has given Sniff $1,650 lifetime in a series of small checks dating back several years.

Jason Huskey. $100. 11/17 <<< Jason Huskey is the Captain of the Palm Desert Station. He and a LT recently spied on Chad Bianco’s speaking event at the Indian Wells Rotary Club while on duty. Morale at his station is in the toilet.

Michelle Larson. $150. 9/17

John mcBrearty. $100. 7/17

Mike Portillo

$150. 9/17

$100. 12/17

$100. 5/17

Leonard Purvis. $100. 6/17 <<< Yes THAT Leonard Purvis who tried to destroy the Banning PD on behalf of the Sheriff. Please note that Purvis has written Sniff 3 other $100 checks as well.

Chris Reinhardt $100. 12/17

Donald Sharp. $150. 10/17

Ray Wood. $250. 11/17 <<< This is Chief Deputy Wood, who has been a frequent target of this blog. (see Wood in action here and here trolling Chad Bianco events)

$200. 10/17

Raymond Gregory. $150. 4/17

$100. 6/17

Aaron Kent. $150. 5/17 <<< we may have more to say about Mr. Kent soon as he appears to be involved in a few issues of his own.

Jeffrey Kubal. $150. 5/17

John Magnan. $150. 5/17

Not included: Mohammad Ali Mazarei $50,000+ as he is not a County Employee

If any of the readers of this blog have any information on any of these folks (or others who are doing Sniff’s bidding, please contact us YOU CAN REMAIN ANONYMOUS)

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  9 Responses to “Riverside Confidential – Have a look at 2017 Donors to Stan Sniff and see how many of them you recognize”

  1. A little bird sang in my ear that the lid was going to come off on a very delicate issue regarding ” Sexual Harassment” inside the County Jails. Stay tune folks, more to come on Right On Daily…

  2. CAN’T WAIT. And remember you can remain anonymous!

  3. Sexual harassment in RSO? Say it ain’t true! Stan’s flying PSB monkeys will scramble to cover for him. Good little monkeys they are!

  4. Pecker Ray Wood!! $250.00? The residuals from those videos your Magic Kingdom partner made way back must still be paying off.

    The people on this list does not surprise me. Thanks for exposing who needs to go after Bianco wins.

  5. I’ve ben asking around today about the people mentioned here. I could only find good things said about one of them. So it appears “the rest of the department” is fully aware that the donations and the signature on the “I support stan sniff card” is the requirement for promotion at RSO. Sell your soul, and sign away your integrity. In the last few weeks, the direction of admin has not been to deny the allegations of misconduct, but to identify and silence the people exposing their skeletons. Supposedly a couple of master investigators were wrongfully accused by Ford and threatened. It is amazing what immoral men with no integrity left will do to remain in power. I’m sure Ford will deny it, and Stanley will claim ford went rogue. When times get tough the rats always eat themselves.

  6. Doesn’t surprise me Ford did that. I know Chief Horton scolded a lieutenant at Jurupa about attending his classmates retirement party. I was told Chief Horton tried to intimidate the lieutenant about who he hangs out with and take pictures with off-duty. I heard the lieutenant was upset and lost all confidence in Horton. This was a Clear incident of intimidation to regulate who deputies socialize with off-duty. When I heard pictures, I bet there was someone there besides the lieutenant Sniff and the chiefs don’t like. How is behavior like this okay? What are these chiefs and Sniff thinking?

    Not so smart to force employees to support Bianco. I am told this lieutenant in question is a hard working who supports the department and encourages deputies to do good work.

  7. Under the Doyle regime the best way to get promoted was to play softball, get arrested, or donate. Maybe we shouldn’t be too hard on Sniff since he seems to be a product of his corrupt upbringing as an administrator. Funny thing is that what Doyle did to him and the treatment he received is EXACTLY what he is doing to his people now. At least Doyle had the good sense to abandon ship, Sniff is too arrogant and stupid to do so.

  8. Aaron Kent…. where to start with that weasel. Can’t find Kent? Put a dollar bill in a rat trap and wait five minutes. His high qualities as a sycophant range from being one of the worst supervisors most people have ever experienced to cheating on the Lieutenant test… shocking I know. Did any of you wonder why the #1 on the list got skipped so many times? Yeah, he had the test questions. Oh… and he got promoted.. while still being investigated for cheating.

    Must be nice to have a benefactor covering up his “minor” indiscretions… can we all say home stereo system?

  9. Thanks for pointing out that the sheriff has shaken down several people within the department and has more than one donor, unlike other candidates.

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