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For those of you just tuning in to this blog, you’ve seen a small snapshot of Sheriff Stan Sniff. He is the Sheriff of a county of 2.4 Million people. Riverside was once a GOP stronghold and now the registration is about even. Stan Sniff for his part has a history of playing both sides with his endorsements and support even though he is nominally a registered Republican.

It was Stan Sniff’s support of Richard Roth that first got my attentionSniff called Richard Roth a “True Champion for Public Safety”, yet Roth supported Prop 47 and Prop 57, get out of jail free cards for habitual career criminals. Under those propositions, you can visit the local markets and steal up to $950 worth of stuff and get an infraction. You can then do it repeatedly as those crimes do not pile up. Roth also supported making transmitting HIV a misdemeanor. Lest you think Stan Sniff’s democrat tendencies are limited to the above, the good sheriff also added another disaster to his endorsement quiver. In 2012, he endorsed leftist democrat Cheryl Brown. Ms. Brown has been like Richard Roth on acid. Brown is so far out there that she has supported legislation so bad that even Governor Moonbeam has vetoed it.

So when I started hearing stories that are legion about the Sheriff and his ham-fisted megalomania against the rank and file I started taking a deeper look. Just today, it has come out that the Sheriff gave a dictate to the Captains that any comments critical of his majesty on social media were to be screen-shotted, reconnoitered and sent straight to the imperial command. I am sure those liking Right On Daily’s blog posts on Facebook are getting re-assigned, passed over for promotion and having their files documented for hangnails. Hopefully, the Sheriff and his sycophant Captains and Lieutenants are printing off copies of these blog posts and reading them repeatedly.

Given that Sheriff Sniff himself experienced retaliation by his predecessor, the tradition is a long standing one in Riverside County. Recently, the local media wrote a limp-wristed story about Chad Bianco being retaliated against for several years by the Sheriff. Two months earlier, we introduced you to the bully sheriff in as well. We will be rolling out more stories beyond the retaliation against Chad Bianco, as the morale within the department is terrible. Even beyond today’s edict dictated to the captains, Sniff’s patterns are set in.

Nothing describes the decimated morale of the rank and file officers and the pattern of retaliation and fear based leadership than the Sheriff taking the extreme ACLU-Backed position on body cameras. The Sheriff chose to throw his men under the bus, and it is the opinion of this blogger that the 2014 campaign against him (by Bianco, backed by a lot of deputies) was the nexus for his decision in 2015 on the body cameras. It is consistent with his pattern.

As a hard-core conservative, I can tolerate honest squishes. I’ve voted for a handful of democrats for local office over the years. I do, however have a serious problem with people who make conservative public statements on key issues whose actions are anything but. Even though the local media parrots the lie that Sheriff Stan Sniff is “pro-gun”, his passive-aggressive record of stuffing CCW permit applications under the guise of budget issues is one of the most outrageous lies he lives daily. Read here about 2+ year waits for honest citizens. In my home county, I could have a CCW in about 90 days if I could hit the broad side of a barn with anything other than an M249 Machine Gun with a 250 round magazine. In case the first link was not enough, here is part 2 of the Stan Sniff CCW disaster where he straight out lied to gun rights groups in 2014 to get them off his tail. It gets worse, it has come to my attention that the Sheriff may well be picking winners and losers in the CCW lottery himself.

Stan Sniff is a dishonest Conservative. Beyond his endorsements of soft-on-crime liberal democrats, Sniff can not even enumerate Republican principles of law and order consistently. Beyond the hyperbole of a campaign, I really can not figure out what the Sheriff’s core principles are. Case and point, his flip-flopping on Prop 47, which was supported by the democrats he endorsed which has had significant societal effects. His position on the Body Cameras, endorsements of society-destroying democrats and his inability to recognize Prop 47’s effect should cause any conservative, moderate or independent serious pause.

The Sheriff has been at odds with the Riverside County Board of Supervisors for years. I’ve already written a ton of stories about the Sheriff refusing to accept the fiscal reality in Riverside County. He instituted a hiring freeze, causing him to waste valuable dollars on overtime. Rather than be flexible in past years, Sniff preferred layoff notices en masse to the rank and file, including leaving 500 Prison Beds vacant.

In 2018, the full effect of his failure to lead are with the citizens of Riverside County. Despite getting an extra $18 Million allocation in 2017, Sniff fought the recommendations of KPMG and ran up a $9 Million deficit. The result? Sniff straight up said he is going to leave the new, $200 Million+ Jail EMPTY.

Empty Jails? Mass Layoffs? Sniff gets a total compensation package of $335k and recently received a 20% pay raise. Now, democrats have reasons to be upset with the Sheriff.

The consequence of Sniff’s management? 6000 inmates to be released early after serving a fraction of their sentence. Crime is way up in 2016, and we are sure 2017 Stats are going to be equally as poorAccording to the sheriff’s department, there were 27 homicides in the first half of this year in its patrol areas, compared to 14 during the same period in 2015 — a 93 percent jump. Looking only at unincorporated communities, the growth rate was an even 100 percent — 10 murders in the first six months of 2016, compared to five in the first half of 2015. — Sheriff’s statistics showed that robberies spiked by 19 percentwhile aggravated assaults grew by 11.4 percent…

We have more articles to come about Sniff’s failures as a Sheriff, more articles about the terrible morale in the Sheriff’s Department, more articles about the intimidation of people fed up with his failure and even a few bonus articles about his private life that may shed more light in to why we need to retire Sheriff Sniff. Stay Tuned.

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  4 Responses to “The Thesis for Why I Oppose Sheriff Stan Sniff”

  1. Great article and right to the point. So sad this has gone on and he’s gotten away with so much. It’s time for someone new and new, honest ideas.

  2. Stalin Stan last night ( to be specific ) 01-09-18, was scheduled to speak with the citizens at Sage which was a full house regarding a new development ( which he never mentioned the nigh development. Stalin Sniff initiated his rhetoric by blaming the County Board Supervisors for the lack of funding, the increase in crime, whined about citizens hating him and his deputies being disrespectful to him. The citizens became so upset and that they started leaving the forum. I will not post my name due to the new directive given to my Captain regarding deputies posting negative comments with the possibility of them being terminated.

  3. Deputy. We are going to kick the sheriff’s ass. He will be held accountable.

  4. Mr. Park, May the Lord hear your prayers. Stan Sniff has spent these last 10 years in collecting a $ 300,000.00, paycheck for only working during election time. This agency is no longer that high-spirited, fun and ethical agency it used to be, with our moral being so low to the point that many of my co-workers have left Riverside Sheriff.

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