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The Riverside Press-Enterprise ran a story about the retaliation against Chad Bianco, Stan Sniff’s most viable and best-funded challenger.

Here at Right on Daily, we first alerted you to Stan Sniff’s heavy hand in a post dated November 8th. We are thrilled to see the Press-Enterprise take up the case 2 months later. We’d be thrilled to see them take on the Sheriff’s epic failures of leadership, fiscal mismanagement, spiraling crime rates, CCW Permit auctions and stonewalling and the like… but we will accept small victories as this is the state of the American Media. In November, we wrote:

Here is one recent example – Lt. Chad Bianco who is running against the Sheriff was “Re-Assigned” for most of 2015-2016 to a job in an isolated office and was put in a position where he could not interact with anyone else. This, while the Sheriff was publicly attacking the Riverside County Board of Supervisors over budgeting issues. Perhaps Bianco could have been working on the CCW Backlog?

Sniff’s control issues re-manifest as Bianco has been re-assigned again just recently to a similar dungeon.

There are other things the Sheriff has been doing to retaliate against political adversaries that we will be getting in to soon.

The Riverside Press Enterprise has joined with Right On Daily to highlight Sheriff Stan Sniff, who may be better suited as a Chicago alderman with his personal conduct.

So Bianco went to the scene.

Bianco said he ordered crime scene tape to go up and separated a witness from talking to other people who were there.

Paramedics pronounced the man dead and Bianco said he called for detectives.

Soon afterward, Bianco said his captain called and ordered him to return to the station.

To Bianco, that was baffling.

“Never do we send people away from the homicide scene … especially that early in the process,” he said.

At that point, Bianco said they didn’t know where all the evidence was or whether they had an outstanding suspect.

He believes it was retaliation for his candidacy.

“This is a complete political move,” Bianco said.

In his statement, Sniff implied that Bianco was behaving counter to the mission of the Sheriff’s Department.

“Every employer, public or private, has periodically experienced employees who only want to do what they want to do,” the statement said. …  “Our organization, like any other, needs all employees to do their assigned and required jobs, rather than determining on their own how they might personally desire to spend their work time.”

We’ve detailed how Sheriff Sniff is going to leave the new jail empty, has been paying temp employees $40-$50 an hour, has laid off enormous numbers of employees, featured $104K a year administrative jobs and has been constantly blaming everyone else for his refusal to deal with the fiscal reality in Riverside County. (while hauling in $335K a year in compensation himself)

So Lt. Bianco gets out of his exile because all the officers (what few are left in Hemet, that is) are on calls… and the response is: “Our organization, like any other, needs all employees to do their assigned and required jobs, rather than determining on their own how they might personally desire to spend their work time“. Got it, Chad? Who cares if there is a murder, I told you to respect my authoritah, because I am the Sheriff.

The Sheriff meddled in a murder investigation in order to continue his rampage. Perhaps there are more instances of this as his gross mismanagement is leading to an empty jail and big-league increases in crime in Riverside County.

Several people have come forward to tell their story, and their stories will be told as we continue our expose’ on an out of control failure of a Sheriff.

  5 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Mass Retaliation Against Sheriffs Deputies and Lieutenants Part 1”

  1. Finally! A decade of this man punishing people that anger him is being addressed! My station shares the radio with Hemet Station and I heard that murder go out. The two deputies working that day were on a domestic violence call twenty miles up the mountain and had to be pulled away because there wasn’t enough manpower. Why was a cop, much less a Lieutenant pulled off and sent to a station? I’ve never seen that in my five years as a patrol Deputy.

    The sheriff claims morale is fine. It’s a lie. He sends his chiefs to briefing to tell us how much the sheriff cares… blah blah blah. As soon as the Chief left, we call the Sheriff “Stalin” behind his back.

  2. Thank you Deputy Leroy Jenkins for Standing up, Speaking up and Acting up. I appreciated your bravery and standing up for what’s right. God bless you.

  3. Dear Mr. Park, you my friend are truly fighting the good fight!! Please keep up the great work of exposing this filthy politician who calls himself the sheriff. Sniff is really a very insecure little man who has managed to establish an absolute dictatorship like Adolph Hitler. Anytime there is dirty work to do, he has his little bitch Diyorio do it for him and then he stands back and tries to act like he doesn’t know anything about it. All of the troops want Sniff out of office, but unfortunately the majority of them are living in fear and are afraid to publicly show their support of the candidate they hope knocks Sniff out of office. They are afraid because they have all seen what Little Hitler does to those who cross him, but with your help Mr. Park I think they will eventually rise up together as one and get the true message out to the voting public. Thank you for your work, it is very much appreciated! I hope that every deputy and deputy’s friends and family members and their friends and family members will share this blog on their Facebook or whatever other vehicle they choose to get the word out.

  4. Thank you for the motivation. With your help we will exercise this political demon from Riverside County.

  5. Thank you. I too have been threatened. This race is getting chronic.

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