Doug LaMalfa – Dirty Campaigner?

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Apr 262012

Doug LaMalfa has complained about the things I have written about him many times. The problem for him is that when I torch him, I have evidence.

LaMalfa’s friends when they have attempted political revenge have almost never had evidence. There’s a difference (See also the alleged FBI investigation story now 18 months old)…

Well, Doug LaMalfa decided to decimate a democrat opponent for Assembly by tying her to Porn. Actually, it was David Stafford Reade who did it, but Doug LaMalfa condones David’s behavior and paid him for it for years… rightfully, Doug LaMalfa got ripped in the local press for doing what he did. At the time – Doug LaMalfa didn’t have Dave Gilliard helping him run media drills to get hit pieces run against local Republican volunteers – looks like he could have used it to avoid what the Redding Record Searchlight did to him:

Invoking porn king in ad, LaMalfa looks like prince of slime

By:Doni Greenberg Record Searchlight

Published: October 29, 2004

Hes one of us, proclaim the words on Assemblyman Doug LaMalfas campaign posters. A tiny cowboy hat hangs from an L– like somebody flung the hat there after a hard days work.

…Ironically, the voiceover on LaMalfas porn-king/McIver commercials features an interesting choice of words. They say LaMalfa opposes Flynts degrading treatment of women.

Really? So how does LaMalfa explain his degrading treatment of McIver?

(The article was excerpted)

LaMalfas linking rival to porn king is simply obscene

By:Bruce Ross Record Searchlight

Published: October 28, 2004

It was bad enough for the Los Angeles card clubs to butt into north state politics, but Assemblyman Doug LaMalfas ads proclaiming that his rival, Tehama County Supervisor Barbara McIver, is on a team with pornographer Larry Flynt takes slime to a new low. Whats beneath slug trails anyway? …

That said, the Los Angeles Casinos Political Action Committees ads have nothing to do with McIver. They were independently funded and produced by a special interest with its own agenda in mind, not McIvers campaign and certainly not north state voters well-being.

To state that McIver is on a team with pornographers is false. To imply that she favors prostitution, drugs and degrading treatment of women is preposterously sleazy.

Its also bizarre. LaMalfa is the Republican incumbent in a strongly conservative district, and he could certainly afford to

take the high road.

Simply running on his consistent anti-tax record — you know, the issues — would probably be enough to let him cruise to


Some say you can judge politicians by their opponents. LaMalfa is opposed by Los Angeles casino interests. McIver is opposed by an assemblyman practicing shameless gutter politics.

So when LaMalfa starts crying over getting hammered for his hypocricy – remember Barbara McIver. This again, shows that Mr. LaMalfa lives his life with a set of situational ethics – like those of his staff that continue to push unfounded rumors against Republican Volunteers.

Apr 262012

When you are electing a judge and vetting a Judge candidate for a Republican Party endorsement – there is some responsibility for research.

$250k to the Sheriff’s Department, $350K+ to the DA’s Office are two figures that were given to me of the Tribe’s  Annual largesse.

Jeff Seaton was not vetted at all. Or, if he was – then that could indeed tell the story of why the Indian Tribe in Amador County appear to be attempting to buy a Judgeship.

The Tribe tosses money around the community like water – so the $1,000 from a Dalton + the $10,000 from the Tribe itself is chump change.

I harken back to the case of Schmitz vs Schmitz. Seaton got fired, and the pattern is similar to the grotesque malfeasance in the Purdue Case. In the letter dated November 4th, 2008 – Schmitz lambasted Jeff Seaton for, cancelling appointments, no-showing, failing to make any discovery efforts, being unprepared in court, and the letter alledues to Jeff Seaton sleeping with the wife of the Schmitz that fired him.

Jeff Seaton forfeited $6100 in legal fees according to the letter.

I have never seen anything like this in the 15 years I have been involved in politics. This letter of termination was entered in to evidence by Jeff Seaton’s Ex-Wife Patty.

You see, Patty had been covering for Jeff Seaton’s behavior as it related to Mr. Schmitz’ anger over the bungling only to get served with divorce papers and kicked out of the law office on to the street in favor of his Mistress. The letter has it all in there.

I had written yesterday that Patty has not come out publicly against Seaton because she wants to be able to garnish his Judge wages to get back spousal support that Jeff Seaton is not paying… (Is anyone surprised that Jeff Seaton wouldn’t pay like he has been ordered to???) Well I also was informed that another explanation is that Jeff Seaton is preparing to appeal the divorce decision of the Appellate Court because he wants to further delay paying Patty the money that is rightfully hers. As a result, the attorney has a gag on her.

Whatever the reason is, Jeff Seaton has some serious integrity issues.

Take a look at the $400,000 in personal debt in the divorce proceedings. $322K is an Equity Line against an office building and the rest is credit card debt.

This guy wants to be a judge? Someone who is $400K in the hole in this economy is compromised.

Here is a 2011 Income Statement from Seaton’s Law Firm, it shows $218K in receipts and about $66K in operating income. How the heck is he keeping current on the debt payments on that $400k on the debt list? The monthly payments on that are almost $3000 a month.

The more research I do on Jeff Seaton, the more questions I am raising.

Just don’t vote for this guy. Just don’t.

Apr 252012

A picture is worth 1,000 words.

Sometimes, you just have to call them how you see them.

Orly Taitz is the founder of the Birther Movement. You can google her name and see videos to your heart’s content. Then, you will understand why she is not qualified.

Dan Hughes has spent $135,000 with 90% of that money on staff and paying Dave Gilliard. None of them have done a thing for Mr. Hughes. Hughes has traveled the entire state of CA and has yet to land an endorsement of anyone other than Chuck DeVore (who cut and ran from California).

Al Ramirez? He said after getting the CRA endorsement that he was going to win with grassroots. Really? Ron Paul thought he could win with Grass, too…

Al Ramirez is also fond of tweeting insults aimed at the main opponent Elizabeth Emken – which is all fine and dandy in a campaign, until the family is drawn in to the fray.

The amateur errors, Ramirez’ chauvinism, Hughes’ retarded emails or the dearth of video evidence about Orly’s state of mind earn the three of them a place in the political cartoon hall of fame.

Meantime, Madam #facepalm is wondering if she will even have to worry about all the money Kindy Durkee stole from her.

Elizabeth Emken is the adult in the room, for sure. She will force madam #facepalm to actually have to run a campaign.

— end of lesson.

I Wonder if the Amador GOP Knew About Jeff Seaton’s Finances?

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Apr 252012

I already wrote about Jeff Seaton’s Divorce from his Second Wife where he got the trial moved to Sacramento and tried to say that they were never married?

Problem. Jeff filed Married for 16 years and claimed an exemption for his now ex-wife on their tax return.

You’d think that Seaton’s ex would come forward with all sorts of Sordid details about Jeff Seaton’s behavior, ethics and the like? My sources shared with me an amazing fact.

Jeff Seaton has hid his assets to get out of paying spousal support (the new PC term for Alimony). Right now, Patricia Seaton has nothing she can go after to collect on the thousands of dollars she is owed that Jeff Seaton has refused to pay!

According to my sources, Patricia Seaton wants Jeff Seaton to win so that she can get his judge pay garnished!!!

If you take a look at Jeff Seaton’s Campaign finance report – it will turn your stomach if you’re a Republican.

Robert Dalton – no surprise there, a member of the Dalton Family (of the casino) $1000

The Law Firm of Panish, Shay and Boyle – $5000 This is a firm from Santa Monica, one of the largest in the country. They haul in billions of dollars suing corporations, sometimes legitimately and apparently sometimes not. They are involved in the PG&E San Bruno Case, they sue to stop development on behalf of enviro groups, etc.

This law firm is a major Dem donor group – and it includes Alan Jackson for DA (LA County), Tony Cardenas for Congress and Darrell Steinberg. Now, why would they pick Jeff Seaton, too?

Jeff Seaton is a Republican, Really? That’s $16,000 from the Casino, Casino Family and a Dem major donor group???

Did the members of the Amador GOP do their homework before ramming down an endorsement of this guy?

I looked a little further on Seaton’s report – finding a Milo Holt who chipped in $2500. Holt’s granddaughter is in Prison for Assault with a deadly weapon. (At least it isn’t Child Molesting)

The Husband/Boyfriend of another one of Seaton’s Drinking buddies is on the report with checks of $200 and $300. Jeff Seaton’s drinking buddies may make for a good post of their own one day. The poor person whose Husband/Boyfriend donated fell and broke her hip one night at Jeff Seaton’s house.

So, there you have it. Darrell Steinberg, Tony Cardenas, Alan Jackson for DA and Jeff Seaton on the short list for a Santa Monica law firm.

Why did the Amador GOP do it? Was that commenter right about the large check coming from the Casino???

Apr 242012

Did you know that Arnold Zeiderman and Jeff Seaton party together? – they are drinking buddies, every man needs drinking buddies… it is common knowledge that the Moderate Doctor and the Defense Attorney like to tie one on together, and eat pulled pork.

Did you know that Charlene Buckley who has come to Jeff Seaton’s defense on this blog  is a Cent Com member and more importantly is on Jeff Seaton’s campaign team?…

… as are two other regular members of the Central Committee.

In Placer, when we were set to endorse in AD-06 – endangered incumbent Beth Gaines made phone calls to Central Committee Members and complained to people that having two Park Brothers on the Central Committee (out of 27 members) was a “bad” conflict of interest. (Beth Gaines and Ted Gaines are both ex-officio members of Placer Cent Com, but the facts don’t matter to electeds.)

Amador has 11 members total. 3 are on Jeff Seaton’s campaign team. I’d lay odds none of them knew 1/10 of what has been laid out here on this blog.

With the Moderate Doctor That’s 37% of the committee – but, it gets better.

Committee member Destigator is the Son-in-Law of Dep Sheriff Gillaspie who has been harassing Jeff Seaton’s opponent constantly. Gillespie is also the Chair of the Amador DSA. Jeff Seaton did Gillaspie’s divorce. (News flash)

Now we are at 44% of the committee before the remaining 55% are contacted. Cozy.

It is also important to note that Jeff Seaton is the go-to guy for the Deputy Sheriff’s Deputies divorce cases. (according to my sources) This explains the nexus for many in the DSA supporting Seaton while city police departments are supporting Steve Hermanson.

The drama surrounding the Central Committee endorsement also includes another bald-faced lie by Arnold Zeiderman, he told former Amador Supervisor Tom Bamert that they were not going to re-consider the endorsement at the meeting. Bamert is well-respected in the community there and not someone you want to enrage by lying.

Why has Arnold Zeiderman gone so far out on a limb for Jeff Seaton? Seaton must be more than a drinking buddy, or there is something coming in to play from outside the paradigm. A commenter on a previous post sheds incredible light on the situation.

The reason why the Amador County Republican Party is pushing to endorse Jeff Seaton is because not only was Arnie Ziedermans son prosecuted for a crime, and as a result has a dislike for the DA’s office, but the Jackson Casino offered the Amador County Republican Party a substantial amount of money. The unconfirmed amount is $100,000.00, which a portion will undoubtedly go towards Seatons campaign. This is why the Amador County Republican Party held a second meeting, closed door, at 10:30 at night so they could pursue their personal agenda.
So, who else is the Jackson Casino trying to “buy votes” from for their attorney in pocket? The local newspaper is also reportedly in Seaton’s pocket…which is why you wont see any negative posts, blogs or articles there.

I have heard it was $10,000. But the rumors are flying like wildfire of some sort of payoff.  Remember, Jeff Seaton’s connection to the DSA (doing their divorces, estates, etc), the connection to the casino (taking care of Dalton family legal trouble) and Amador County Republican Party Chairman Arnold Zeiderman’s connection to him as well.

This is starting to read like a cross between True Crime and Deliverance.