Apr 182012

I have been around politics for 15 years. Jeff Seaton is quite possibly the worst candidate for office I have ever encountered… and, that’s not an easy claim to make.

I just recently had Kidney stones removed surgically. Before surgery, I was prescribed Norco, which is chicken-feed in the Pain Medication universe. I got some Vocidin after surgery – a little higher up the chain – but nothing like the “Black-Label” stuff Jeff Seaton was taking during the recent Christopher Perdue case in Yuba County 2012.

I spoke with a family member of Christopher Perdue’s with intimate knowledge of the case, who also has a legal background.

Christopher Perdue is sitting in jail because of Jeff Seaton. Christopher Perdue’s daughter accused him of raping her (aka incest) apparently as an act of revenge for Mr. Perdue intervening in a relationship she was having with a boy that Mr. Perdue was not approving of.

In fact, at sentencing – the girl was seen smiling at the grieving family sticking out her tongue at them – hardly the behavior of an abused victim of incest. Let that sink in a bit…

Jeff Seaton, the man who would be judge in Amador County, Jeff Seaton, the man who the Amador County Republican Party is taking a second attempt at endorsing made that moment possible.


Jeff Seaton did not provide discovery in time. Discovery is evidence that is gathered in advance of a trial and is to be provided to the prosecutor – sometimes discovery can cause the prosecutor to drop the charges.

Was this because Jeff Seaton was high on Pain meds? The Court’s Minutes and transcripts clearly stated that Jeff Seaton indicated that he was on ‘black label’ pain meds as a result of a back injury he disclosed. But, said Seaton, it would not impair his judgement.

If we take Jeff Seaton at his word, then he is incompetent and deserves disbarrment – but, there’s more…

He submitted the witness list the Friday before the Tuesday start date of the trial. Grotesquely late – Seaton’s incompetence caused so-called 402 hearings on all witnesses and evidence.

As a result – all the key defense evidence and witnesses were thrown out. So family members who could have exonerated Chris Perdue were not allowed to testify.

Jeff Seaton was so incompetent that the Yuba DA had no way of knowing that they were prosecuting a seemingly innocent man.

The Judge in the case railed on Jeff Seaton multiple times – and Seaton’s courtroom antics – the stuff of legend in Amador County were on full display in Yuba. Every Prosecution witness had to have a 402 hearing because of concerns that Seaton would ask them questions he was not allowed to.

Since Jeff Seaton is paid by the hour – it appeared to benefit him to have everything go to a 402 hearing. A 4 day trial lasted 2 weeks – and Jeff Seaton’s haul for allowing Christopher Perdue to get convicted? at least $45,000.

I am still not done with this sordid tale – There was no DNA on the victim. Got that? It is impossible to have forced intercourse with someone without leaving DNA behind. Even if you wear a condom – you will leave DNA behind.

In his pill-induced stupor, or as a blatant miscarriage of justice, Jeff Seaton refused even though the family urged him to introduce the lack of DNA in to evidence. DNA is the single most important thing in most sex crimes trials to the conviction or innocence of the accused!!!

Jeff Seaton ripped off the Perdue family to the tune of at least $45,000. Then, sensing that the family was going to file a motion for mistrial and appeal this case – showed up in court on the day of sentencing… 2/14/2012 with a bombshell.

He showed up late to court. (Par for the course for Mr. Seaton) He filed a motion to be released as council – but did so without telling the defendant and family.

It gets better – Jeff Seaton stated clearly at the sentencing hearing that he was not using drugs. Jeff Seaton Bald Faced Lied.

Why does Jeff Seaton still have a law license?

Why did the Casino give him $10,000?

Why are two county supervisors publicly supporting this guy?

Why is the Amador County Republican Party re-considering endosing this guy?


Christopher Perdue is at best going to lose one of the best years of his life behind bars waiting for the slow wheels of justice to correct what Jeff Seaton did to him.

  2 Responses to “Jeff Seaton Update: Was it His Drug Use or Incompetence That Condemned an Innocent Man?”

  1. The reason why the Amador County Republican Party is pushing to endorse Jeff Seaton is because not only was Arnie Ziedermans son prosecuted for a crime, and as a result has a dislike for the DA’s office, but the Jackson Casino offered the Amador County Republican Party a substantial amount of money. The unconfirmed amount is $100,000.00, which a portion will undoubtedly go towards Seatons campaign. This is why the Amador County Republican Party held a second meeting, closed door, at 10:30 at night so they could pursue their personal agenda.
    So, who else is the Jackson Casino trying to “buy votes” from for their attorney in pocket? The local newspaper is also reportedly in Seaton’s pocket…which is why you wont see any negative posts, blogs or articles there.

  2. I cannot understand why the average person in Amador County has no clue what a dishonest, unscrupulous man Jeff Seaton is. I know he was thought of as a family friend of the Purdues for years prior to this travesty. I was shocked to know they had hired him, and even disappointed. Now he has taken them for a ride to the tune of 45k? Why is he still practicing law? I cannot understand why these creeps are allowed to stay in the system and continue to rape and pillage good honest people like the Purdues. Now their beloved family member sits in jail and they are in severe debt. What can we do?

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