Apr 202012

ON a Previous post entitled #RINO Alert – Pam Tobin for Supervisor, came this gem (a comment from a reader):

Pam is none of the things she claims to be…

Honesty/Integrity: she misstated a public officials words to try intimidate her neighbor. She has 5 acres of land yet tried to forcefully gain the use of anothers private land for her personal and rescue programs parking as it was more convenient than using her own land.

Pam defamed and slander her neighbor over something as minor as parking within an easement that is clearly stated as an ingress/egress easement. At the same time she over excavated her personal pond blocking her neighbors right of way and endangering the neighbors family in the event of an emergency.

Not to mention she parks a van everyday right in the middle of the easement further blocking a legal right of way easement.

Pam as tried to drag an entire neighborhood into an issue that has aroused from pure greed and an entitled attitude by Pam.

Compassionate: she has made her neighbors live in agony and imprisonment over her so called rescue program where she has dogs barking for hours on end and she does nothing to try and minimize the barking. Pam Tobin has absolutely no compassion whatsoever for our neighborhoods tranquility. So how can she claim she has compassion?

Her neighbors rarely associate with her. She’s just not personable! Her house is pure disorganized filth. How can she organize and run a public office?

She has a motor home in her front yard that her guests sleep in because her home appears to be on the verge of being uninhabitable.

Her own son says she “isn’t a people person!” and that “She moved to Granite Bay years ago to get away from people”. Now is this the kinda woman we want running as our republican representative?

Plain and simple Pam Tobin is not who she claims to be! Be weary if her own neighbors cannot get along with her or trust her, how can our community? She is out for personal gain and power to force her wants and desires upon people without any regard for the communities well being!


  3 Responses to “Pam Tobin Gets Lit Up By One Of Her Neighbors!”

  1. She uses a cane to walk and get around. I wonder if she has MS or some other chronic medical condition? Not that that would preclude her from running for public office, I’m just wondering…

    Blogger’s Note: I agree with the other commenter – Pam Tobin’s Cane and using the motor cart are Safeway Routine is B.S.

  2. The cane comment is interesting as she walks around her house and large property without a cane every day! Is she looking for sympathy votes? Most likely! This woman is a nightmare and it would be horrible if such a rude, self entitled, selfish woman was to come into our district. Please don’t let her fool you! She only wants money and power for personal benefit and at any expense.

  3. Blogger’s Note: This post was a re-post of a comment made by another reader. It was clearly delineated at the beginning of the post… secondly, I love it when an attorney threatens me over the content of this blog.

    I am Pam Tobin’s son who is alleged in this article to have made the above qouted comments. Mr Park I suggest that if you want a quote from me simply ask me for one instead of publishing a falsehood. To be clear I never made the above mentioned statements. I have never spoken to you or anyone from your site. Is it your pattern and practice to mislead your readers by attributing false quotes about people whom you have never spoken with? If so, you are setting yourself up for a defamation lawsuit. If you are quoting what someone else said I said you must make that clear. In any event, I never made the above mentioned quote to anyone.

    Best regards,

    Jeffrey Healey
    (an attorney)

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