Apr 202012

Quick Update –

At appx 10:30 last night when the motion to reconsider in the main meeting last night failed, Arnold Zeiderman called a special session of the Amador GOP that was closed to the public.

After brow-beating and arm-twisting, Arnold Zeiderman was able to deliver an Amador County GOP endorsement of Jeff Seaton.

This is an embarrassment to the Republican Party – but this race has apparently become personal for Mr. Zeiderman.

  6 Responses to “Jeff Seaton Update – Arnold Zeiderman Gets His Man”

  1. What did you do, erase my comment?

    Blogger’s Note: Charlene – did you leave one earlier???

  2. Yes, I was at the meeting. It was our regular meeting. Superior Court Judge and DA were there at start of meeting. They left after our guests gave their presentation for our consideration. Neither one of them said a thing. They came, sat and left.
    I was home an in bed before 10:30pm, so your source is wrong.
    Also my arm and eye brows are just fine.
    Perhaps you should get a better source, as they should have told you we asked to revisit the prior vote at meeting with candidates.
    I hope you get this comment. Once again arm and eye brows are just fine there was no arm twisting.

    Blogger’s Note: The system ate the first one she sent. Here’s the score – I have reliable sources that have indicated that there has been some considerable arm-twisting. It would appear that Charline was not one that needed anyt cajouling to vote they way Arnie needed her to.

  3. Excuse me, I don’t let anyone make up my mind on how I vote. I vote for who I want to vote for.
    Your reliable sources….perhaps you should check with them again regarding the arm twisting. Your sources are wrong and make you look like you don’t care about the truth just stirring the stuff.
    As I said before, I hope I don’t receive any more e-mails from you. I am glad you keep posting as I now know now who is helping you stir and hope they are happy to be in the litter box with you. Just look out for the tootsie roll.
    Have a great day, you and your sources have made mine and other Republicans an even better day.

    Blogger’s Note: I edited this comment due to some typos, but left the grammar errors as is. As to the comment – any Republican that supports someone as compromised ethically as Jeff Seaton should be embarrassed. Apparently, there is more work to be done in Amador County. Most of the Cent Com does what Zeiderman asks them to on the natural.

    For those of you reading – Charlene Buckley is on Jeff Seaton’s Campaign Team

  4. My thanks on your corrections. You are so blinded by your dislike of Arnie you cannot see the truth. We the Central Committee are not controlled by Arnie, we discuss items and vote our conscience.
    Why don’t you come on over to Amador County? Perhaps you should ask for a larger stipend or perhaps your sources could pay your way over here. We would welcome you to our meetings. Our next meeting is May 17th, 2012. I provide the refreshments so come and have coffee and cookies with us while we deliberate.
    Feel free to make corrections, the readers will get my drift..

    Blogger’s Note: We’re all volunteers here. I am not too far from Jackson, about 90 miles or so – might make for a fun evening getting glared at and the like.

    For the rest of you reading – Charlene Buckley is on Jeff Seaton’s campaign team.

  5. Ms. Buckley,

    Why was there a second vote? I thought this was already voted on…no endorsement. WHY “revisit” the vote?

    Can you explain WHY there was a second vote, behind closed doors not open to the public?

    If you voted for no endorsement at the first meeting, what changed? Again, why the second meeting?

    PLEASE explain.

    And as for the invitation to “I provide the the refreshments so come and have coffee and cookies with us while we deliberate”…I’m sure many people would like to, but, you would probably close the doors…again.

  6. Blogger’s Note – My sources are impeccable and I don’t understand the revision of history.

    For your information, we did not re-vote for the endorsement. It was called to our attention that one of our ex-officio members who we thought had been appointed to the committee was not legally appointed with the County Election office. Therefore, our total number of members on the committee was 10 not 11, and our vote at the March 29th meeting, (which was called for the purpose of considering endorsements) constituted a 2/3 vote for Jeff Seaton. We therefore found that we had properly endorsed him. The meeting was held at our normal time of 6:30PM and I was home by 9:00PM. Your sources are completely unreliable. Why are you refusing to correct the false information you are putting out about the Central Committee? And why does Jeff Seaton’s fitness for office have anything to do with the Republican Central Committee?. We have never received any money from him or from the Jackson Rancheria. Our books are open to public knowledge. We have nothing to hide and hold our meetings and endorsements according to our by-laws and the State party rules. The only time the meeting was closed, was when we took the endorsement vote. This is in accordance with the protocols of the Rep State Committee. We never had a second endorsement vote and all subsequent meetings have been open to the public.
    Our endorsement of Jeff Seaton was determined by
    our consideration of his length of time in the county and his involvement with and concern for the county as shown by his involvement in many civic organizations and also was based on the presentation made to our committee by both Mr. Seaton and Mr. Hermanson. Mr. Hermanson ‘s main point for his vote was his statement that Defense Attorneys do not have to tell the truth, implying that Mr. Seaton is untruthful. We have always found Mr. Seaton to be truthful and trustworthy. He has many supporters in the community by those who have benefited from his expertise as an attorney in many different types of cases. While Mr.Hermanson’s experience,except for the three years he has been with the Amador DA’s office, consists only in representing disability claimants. We therefore came to the conclusion that Mr. Seaton’s wide range of experience makes him more qualified to sit on the judicial bench and judicate many different types of cases.
    Lois McDonald, Vice-Chair Amador County Republican .
    Central Committee

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