Dec 122019

It was 2015. The California Republican Assembly was in the midst of another internal leadership war. Between 2012 and 2014, we had been stripping away fraudulent CRA Chapters that were being used to control and manipulate endorsements. It would be when that effort got close to the CRA Units in Ventura, Santa Clarita and other parts of Northern LA that we triggered a fierce response. None of the chapters we flagged in 2014 exist anymore, but in 2015 the people that controlled them executed a successful Coup.

Tom Hudson was the State President of the CRA when at a May 2015 Board Meeting, the CRA voted 30-13 to expel George and me from the CRA with a lifetime banTom Hudson appointed 17 of the board members who voted that day. I’ve had a few members of the CRA’s Board apologize to me privately later over that incident, I’ve even reconciled with Steve Frank, but not Tom Hudson, despite years of fighting political battles on the same side as him.

One of the main reasons used to expel me from CRA was this blog and that I was too liberal for CRA. I kid you not. I read the manifesto they put together.  It was like Alice in Wonderland, and not dissimilar to the impeachment effort by the Dems in its’ absurdity.

At the time, Kirk Uhler was President of the Placer CRA and I was immediate past President. We had started a PAC for the Placer CRA when I was President, but under Uhler’s watch we were using it regularly. Knowing that the outcome of the CRA’s coup was preordained (just three months after George and I were re-elected to our state board positions, speaking of nullifying an election), Uhler joined with us in the effort to launch the California Impact Republicans.

The CIR was started by a group of 5 CRA Officers. The Coup had also claimed the State President of the CRA John Briscoe, who had defeated Celeste Greig and Steve Frank some years earlier. The CIR has grown to 12 Chapters in 11 counties organically as we have recruited few, if any members from CRA.

Kirk, George and I shut the Placer CRA down and Tom Hudson re-started it with Ed Rowen. It is that simple.

But, the genesis of the issues between Tom Hudson and Kirk Uhler started in 2015 with the Placer CRA shutdown and the founding of the CIR, which Hudson attempted to thwart.

My expulsion from the CRA for being a moderate, amongst other things, was like being liberated from a leper colony, and I’ve had no shortage of paid political work since. I still call abortion murder.  I still look at the Bible and compare it to what is socially acceptable.  I still resent my tax bills.  But, I created a second Facebook account for politics full of RINO memes in honor of those that called me a RINO or a “moderate” during the insanity of 2010-2015.

Then, we have the small matter of the 2016 election. This is where we welcome Suzanne Jones back to the series when we continue with Part 8

Dec 112019

In 2012, Luis Buhler and David Reade came calling in Placer County with $100,000 (I thought it was $47,000, but Luis has claimed it was $100,000) towards our Placer GOP Central Committee Race.

It was retaliation for the Placer GOP refusing to endorse Ted Gaines and Beth Gaines in the 2012 Primary. I’ve learned various and sundry facts since that election cycle that have me convinced of this conclusion. In addition, it was a gambit by David Stafford Reade who was running slates for Central Committees all over the north state.

In 2011, Roseville Councilmember John Allard had thrown his hat in the ring for Assembly after Ted Gaines was elected to State Senate to replace the late Dave Cox. One of the more disgusting stories in politics is when former staffers of Ted Gaines told me about Ted and Sssssteve Davey (later fired in 2017 by the rules committee for horrid acts of sexual misconduct) would take bets and joke about Cox’s death openly in the office.

John Allard had been endorsed by Ted Gaines when Gaines was the GOP nominee for State Senate in the Special Election. Then Sssssteve Davey had the idea of having Beth Gaines run for Assembly.  Seeing dollar signs, Ted Gaines and his crew flipped immediately leaving everyone in local government under the bus. I was even told that Dave Gilliard, the consultant that Ted has worked with for years was less than thrilled at the prospect – but he did his job.

The establishment donors did what they do best, sell their souls to the incumbent. They openly talked about how unqualified Beth Gaines was while donating to her. In the meantime, Uhler stood by the Placer GOP and Placer CRA endorsed John Allard helping him raise money as well. Those same donors spent huge to keep Beth Gaines in office as well.

A campaign sign from the 2011 Race

I’ve written a book about Beth Gaines, Ted Gaines and Steve Davey. The point is that Kirk was involved in helping John Allard, once again standing up to Ted Gaines, this time calling him out for a second betrayal of a political ally. Beth Gaines would win by 729 votes.

In the 2012 Primary, Kirk Uhler was also involved in recruiting Mark Wright for Supervisor in Placer County District 5. The establishment up there would end up recruiting someone else, despite the fact that Kirk and his friends had gotten Mark several $99 checks for his campaign. In that 2012 race, Gary T Johnson (currently the 2nd Vice Chair of the Placer GOP) also ran for Supervisor. Ultimately, Mark Wright would get elected to a fire board somewhere “Up There in them hills”, likely due in no small part to the exposure he got as a candidate for Supervisor.

Also In 2012, we (the Placer CRA) had recruited Linda, my mother to run against Beth in the Primary. She would get a 14-11 vote from the Placer GOP, short of an endorsement, and Tom Del Bacardi would violate the CRP’s By-Laws creating a legal nuance technicality to still endorse at the state level even though the Placer GOP deadlocked on the endorsement. The CRP’s By-Laws have since been clarified and amended – if a county party deadlocks it counts against the 80% threshold required. Ted Gaines also failed to get the endorsement 16-9. Del Bacardi did the bidding of “leadership” and created a rule on the fly to ensure that the will of the Placer GOP was thwarted.

The failures of endorsements was despite David Stafford Reade and crew bringing a bunch of people to the Placer GOP meeting in an effort to intimidate the committee members.

Linda Park gave way to Andy Pugno in 2012. But the die was cast – $100,000 came from Charles Munger in to our Central Committee Race on the heels of the 7-11-2011 attack on the front page of the bee, Karen England publicly claiming the FBI was investigating us (a claim still parroted by some to this day 8 years later) and the local tea party being brainwashed in to the rampage – ironically aligning themselves with consultants and legislative staff. Karen England fled the State of California within 2 years due in no small part to getting constantly hammered by Right on Daily for her grotesque pattern of pay for play and behavior.

Kirk Uhler stood by the Placer CRA Officers, Tom Hudson, George Park, Jeff Atteberry and your intrepid blogger. So did almost everyone else in local government – when the partisan electeds were against us.

They failed to unseat Tom, George and Jeff. I lost by 38 votes despite the onslaught. Despite this, they succeeded in taking over the Central Committee – installing Dennis Revell as Placer GOP Chairman. While I have developed a friendship with Dennis in the ensuing years, his tenure as Chairman will always be marred by the circumstances of how it started. Also note that during the time Dennis was Chair of the Placer GOP he started attending Bayside Church and married his long time Girlfriend. I still communicate with Dennis to this day and still consider him a friend.

Kirk Uhler? He’s gone to Bayside since it was founded – 25 years ago this month. He has lived in Placer County’s 4th Supervisory District 50 years. He moved to Granite Bay 8 months before your intrepid blogger was born. It will be impossible for any political opponents to challenge Mr. Uhler’s heritage in Placer County.

To Be continued…

Dec 052019

It’s 2010. California’s 5th Assembly District was coming open as Roger Niello was term-limited.

The leading candidate with all the institutional support was Andy Pugno, the author of California’s Proposition 8. He won the primary with 44% of the vote. Suzanne Jones finished a distant third with 12.3% of the vote, despite having no campaign and not raising any money. To this day, everyone involved in that campaign believes that the only reason she did as “well” as she did, was that there were five men and one woman on the GOP Primary ballot.  One would think that, as the only woman running, with any kind of a message she would have gotten at least 25%.

Another candidate, Donald Thompson got 17.4% of the vote, likely because his name was so similar to John Smith (a little inside polling humor).

I was never able to capture a Suzanne Jones Sign in 2010. This one was my favorite though

I witnessed Suzanne Jones at two public events during that primary. She was a very poor public speaker at that time, her message was incoherent and unclear. She did however, establish a theme, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result”. She ran for Assembly again in 2016 and did the same things she did in 2010. (More on that in a future installment of this series)

In 2010, before a lot of us really got to know Suzanne Jones, we saw potential. Several years prior, in 2004 the Placer CRA PAC using money from the late Dave Cox, Tim Leslie and several others worked with the local Charter School Movement. We Spent $45,000 taking out two long term liberal democrat incumbents off of the Sierra College Board. We helped elect Aaron Klein and Scott “Tim” Leslie (the Senator’s Son who is still in office to this day). I met the late Joe Scharrer, Kevin Cooper and David Patterson in the years between 2004 and 2010 largely due to the exposure of the campaign to get a Republican majority onto the Sierra College Board.

After the primary of 2010, Dave Patterson and myself had a chat with Joe Scharrer about Suzanne Jones. She lived in Granite Bay (still lives in the same place today), which was smack in the middle of the trustee area of Trevor Sanders. Trevor was an anti-charter school member of the Placer County Office of Education. At the time, there was a literal war over the Charter of the Western Sierra Collegiate Academy (that Dave Patterson helped found).

Lew Uhler (Kirk’s Father) and Suzanne Jones at a Placer CRA Event in 2010 (Note, I was President of the Placer CRA then)

The Rocklin School Board at the time (only extreme left-wing liberal democrat Camille Maben is still on that board) was fighting with the WSCA people. The Rocklin School Board was able to stuff the charter requests because a majority of the Placer County Office of Education Board was anti-charter school.

We (the Placer CRA that I was still President of in 2010), and the Charter School People recruited some candidates for local office. Among them was Linda M. Park (my mother), for Roseville Joint Union High School District, and Suzanne Jones for Placer County Office of Education. Kirk Uhler and pretty much everyone else in Roseville endorsed them both when we asked them for help.

We never asked Ted Gaines nor Tom McClintock for actual help. They weren’t interested. Ted Gaines did endorse some of the candidates because he was running for State Senate in the wake of the passing of Dave Cox (Gaines was actually on the ballot twice in 2010, before Gaines was on the ballot twice as two different people).

Kirk Uhler, Susan Rohan and others walked precincts with Suzanne Jones’ flyers in 2010. I distributed hers and my mothers’ stuff to all the gated communities in East Roseville as I had the fire department code at the time. Kirk Uhler was with me at least twice. I covered a part of Granite Bay on behalf of Andy Pugno as well.

We had such teamwork that Scott Huber (running for re-election) chipped in financially to split the cost of two-sided door-hanger flyers with my mother.

Suzanne defeated Trevor Sanders by about 5% and my mother blew out her opponents finishing only about 4% behind the top vote getter Scott Huber (he is still on the RJUHSD Board to this day). We put out so many flyers for Suzanne while knocking on doors that she ran out of flyers. The Placer CRA also bought slate mail cards on her behalf as well. Click here if you are curious about the election results.

Because of the election, the John Adams Academy in Roseville was safe (As Linda replaced Jack Duran whose seat came open when he was elected supervisor in 2010) and the Western Sierra Collegiate Academy got approved by a 5-2 Pro-Charter Majority (versus a previously 4-3 anti Charter group).

Kirk Uhler was there when other Republican Leaders had other priorities. Kirk helped raise money for the CRA slate cards in support of Republican candidates. You will notice a pattern with Uhler, he has stood in the Republican leadership vacuum many times over the nearly 20 years I have known him. This is a theme that will repeat…

Your Intrepid Blogger Circa 2010

Dec 032019

(Again, this series of blogs is dedicated to my friends on the Placer GOP and those patriots in Team Travis, or working on the recall all around the state. I appreciate your readership and affirmations to keep doing what I am doing.)

In 2009 (through about 2012), my brother, George, and I would experience a trial by fire. Up until 2009, it had been pretty straightforward: help candidates win; do CRA stuff; fight with squishes on the Central Committee.

In 2009, there was about to be a game-changing GOP Primary that would shape the current state of the CAGOP today in 2019.

In late 2008, I was contacted by the Meg Whitman team who had been observing my efforts on behalf of Tom McClintock. They wanted to pay me to blog for Meg Whitman in the primary against Steve Poizner. Following the example set by Kirk Uhler and others just a few months before with regard to now former Congressman Doolittle (Ose vs McClintock was to replace Doolittle who retired), I refused to betray my friendship with Steve Poizner, instead accepting less money by taking less money from the Poizner campaign.

I was being paid via Steve Frank to help Steve Poizner’s Governor Race. That whole saga is a subject for a different set of blogs.

Under-laying this was the SD04 Primary that was going to be a slug-fest between Rick Keene and Doug LaMalfa. One of LaMalfa’s top boosters was a fraud and a charlatan known as Karen England. She was allied with David Stafford Reade, and the two of them ran a smear campaign against me, George, Tom Hudson and Jeff Atteberry (among others – but the four of us were the targets).

She recruited local Tea Parties to participate in the smears. There was cyber stalking, and my wife got harassed once by a now former member of the Placer GOP Cent Com. In addition to the smears, they drew in big bucks towards the Central Committee race in 2010. England knew that we were the most effective supporters of Rick Keene, and Doug LaMalfa had donated thousands of dollars to her group called the Capitol Resource Institute. She never disclosed this conflict of interest and it was not known until I wrote about it a few years later.

To this day, a few of the tea party idiots Karen England recruited in her smears still believe there was felony embezzlement from the Central Committee. Underscoring the absurdity was Karen England in a public meeting in January of 2011 claiming the FBI had visited her to talk about the finances of the Placer GOP (literally a month ago I saw one of her former disciples that is 4’10” tall by 4’10” wide at Raley’s glaring at me the same way she has for ten years). The People who believed the smears are the genesis of my disdain for the tea party in general, as this was my first experience with it. None of us had ever been attacked in this manner and we were not prepared for it.

During this period, Tom McClintock, despite having been supported by the Placer GOP and Placer CRA chose to ally himself with Karen England against the bulk of the people that took the unprecedented action to endorse him at the County Party Level.

By stringing us out to dry, Tom McClintock did exactly what I was warned would happen by several. Many of those that warned me are known Conservative leaders (such as Prop 8 consultants and Mr. Steve Frank among others). McClintock told Jeff Atteberry, the man who registered me Republican and recruited me in to the CRA that he and Tom Hudson / Placer CRA were basically to blame for the smears we were enduring.

In McClintock’s mind, we brought the smears on ourselves despite the fact that the smears about embezzlement, money laundering and selling endorsements were patently false. Given the fact that McClintock has repeated his abusive pattern with many in local government from Nevada County down to Mariposa County since, what he did to us was not unique.

In contrast to the behavior of Ted Gaines and Tom McClintock, Kirk Uhler and others like Susan Rohan and the late Kathy Lund who were in local office started participating in the Placer CRA. Kirk never said I told you so, he simply tried to help us deal with the big money and the big smears as did the rest of them. They always supported our events for the entire time I was President of the Placer CRA. There were times when we had a majority of the Roseville and Rocklin City Councils at Placer CRA events!

Near the end of 2009, Meg Whitman wrote a gigantic check to the RedState Blog for $25K (She’d end up paying off the Red County Blog to the tune of about $140K in total) and within a week of that check cashing the blogmaster of the Red County Blog publicly outed my relationship with Steve Poizner that I had told him about months earlier. Similar to Karen England, I had to do research to find out months later about the financial conflicts of interest. Whitman’s people ran a media drill against me that in retrospect launched my career as a political blogger and paid political operative – even though their intent along with David Reade and Karen England was to destroy me.

In December, 2009 I started This is quite literally the 10th anniversary of the Right On Daily Blog coming up shortly. The name? My wife’s idea. The slogan “Where Conservative Values Trump Agendas” was coined in December of 2009 when Donald J Trump was a New York Democrat.

The Expulsion from Red County buttressed the attacks of Karen England, the Tea Party and the anti-CRA Moderates that had formed a coalition to take over the Placer GOP. In 2010, I won a term on the Placer GOP from District 3. This was my third time getting elected to the placer GOP in 3 different districts. Were I to actually run rather than serve as an appointee of the Dahle’s, I’d be in district 1, a 4th different district on the same County Committee.

In 2009, when we were trying to figure out how to thwart the big money we knew was coming, we concocted the idea of expanding to 7 members a district. Tom Hudson told Jeff Atteberry how to request it and Placer County Clerk-Recorder Jim McCauley codified it. It is the 2010 Central Committee election which is why we have 7 members to a district in Placer County. The fact that we expanded the battlefield thwarted Karen England, David Reade and the Moderate’s plans to take over the Placer GOP in 2010.

In the 2010 Primary, Rick Keene got hammered. The night of the primary in 2010 was the last time I ever saw or spoke to Rick Keene. It has been 9 years. Some people around various campaigns gave me a few dollars for my time in various places after the Poizner gig went away earlier in the year. Keene was beaten by LaMalfa by 16 points district-wide. However, Doug LaMalfa lost Placer County by 4.5%, despite the meat-grinder they set up there to attack Republican volunteers. Between Ed Rowen and myself, we covered every precinct in the Placer part of that Senate District.

Kirk Uhler supported us and helped us (the Placer CRA) financially during this period. Despite many opportunities to duck or try to run away because of the smears, Kirk Uhler did not distance himself from us, nor tell anyone else to.

I would finally meet Suzanne Jones for the first time in the 2010 Primary…

I’ve never before or since seen a candidate advertise themselves as a moderate republican – From the AD05 Primary in 2010

Nov 222019

2006 was another bizarre year in CAGOP Politics. It was a bad year for the CAGOP marked by losing every statewide partisan office except for the nimrod Governor Arnold.

At the direction of Steve Schmidt, Arnold’s campaign adviser who had millions in bonuses riding on the percentage victory in that race (this was a widely known and believed axiom in CAGOP politics then), Arnold dissed the rest of the ticket – including attacking Tom McClintock, who was actually within striking distance of winning the Lt. Governorship. In 2002, McClintock lost the Controller Race. In 2003, he was the third wheel in the Recall Election. McClintock had a ton of statewide name ID.

One of many early conversations I had with Kirk Uhler was about when Tom McClintock worked for Lew Uhler – during a brief period when McClintock was between stints in office. Some of my political instincts were formed by that conversation and eventually when I was able to start separating the “Conservative” from the “Character” of the person, it was because Kirk Uhler was one of the few people I knew that was an unassailable conservative who observed serious stuff about the character of people in office. It took several years for this blogger, but eventually the character of a candidate became a larger metric than the conservative bona-fides.

I also remember a few long conversations with Kirk about Arnold. Neither of us liked him very much.

In 2006, I got elected to Placer County Republican Central Committee in District 2 in the June Primary, but I had to resign before taking my seat. Why? On July 4, 2006 I went out on a real date for the first time in nearly 10 years. 14 weeks later I married my wife on October 22nd, 2006. (we just celebrated 13 years!) She lived in Sacramento, and I moved from Lincoln in to her condo.

In 2006, Kirk, myself (as the President of the Placer CRA) and a host of political leaders helped clear the field for Ted Gaines to run to replace Tim Leslie who was finally termed out of the legislature due to Proposition 34.

At the same time, the backdrop of my brother getting messed over by Sam Aanestad was eclipsed by the spectacle of Arnold strip-mining the CAGOP in 2006, leaving a rotted carcass.

Ted Gaines was sworn in to the State Assembly in December of 2006. He hired Steve Davey over the objections of a lot of people, including Kirk Uhler. Davey would get fired by the Assembly Rules Committee for his abhorrent conduct a decade later, as Ted would not fire Davey himself.  Just months later, Ted Gaines turned on his political mentor and benefactor, Congressman John Doolittle who was wrongly tied up in the Jack Abramoff Scandal.

The scum that infest the DOJ would “investigate” John Doolittle for 7 years and leak like Robert Mueller did to their willing whores in the press. The Sacramento Bee attacked Doolittle dozens of times, back when the print media had some influence left. Doolittle ultimately was exonerated, but people like Ted Gaines helped run him out of office. In the summer of 2007, Gaines pulled an exploratory committee against John Doolittle, just 10 months after being sworn in to the Assembly. There was also a major personal and health toll suffered by Mrs. Doolittle that she has not recovered from to this day.

The official Ted Gaines Logo

Despite the close relationship the Uhler family had with the Gaines family, that ended when Kirk told Ted he was not going to join him in betraying Congressman Doolittle. Their relationship was never the same afterwards. This told me volumes about who Kirk Uhler is as a person.  At the time John Doolittle was very unpopular, and it would have been expedient to abandon him, but Uhler refused to.

Kirk Uhler had been appointed in December of 2006 to replace Ted Gaines as the Placer County Supervisor in District 4, so his position in the community was substantial and there was significant risk to making an enemy out of your local assemblyman. Remember, at the time there were 32 Republicans in the Assembly. (Currently, there are 19)

All throughout this time period, Kirk would share observations about substantial political figures in California.  When juxtaposed with Tom Hudson, Steve Frank or others – Kirk’s observations rang true 95% of the time, while Steve Frank and Tom Hudson missed the mark frequently.

I helped Tom McClintock defeat Doug Ose in 2008, spending hundreds of hours blogging on a website called in what was at the time the 2nd most expensive Congressional Primary in history. McClintock and Ose combined to spend about $11 million. In that race, everyone in local government save Kevin Hanley endorsed Doug Ose. Yet, none of them ever held any contempt for your intrepid blogger for going to war on behalf of Tom McClintock. I was paid very little in that tilt, but that was my first experience with being a paid operative.

I learned years later that Kirk Uhler stuck up for the Placer CRA and those of us in the group that stuck up for McClintock and defended our right to do so. At the time, Tom Hudson was the Chairman of the Placer GOP and we did something unprecedented – we endorsed Tom McClintock in a contested primary over another Republican opponent.

Kirk Uhler refused to betray Congressman Doolittle. He also refused to allow community leaders to hold a grudge against the Conservative activists that supported Tom McClintock. I would later recognize this as maturity in leadership. At the same time, Uhler was fighting to protect Placer County amidst several financial issues and budget battles where the State Government would go 60-90 days without paying its’ bills. Even then, Kirk Uhler was often the only Placer Supervisor that would stand up against tax and fee increases.

One incident that stands out were a series of $1 Fees the board sought to add to Car registrations two of which Uhler was able to forestall and he also led an $11 reduction in the tipping fee at the county dump. 

In late 2008, it would still be nearly 2 years before I met Suzanne Jones for the first time.

In late 2008, little did I realize that just a few months later, Kirk Uhler’s prognostications to me would get proven right once again…

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