May 182018
Placer County Board of Supervisors Meeting
Despite the Placer County Board of Supervisor Chair’s unilateral pronouncement that he had “…determined that since this issue is being litigated it would serve no purpose to hold a hearing in the Board of Supervisors Chambers.” on May 8, 2018 the Placer County Republican Party and a broad cross-section of community leaders and concerned Placer County residents filled the Supervisors Chambers with an overflow crowd and addressed the Board during “Public Comment” and requested that the Board hold a public hearing on May 22, 2018 on this matter. See video of our entire presentation (
In television news coverage following that May 8, 2018 Board Meeting, Supervisor Holmes made multiple statements and issued, on behalf of the Board of Supervisors, the below statement which was published in its entirety on Fox40 News that evening.
We would like to thank Supervisors Kirk Uhler and Robert Weygandt for their support of our request to hold a public hearing on this issue. It is our intent to once again, appear at the May 22, 2018 Board of Supervisors Meeting, during “Public Comment” and attempt to impress upon the remaining three Supervisors, and most particularly, the Chair of the Board, Supervisor Jim Holmes, that the voters of Placer County want a public hearing on this matter before the Placer County Board of Supervisors.
Following the Placer County Board of Supervisors hearing on May 8, 2018, a number of you were perplexed and concerned about what is the Placer County Board of Supervisors’ policy for setting an agenda item. Assuming that the Placer County Board of Supervisors encourages the public to attend and be part of how the Placer County Board of Supervisors makes its decisions, and recognizing that the Placer County Board of Supervisors wishes to conduct its business in an orderly, calm, productive and timely manner; one would presume that Placer County has produced and published a policy and procedure document for Board Meeting Agendas as so many other California County Boards of Supervisors have done. A component of such a document should include how members of the public can request that an item be agendized.
In the interest of providing you and residents of Placer County with a complete, accurate and fundamental understanding of why the Placer County Board of Supervisors, and more specifically, the Chair of the Placer County Board of Supervisors, has prevented and/or refused to hold at least a public hearing on this matter, let alone join those nine counties and thirty-four cities, and adopt a resolution opposing the California Sanctuary State law; the Placer County Republican Party has submitted a formal request for documents and records pursuant to the California Public Records Act, which you may read and review by clicking here.
We will keep you posted on what, if any, “records” the County produces in response to this request.
Aug 162017

There is a reason why the Press Tribune is read by few if anyone. That newspaper is a joke and the quality of their news may be better described with by notes scribbled in a padded cell with fingerpaints from the McCourtney Road Asylum.

If your name is Larissa Berry, you can call Andrew Westrope and have him fire up his Commodore 64 and write up a story about your deepest, darkest paranoid fantasy as if it were fact. I am wondering if Westrope, cheat-shot artist turned editor of the Roseville Press Tribune believes his path to a Pulitzer Prize is working with the mentally unstable Granite Bay NIMBY’s.

Larissa Berry was once a friend of Placer County Supervisor Kirk Uhler’s. Similar to Vicktor Bekhet who enlisted Uhler’s help splitting his lot (for his double-wide), Berry asked Uhler for help getting traffic control devices set up in her Granite Bay Neighborhood… once she got what she wanted, she began to show up to planning commission meetings advocating against any development whatsoever.

Now Larissa Berry and Victor Bekhet have gone full social justice warrior working tirelessly to keep everyone out of Granite Bay with their new NIMBY organization pictured in this post.

Enter Andrew Westrope, who was enlisted by Larissa Berry to write a partial birth abortion of Journalism in 2016 that was later used as the spiritual basis of the Bekhet for Supervisor campaign. Berry and Bekhet exploded their suicide campaign somewhere near one of the then-undeveloped parcels (that are now being developed, how sad).

Despite Westrope’s best efforts to smear Mr. Uhler and the support of the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister Thomas N Hudson, the Proprietor of the McCourtney Road Asylum, the former Treasurer of the Placer GOP who could not be bothered actually doing real work for the party and the aforementioned three left-wing liberals… Uhler was re-elected by 19% in a terrible year for Republicans (even by California standards).

To no one’s surprise, Westrope re-emerged from the journalism waste dumpster behind the clinic known as the Press-Tribune, this time hiding behind a “reporter” to write another story worthy of the New York Times (who has retracted a record number of stories in 2017 for falsehoods, un-vetted anonymous sources and the like…)

The headline was sensational; “Conflicts of interest alleged for Kirk Uhler on fairgrounds votes”

OMG – what did that Uhler do now??? The article references “many complaints against uhler over the years”. I wonder if the extreme left-wing environmentalist Andrew Westrope learned such buzzwords from the ANTIFA / Greenpeace Saul Alinsky school he went to when he was out trying to save the environment as a green warrior? (You can learn interesting things about people when you do research – kind of like how I learned that one of Westropes’ editor predecessors was a convicted Cocaine Dealer) If Westrope was interested in Journalism, he’d realize that FPPC complaints are a dime a dozen and whiny wackjobs are about a nickel a dozen. However, when you live in a sad, shrinking left-wing bubble your own ideological harlotry overrides better judgement. (He ought to ask Hudson, Campbell and Jackson what their excuses were…)

Larissa Berry was grasping at straws and filed an FPPC complaint because Kirk Uhler does charitable work and also owns a business. In her mind and the mind of the neurotic Victor Bekhet (who has been running around with a similar emotional wound as one of Donald Trump’s vanquished foes) this means he had to be corrupt. Westrope may as well have had the crazed former Placer GOP Chairman write his story from his warden’s den at the McCourtney Road Asylum.

The FPPC responded to Larissa Berry’s psychotic fantasy in record time and they nuked her. Now – I am informing the world about Andrew Westrope because he is a coward and a left-wing cheap-shot artist… at least that is what I think of him and when I am done writing about him for a few years, everyone else will also. Westrope will never publish this humiliation of Berry – so leave it to your intrepid blogger whose traffic is greater than the Press Tribune’s Circulation:

Dear Ms. Berry:

The Fair Political Practices Commission’s Enforcement Division has reviewed your sworn complaint regarding Kirk Uhler. After review, staff found the complaint contained insufficient evidence of a violation of the Political Reform Act (“Act”). We will, therefore, not pursue the matter further.

You alleged Kirk Uhler abused his political/county positions and failed to disclose personal involvement and to promote/secure funds for the benefit of Up Pageantry Inc. at the March 21, 2017 Board of Supervisors meeting, and failed to disclose his interest in the pageantry on his statements of economic interests.   Under the Act, public officials are prohibited from making, participating in the making, or in any way attempting to influence a governmental decision in which he knows or has reason to know he has a financial interest.  (Section 87100.)  Mr. Uhler has a financial interest in any business entity in which he has an ownership interest valued at $2,000 or more, and in any source of income of $500 or more, including his pro-rata share of his wife’s income. (Sections 87206 and 87207.) It appears that Up Pageantry Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which is not considered a business entity under the Act.  In addition, there is no evidence either Mr. Uhler or his spouse received income of $500 from Up Pageantry Inc.  Therefore, Mr. Uhler does not have a financial interest in Up Pageantry Inc. under the Act.

As for the allegation against Casting Calls America, LLC, there is insufficient evidence that it was reasonably foreseeable that Mr. Uhler’s decision at the March 21st meeting had a material financial effect on his financial interest.

This complaint was so retarded mentally challenged that even Thomas N Hudson would not have filed it.

And for the final irony, the photo on the home page of Defend Granite Bay (embedded in this post) depicts a man-made pond in Hidden Lake Estates. Hidden Lake Estates was built by Lewis K Uhler, Kirk Uhler’s Father. If any of these nimrods actually did research or had heritage in Placer County, they may have picked a different photo (say of a toxic waste dump) for their social justice group.

Jul 082016

Total Placer County Turnout 54%. 115,266. The numbers don’t lie:

Total Republican Votes for President: 54181 or 47% – down a fraction of a point below 47.4% Registration

Total Democrat Votes for President: 47203 or 41% – up a whopping 14% over 27% Dem Registration

Total 3rd Party Votes for President: 2379 or 2%

Total DTS Ballot (You can take a non-partisan ballot and I saw a ton) / Undervoted Ballots for President (11,503): 10%

In Placer County – the Democrats OUTPERFORMED the statewide average of an 8 point boost by a whopping 6%. Add in that the Rep vote missed the mark and you have a nearly 15 point swing. As in 2012, nearly $100k was spent on altering the outcome of the GOP Cent Com election – based on the results I have seen of the elections I have no hope whatsoever that the Placer GOP will be able to emerge from a wet paper bag. (But – the rampage jihads against people they don’t like will continue) I won’t even ask where the Placer GOP was in this election (other than trying to unseat Kirk Uhler).

So – this makes Victor Bekhet’s 20-Point loss a massive drubbing as Out-of-the-Closet Pro-Growth Conservative Kirk Uhler decimated him despite the fact that 40% of the voters in Placer Sup D4 were dems and less than 50% of them were Republicans. OUCH.

Showing the magnitude of Uhler’s victory is the fact that Jennifer Montgomery, who is in the most Democrat Supervisor District in Placer County “Only” got 63.19% of the vote versus Uhler’s 59.81%. Perhaps Montgomery can indeed be worked with as asserted by Ken Campbell in his defense of supporting democrat turned DTS Bekhet. It would appear that a decent batch of the lefties in Placer SUP D5 may not have Monty on their dance card, suggesting she may indeed be pragmatic in some regards.

Michael Babich, who lost to Montgomery is a dyed in the wool Conservative who was recruited by the local Tea Party and aided by Team McClintock.

The local Tea Party also recruited jolly Bob Grigas to run against DTS Supervisor Jim Holmes and that margin was colossal. 75-25.

In other news – GOP Assembly Candidate Kevin Kiley won Placer County Outright. Given the massive Dem turnout surge, I’d have to believe that his “Deputy Attorney General” ballot title had to have attracted more than a few Kamala Harris supporters.

I have been receiving positive feedback that the youthful Kiley is reaching out to several prominent local electeds. This is a good thing as I’ve been told that he is meeting with the aforementioned pack of rabid dogs on Wednesday. He is sure to see why they are (as a group) ineffective (because not all of them are insane), and of course why your intrepid blogger is recommending a tetanus shot and a flak jacket for Mr. Kiley before said meeting.

Kiley has met with a few respected and popular local electeds. By accounts, it appears that he is soliciting advice and is acting on some of it. The mere fact that he is meeting with people is a stunning departure from the feckless, incompetent Beth Gaines. The fact that he is interacting and asking questions suggests that my opinion that he is talented and intelligent may have some merit.

I want Kiley to succeed. I sincerely hope he continues to meet with good, sane people. I sincerely hope he not only solicits their advice, but that he will also act on it. This alone would have a major, stabilizing effect on the whole area that has suffered from a Republican leadership Vacuum (with a few notable exceptions) – that crescendoed with the massive 15% swing in voter turnout in the primary just concluded.

If Mr. Kiley takes and acts on good advice, he will maximize his talent. If that happens, he will end up being a far better representative than the rabid dogs deserve.

The fun is just beginning, I’ve talked to a few perspective candidates and it looks like at least two major local governing bodies are going to have sufficient Republican candidates. More on those races soon.

Jun 052016

I am a dirty, rotten, mean racist.

Soy un hombre malo. Yo no pudeo entender lo que puse seguir viviendo conmigo.

I just can’t help but marvel at the stupidity of Victor Bekhet, along with his personal corruption.

Victor is the business owner with an expired LLC and an expired securities license AND an illegally placed Double Wide on his property. Get the theme? He does not pay his bills… and his main supporters are Republican and Tea Party leaders.

Hey, who cares about character when you have a score to settle! Debra Jackson, Ken Campbell and other accomplices that may or may not include the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister Thomas N. Hudson and Placer GOP Chairman Dennis C Revell are supporting this guy.

Victor Bekhet just recorded his own robocall. Please listen at your own risk. When done, please laugh your — off like I did. Then, google psychiatrists in the area to connect his supporters to.

Bekhet is going to get stomped.

May 192016

Let’s start with the 1/2 cent Transportation Sales Tax dog whistle:

With their experience, judgment and priorities, they are best equipped to wrestle with the complex issues facing Placer, one of California’s fastest-growing counties. One issue headed their way is a possible half-cent sales tax on the November ballot to help fund the county’s transportation needs. Holmes is generally in support, Uhler is skeptical and Montgomery wants to see the final proposal.

Wow – I read all over Facebook that Uhler has already drank the kool-aid and is supporting the 1/2 cent sales tax? Could it be that those accusing him LIED? Perish the thought.
Uhler, who served as supervisor from 1993 to 1996 and started his second stint in 2006, represents District 4, which includes Granite Bay and part of Roseville. He also wants to complete the conservation plan and stresses moving toward long-term financial stability, including reducing retiree costs and other unfunded liabilities.

His challenger is (a liberal democrat turned DTS), a first-time candidate who decided to run after a housing project was proposed next to his home. He says there’s a problem with overdevelopment and poor planning.

But – at least the Bee OUTS the NIMBY-ism that prompted the challenge. It is interesting that the handful of people on the right can not see how their witch hunt is going to jeopardize the State of Jefferson. (Uhler was the only supporter of it on the board and could have gotten the votes for it… I doubt that will happen now)

Also take note that Bekhet has no clue of the challenges facing the county, only animosity over a development.
There is one special parting shot in the Bee article that deserves mention:
(Liberal Democrat turned DTS) says the website includes hateful material, and he filed a complaint this month with the state Fair Political Practices Commission. The commission, however, dismissed the complaint, saying it doesn’t have authority over such material.
Please note that those involved in the witch hunt are still talking about the FPPC Complaint. Another lie. For those of you interested in learning who the SOJ supporters are supporting for Placer SUP D4 – visit – a very real website with a lot of links to real information.
They wonder why the State of Jefferson will die when this election is over and the three incumbents are re-elected. It has nothing to do with the incumbents actual feelings about SOJ, it has to do with the way the SOJ supporters operate. I am not going to hold my breath waiting for any sort of reconciliation of that, because in most of their minds I am the one that is wrong for pointing the whole mess out.