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I’ve been called crazy. I’ve been called a squish. But in 2016, I got called a racist on Fox 40 by Viktor Bekhet who went berserk over a website I made about him. I was helping Kirk Uhler get re-elected (Kirk smashed Bekhet by 20% in 2016). The TV story, if it is still up, is hysterically funny as the soundbites that Fox 40 used from me just made Bekhet sound like a moron.

When Viktor – a democrat turned DTS when he moved from the Bay Area to Granite Bay just three years earlier – was running for Supervisor against Kirk Uhler, Suzanne Jones (running for Assembly… again) and Viktor were walking each other’s stuff. I saw it with my own eyes as I was working for Bill Halldin’s Assembly campaign and keeping a watchful eye on Kirk’s re-election.

I’ve still never figured out what her assembly campaign slogan meant.

Mik Mikaluco – one of the most bizarre and entertaining candidates ever

Some people on the Placer GOP Cent Com were trying to defeat Kirk Uhler, even though Kirk was the endorsed candidate of the Placer Cent Com.  I think several of them did not know Kirk and may well have been following Tom Hudson and Suzanne Jones’ lead. Deborah Jackson and Ken Campbell, both former officers in the Placer GOP, actually showed up as a donor to Viktor Bekhet against the Republican Kirk Uhler, writing checks to Bekhet while sitting members of the Placer GOP.

I worked for pay for Bill Halldin in 2016 and again in 2018 when I helped elect him to Rocklin Council. Halldin in 2010 was an opponent to the Placer CRA, siding with the electeds and the moderates in Cent Com disagreements. Over time, however after getting to know the players and situations, he changed his positions on a lot of the internal party stuff. We also became good friends as well. When he told me he was going to run for Assembly, I did not care who else was running. I also donated $1000 of the pay I was getting from his Assembly campaign back to his campaign. Uhler also gave Halldin a large check despite, having opposition from his own party for his re-election.

Suzanne was part of the chorus of candidates attacking Mr. Halldin because it was believed that Halldin was performing well despite the presence of Kiley, Pugno, Hanley, Jones, Cristi Nelson (where the hell is she now?), Mik, Nutty Bo and two Democrats in the race. It is my opinion that in her desperation to gain traction, Suzanne Jones aligned herself with all of the Granite Bay NIMBY Uhler-haters supporting Viktor Bekhet. I saw little presence from Jones outside of Granite Bay.

Similar to 2012, Charles Munger and Crew poured $2 Million in to attacking Andy Pugno 9(!) times in the mail. Even so, Pugno barely missed the runoff against Kevin Kiley. All totaled, based on my research, Luis Buhler directed over $3 Million of Charles Munger’s money in to attacking the author of Proposition 8. While $250K of Munger’s money went towards Bill Halldin, Bay Area liberals poured over $1Million in to Kevin Kiley, including a furious $400K rampage in the last 10 days of the election.

That fall, Kirk Uhler and I would work on a major project in Placer County using separate PACS. We were not coordinated as we had separate PACs, but Kirk sent the Placer CIR (that I had become President of) $40K+ and we used the money to target 4 Democrats for elimination:

RJUHSD Trustee Rene Aggielairuh
RCSD Trustee Gary Miller
RUSD Trustee Camille Maben
RCSD Candidate and Planning Commissioner David Larson

We smoked Rene Aggielairuh, running him off the RJUHSD Board. Gary Johnson, Julie Hirota and Paige Stauss won. Andrew Tagg, who got endorsed by the Placer CRA and GOP, would ultimately get appointed to fill my mother’s vacancy months later as my family moved back to Reno, where my brother and I had been born.

We smoked David Larson so bad that he left the County.

Maben, who was used to being the top vote-getter, was re-elected only because the third place finisher was a first time candidate with no help. Someone (I suspect Wendy Lang) filed an FPPC Complaint against the Placer CIR PAC over the mailer, and almost four years later it is still ongoing.  Rumor has it Newsom has ordered the FPPC to retaliate against anyone that took money from the charter schools (the Placer CIR took $4400 from them in 2016).

Gary Miller was re-elected because our friend Doyle Radford put “Labor Organizer” (or something similar) as his ballot title. DOH! Radford is a Construction Worker and Supervisor whose shop is Unionized.

Put that in perspective – while several GOP Cent Comm members, led by Suzanne Jones,  were helping a non-Republican attempt to unseat Kirk Uhler, Uhler was laying the foundation to take out several bad Democrats from local office, as I had no idea he’d give the Placer CIR PAC $40K+ to use.

The result? The RCSD is a 3-2 Republican Board, the RJUHSD is a 4-1 Republican Board which just voted along those same party lines to renew the charter of the John Adams Academy. I also believe 100% that the money that the Placer CIR spent is why Andrew Tagg was appointed and then re-elected without opposition in 2018.

Those of you that are part of the Informed Parents of Rocklin take a look at this: The money that Kirk raised and then gave to the Placer CIR PAC was used to produce this mailer as well:

When you think of the informed parents of Rocklin – remember that Kirk Uhler gave the Placer CIR the money that we used to nuke Camille Maben. Without Kirk Uhler donating to the Placer CIR PAC, we would have not taken out the two dems and shone light on Camille Maben.

P.S. Kirk Uhler supported Ted Cruz before honoring the will of the GOP Primary voters and supporting candidate Trump.

Then there is the small matter of 2018, as Kirk Uhler would continue to assert himself as a political leader in Placer County.

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