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In 2012, Luis Buhler and David Reade came calling in Placer County with $100,000 (I thought it was $47,000, but Luis has claimed it was $100,000) towards our Placer GOP Central Committee Race.

It was retaliation for the Placer GOP refusing to endorse Ted Gaines and Beth Gaines in the 2012 Primary. I’ve learned various and sundry facts since that election cycle that have me convinced of this conclusion. In addition, it was a gambit by David Stafford Reade who was running slates for Central Committees all over the north state.

In 2011, Roseville Councilmember John Allard had thrown his hat in the ring for Assembly after Ted Gaines was elected to State Senate to replace the late Dave Cox. One of the more disgusting stories in politics is when former staffers of Ted Gaines told me about Ted and Sssssteve Davey (later fired in 2017 by the rules committee for horrid acts of sexual misconduct) would take bets and joke about Cox’s death openly in the office.

John Allard had been endorsed by Ted Gaines when Gaines was the GOP nominee for State Senate in the Special Election. Then Sssssteve Davey had the idea of having Beth Gaines run for Assembly.  Seeing dollar signs, Ted Gaines and his crew flipped immediately leaving everyone in local government under the bus. I was even told that Dave Gilliard, the consultant that Ted has worked with for years was less than thrilled at the prospect – but he did his job.

The establishment donors did what they do best, sell their souls to the incumbent. They openly talked about how unqualified Beth Gaines was while donating to her. In the meantime, Uhler stood by the Placer GOP and Placer CRA endorsed John Allard helping him raise money as well. Those same donors spent huge to keep Beth Gaines in office as well.

A campaign sign from the 2011 Race

I’ve written a book about Beth Gaines, Ted Gaines and Steve Davey. The point is that Kirk was involved in helping John Allard, once again standing up to Ted Gaines, this time calling him out for a second betrayal of a political ally. Beth Gaines would win by 729 votes.

In the 2012 Primary, Kirk Uhler was also involved in recruiting Mark Wright for Supervisor in Placer County District 5. The establishment up there would end up recruiting someone else, despite the fact that Kirk and his friends had gotten Mark several $99 checks for his campaign. In that 2012 race, Gary T Johnson (currently the 2nd Vice Chair of the Placer GOP) also ran for Supervisor. Ultimately, Mark Wright would get elected to a fire board somewhere “Up There in them hills”, likely due in no small part to the exposure he got as a candidate for Supervisor.

Also In 2012, we (the Placer CRA) had recruited Linda, my mother to run against Beth in the Primary. She would get a 14-11 vote from the Placer GOP, short of an endorsement, and Tom Del Bacardi would violate the CRP’s By-Laws creating a legal nuance technicality to still endorse at the state level even though the Placer GOP deadlocked on the endorsement. The CRP’s By-Laws have since been clarified and amended – if a county party deadlocks it counts against the 80% threshold required. Ted Gaines also failed to get the endorsement 16-9. Del Bacardi did the bidding of “leadership” and created a rule on the fly to ensure that the will of the Placer GOP was thwarted.

The failures of endorsements was despite David Stafford Reade and crew bringing a bunch of people to the Placer GOP meeting in an effort to intimidate the committee members.

Linda Park gave way to Andy Pugno in 2012. But the die was cast – $100,000 came from Charles Munger in to our Central Committee Race on the heels of the 7-11-2011 attack on the front page of the bee, Karen England publicly claiming the FBI was investigating us (a claim still parroted by some to this day 8 years later) and the local tea party being brainwashed in to the rampage – ironically aligning themselves with consultants and legislative staff. Karen England fled the State of California within 2 years due in no small part to getting constantly hammered by Right on Daily for her grotesque pattern of pay for play and behavior.

Kirk Uhler stood by the Placer CRA Officers, Tom Hudson, George Park, Jeff Atteberry and your intrepid blogger. So did almost everyone else in local government – when the partisan electeds were against us.

They failed to unseat Tom, George and Jeff. I lost by 38 votes despite the onslaught. Despite this, they succeeded in taking over the Central Committee – installing Dennis Revell as Placer GOP Chairman. While I have developed a friendship with Dennis in the ensuing years, his tenure as Chairman will always be marred by the circumstances of how it started. Also note that Dennis started attending Bayside Church in 2003. I still communicate with Dennis to this day and still consider him a friend.

Kirk Uhler? He’s gone to Bayside since it was founded – 25 years ago this month. He has lived in Placer County’s 4th Supervisory District 50 years. He moved to Granite Bay 8 months before your intrepid blogger was born. It will be impossible for any political opponents to challenge Mr. Uhler’s heritage in Placer County.

To Be continued…

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