Feb 122020

Yes, Next to Kirk Uhler is Tami Uhler – Supervising Attorney (without the title) in the TOP RATED Child Support Service Agency in California

In behavior that can be considered nothing less than harassment, Scott Vaughan/Tom Hudson/Suzanne Jones have filed four FPPC complaints against Supervisor Kirk Uhler in just four months. It resembles a two year old throwing spaghetti at the wall, they are praying that something sticks.  Just as the first three complaints were thrown out (see Rejection Letter 1, Rejection Letter 2, and Rejection Letter 3), I have no doubt that Vaughan/Hudson/Jones will be wearing the “Golden Sombrero” soon. (That is a Baseball term for striking out 4 times in the same game)

Since three of the four FPPC Complaints filed by the deranged threesome have been flushed, it is time to speak directly to the small coven of Uhler-Haters. (Most all of whom are suffering from gremlins, imaginary ghosts and other trauma brought on by something being built near their homes)

This is the Uhler-Hater Claim #1 (Team #UDS): The Uhler-haters claim that Kirk “got” his wife an “unadvertised” job with the County. The truth is that Tami Uhler had been a Placer County Deputy District Attorney for five years before taking time off to raise her two children. When Tami Uhler was in the DA’s office, she was a felony prosecutor, she ran the DUI prosecutions and was given the Prosecutor of the Year award twice by Mothers Against Drunk Driving. During that time, she worked side-by-side with fellow prosecutors Scott Owens and Troy Held.  Scott would go on to become the Placer County District Attorney, and Troy would become the Director of Placer County Child Support Services.

In 2009, with both her kids in school full-time, Tami Uhler was ready to go back to work. She met with then-District Attorney Brad Fennochio who encouraged her to apply since Tami had worked for his office previously.  As the letter from Placer County Personnel shows, Tami applied to the DA’s office and was ranked number one on the list to be hired. Since Thomas N Hudson is a tenured civil servant – he of all people would understand the meaning of this letter from Placer County Personnel. It is bullet-proof in court.

During this time, Troy Held had been promoted from Assistant Director of Placer County Child Support Services to Director, and was interviewing for both an Assistant Director and a Supervising Attorney for his department.  Scott Owens, then the Assistant District Attorney, told his friend Troy that Tami had applied to come back to the DA’s office. Troy Held had to fill two open positions and having worked closely with Tami before, reached out to Tami to talk to her about joining his team.

After several meetings, Tami agreed to take the position of Assistant Director. Since Tami was an attorney (even though there was no requirement that the Assistant be an attorney) Troy also put Tami in charge of supervising the attorneys in the office, and never filled the Supervising Attorney position.  By combining the positions, and putting Tami in charge of supervising the attorneys, they saved taxpayers over $2 million in the ten years that Tami has assumed both roles. Read that again – BECAUSE TAMI UHLER WAS HIRED, TAXPAYERS SAVED OVER $2 MILLION!!!

I wish every imaginary gremlin saved the Taxpayers $2Million!!! $2million worth of #UDS.

Recently, the Uhler-haters went full #UDS (not to be confused with #TDS) when, after ten years of supervising the attorneys in her office, Tami Uhler’s position received an equity adjustment to recognize the fact that she was serving two roles in the office.  At the time that Tami got the raise, every attorney that she supervised was making more money than she was… and they reported to her!  Then, when Director Troy Held unexpectedly resigned in July, Tami Uhler assumed his duties while the County has opened a search for a new Director. Unlike her current position, which is not a conflict of interest for the county, should Tami Uhler be promoted to a department head (aka Director) you would not be able to fix the conflict. Thus, the most experienced employee who has supervised all the staff is ineligible for the position until Kirk Uhler has finished serving as a Supervisor.

So, what has the leadership of Tami Uhler meant to the Department, other than saving taxpayers over $2 million?  For the first time EVER, the Placer County Department of Child Support Services IS RANKED #1 IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA!  The Department was ranked 38th in the state when Tami joined ten years ago.  Now it is the best in the state.

Having had my own wife attacked repeatedly by political cowards who call her work, cyber stalk her, or Church Leaders retaliating against her to get to me – I am 100% in tune with what it is like having a spouse used as a punching bag. You’d think that Suzanne Jones would have exercised more discretion before taking what she was fed by Scott Vaughn, Thomas N Hudson and others. They are all cowards for going after Kirk Uhler’s wife.

The #UDS crowd are left with a Storage Unit full of political mess when the actual facts are looked at. #1 Tami Uhler had pre-existing experience and successful experience prosecuting felonies at that. #2 Because Tami Uhler worked for the county, a position worth $2Million over 10 years was unneeded. #3 Because Tami Uhler has been in a position of responsibility in Placer County’s Child Support Unit – Placer County has gone from #38 to #1 in the 58 Counties of the State of California in that metric.

The vote on the recent equity adjustment (the first one her position has received since she started in 2009) was 4-0, I will leave you to guess which of the five supervisors did not vote on that raise. (Hint, the last name starts with U)

In the 4th and final complaint Scott Vaughn, who clearly had help by an attorney in the 4th claim accused the entire board of corruption. The text of the complaint sounded like something being read in the halls of congress. It appears that the deranged Uhler Haters – team #UDS can’t see past the storage facility to understand that their county is a safer place because both Uhlers know how to put bad guys in Jail. Felons, Drunk Drivers, Deadbeat Dads, and Kirk getting more Law Enforcement on the streets.

When the facts are laid out, it is the brutal reality against the worn-out recycled arguments of team #UDS that ring absurd.

Overqualified for the position.

Saved the County $2Million.

#1 Child Support Agency in California.


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