Feb 262020

Carl DeMaio in the tail end of a multi-million dollar campaign is on facebook trolling staff of Darrell Issa.

What an undisciplined trainwreck. However, this is consistent with his pattern and drama.

Also – it has been put to me that Carl DeMaio in one of his many outbursts has told people that if he loses the #CA50 Race that he is leaving the GOP. “There’s no place in the Republican Party for someone like me” I guess he is going to take his ball and go home now…

For years, Carl DeMaio has made it clear that he is not a conservative. His liberal beliefs have been the cornerstone of his entire political career up to this point.

In his last campaign, Carl DeMaio declared he was a ‘social moderate.’ 

  • In a May 30, 2013, article, the Associated Press reported, “Carl DeMaio said Thursday that his campaign would focus on a balanced budget and pocketbook issues. The 38-year-old, openly gay Republican cast himself as a social moderate.”

DeMaio lectured Republicans on social issues and told them they should ‘embrace’ liberal positions on abortion and marriage. He implied that anyone who disagreed with his liberal positions belongs to the ‘extreme far right.’ 

  • In a Nov. 3, 2013, article, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported, ““His stance on same-sex marriage and support for limited access to medical marijuana and abortion services may anger many Republicans, he said, particularly those at the extreme far right of the party. But those positions should be embraced by the GOP, he said.”

Carl DeMaio called conservatives Republicans ‘misguided’ and said he would ‘take on’ his party to fight against conservative values. 

  • In a Sept. 2, 2014, article, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported, ““DeMaio said he believe extreme elements in both parties are misguided. ‘I am the gay, pro-choice, pro-reformer who has taken on his own party time and time again,’ DeMaio said.”

Carl DeMaio says he wants to drain the swamp, but he made the motion to pass a pay increase for himself when he was on the city council.

DeMaio voted for a 15% pay increase at the height of the recession, just weeks after San Diego’s unemployment reached 11.1%

  • MADE MOTION TO APPROVE hike in elected officials’ salaries – Mayor’s salary from $100,464 to $115,534; Council salary from $75,386 to $86,694. (City Council Minutes, 2/22/10)
Carl DeMaio wants to gut the GOP Platform and similar to his ideological doppelganger Chad Mayes will bolt the GOP when he does not get his own way. On 3-3-2020 we will witness Carl DeMaio go down in flames, and hopefully take his place in the ash heap of “New Republicans” and “Different Kind of Republican” candidates that abuse the GOP base for self aggrandizing terminal uniqueness.
P.S. South Park made a video in Carl’s Honor. Click to watch it, it is hysterical. Note that it pre-dates the 2014 drama as it was made in 2013.
Feb 252020

I can’t imagine why. Carl is in the Public Eye again doing EVERYTHING those of us not blinded by his cultish actions know.

Link to Survey USA Poll here. Survey USA has a 2-3 point tilt to the left in my experience with them so it seems non-sensical they would bias their polling in favor of any Republican.

Now, it is clear that Team DeMaio was rattled enough by the pending release of this poll (which was completed yesterday 2-24-2020 and likely embargoed for about 18 hours, that team DeMaio did what team DeMaio is famous for…

(I am not talking about Instant messages, emails or phone calls raging on people in the last two weeks of the campaign) … SPIN Baby!

The latest poll conducted in the 50th Congressional District race shows Carl DeMaio holds a 5% lead over his closest Republican rival.
Carl DeMaio: 22%
Darrell Issa: 17%
Brian Jones: 13%
Other: 1%
Undecided: 3%
Ammar Campa-Najjar (Democrat) 44%
Remington Research is notoriously inaccurate with results that are on both sides of the bias spectrum. They are “C” Rated by 538 as well. Remington is mostly used by Republican campaigns to do internal campaign polling. Carl DeMaio’s campaign in fact, is paying Remington Research for polling. Whoops.
Note – The two things that draw the Remington poll in to discredit, Brian Jones who is unfunded is at 13! in a crowded primary? Nope. And, Remington says undecideds are only at 3%? That is a Presidential race a week out, not a district race.
It is very common to have 10-20% undecided in a hotly contested district race a week out from election day.
Once again, Carl DeMaio’s political life is following a similar pattern. Once the reality sets in that a years-planned self-promotion tour has not yielded the results desired the rage machine comes out. This is why in the last 2 weeks I’ve been getting reports of Carl, his Husband, his campaign manager and others contacting people via various means and raging on them. This is Carl’s pattern for at least the last two campaigns of his I’ve observed.
Meantime, DeMaio is losing as in flaming out, biting the big one, crashing and burning, flying apart at the seams, take your pick… #BIGLY #YUGE
More On DeMaio soon.
Feb 252020

Something does not pass the smell test.

So here is a democrat party leader in Orange County doing what Democrats do. He raged on the people manning a Prop 6 petition table.

There is an interesting snippet where Carl DeMaio says he is the publisher at Hale Media. That’s the key part for this discussion.

Note that his federal disclosure lists a few interesting items.

His “consulting business” about government waste is a lucrative venture for him to pilfer $185,000 pay in 2019. I want to be able to berate government officials and pocket $185,000.

His radio gig pays him $236,000 in 2019? Are they selling spots for $5000 a piece? What is really going on there. I Heart Media has had some financial issues (like all Radio Companies) in the last decade and it strains credulity that they’d lay out $236,000 for a shock jock.

My Wife does morning drive for an FM station in Sacramento with a good audience. The Sacramento Market is only slightly smaller than San Diego and she does not make anything close to the obscene salary I Heart was paying Carl. (or that DeMaio disclosed) Where is that money really coming from?

Then we have Hale Media. The fact that Hale Media publishes two LGBT Websites one of which looks like a hook-up site with softcore porno on its’ home page is a side issue to why Carl DeMaio said on tape in 2018 that he was the publisher. Where is his salary? Should I file another ethics complaint against DeMaio?

There are also several articles floating around in cyberspace about Carl directing campaign funds in to the pocket of Hale as well. More on that soon.

IT seems that Carl DeMaio claims to be a “Government Reformer” and is surrounded by chaos and drama. But, what it really looks like is yet another Grifter-type candidate running one scam after another.

As Travis Allen found out, hell hath no fury like anyone that gets in between Carl and what he thinks is his. And Carl thought he owned Prop 6 and has completely dissed John Cox who gave his effort $1 Million.

Raging on the LAGOP? Check.

Ethics Fines? Check.

screwed up paperwork? Check

Taking credit for other people’s hard work? Check.

Drama? Check

Faked Break-in at Campaign Headquarters? Check.

Multiple allegations of wanking in public bathrooms? Check.

Alibi against one claim based on the maintenance condition of a urinal? Check.

Supports Abortion up until birth? Check.

Attacks national immigration reform group? Check.

Enriching one’s self financially in politics? Sure looks like it…

To be continued.

Get help Carl and get out of public life…

Feb 252020

I’ve written that Carl DeMaio is impulsive and reckless. I also believe he has political Tourette’s Syndrome. He runs his mouth a lot – he is like President Trump without the star power, effectiveness or net worth. This means Carl should keep a sock in it, but he just can’t help himself. (see also stories about urinals)

South Park made a video in Carl’s Honor. Click to watch it, it is hysterical. Note that it pre-dates the 2014 drama as it was made in 2013.

So why was I not surprise when I was approached by some Party Activists to tell me a story. (Sooooo many stories out there about Carl DeMaio)

Apparently, when Carl DeMaio was running his version of the Prop 6 drill (that only became viable when Governor Candidate John Cox donated $1Million to it) he was in full bloom. It is not surprising to me that DeMaio refused to work with Travis Allen. It is not surprising to me that Travis Allen refused to work with Carl DeMaio. Based on what I have learned about Carl DeMaio, I am of the opinion that he needs long term therapy and a padded cell.

I am sure the LAGOP agrees with me.

I found a reference to Carl DeMaio attacking the LAGOP in a post by Artie Schaper:

… I am sharing (unredacted) both your message to Arthur (whoever he is) and my earlier reply refuting Carl Demaio’s baseless assertions on KFI’s John and Ken radio program last week.

It’s clear to me that Mr. Demaio’s claims are totally baseless.  Actually, Carl wasn’t even on base— he wasn’t even at bat!  But consider the harm done by Demaio’s false attack, heard perhaps by half a million radio listeners.  What an accomplishment!

President Reagan often repeated the words of President John Adams: “facts are stubborn things”

You have maligned and defamed nearly 200 elected members of the Los Angeles County Republican Party, its officers, its leadership and its proven support of Proposition 6.   There’s no need for anyone to “demand new leadership for the L.A. County GOP.”

Instead, the rest of us should demand that Republican critics get their damned facts straight.

Allen Brandstater, Parliamentarian

Artie is frequently at odds with the LAGOP and Allen Brandstater was responding to Carl DeMaio coming unscrewed on the John and Ken show.

Here’s what happened. DeMaio showed up at the LAGOP Headquarters unannounced with a ton of Prop 6 signs. The people at the LAGOP HQ had nowhere to put the signs as their HQ is very small, they told him they could not take the signs.

Carl DeMaio went berzerk.

Then, he went on the John and Ken Show and tore in to the LAGOP.

Everyone I talked to was not surprised to see or hear about Carl DeMaio going berzerk at the 2019 CAGOP Convention officer election convention. I still have people wanting to tell me about DeMaio’s rage-fest on behalf of CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson at the expense of Travis Allen.

Given what I am learning about Plagiarism, Staged Campaign HQ Break Ins, caustic tweets, public outbursts, alleged private outbursts and the like, I am seeing the pattern of a madman.

… and he is a Mitt Romney / Chad Mayes type Republican at that.

Carl DeMaio is a fraud.

To be continued…

Feb 242020

Somewhere John Cox is punching a wall. Cox might as well have set fire to his $1Million. There is no better feeling in the world than helping a political campaign only to have that campaign repay your generosity by taking credit for your actions and making them their own. Carl DeMaio has had a psychotic, Self-Aggrandizing pattern for years.

No Carl. You did not Recall Josh Newman, the OCGOP and the CAGOP did. They dedicated a ton of resources to it.

No Carl. John Cox’ $1 Million resurrected your failing Prop 6 campaign and made it real.

Anyone reading this that is helping Carl DeMaio, consider yourselves warned. He will forget you once elected and worse he will take credit for everything you did to promote his next effort to make money…

… and note he just teased yet another ballot measure in this tweet.

Carl DeMaio is a fraud whose life is riddled with drama. Do NOT get anywhere near this guy or he will do the same thing to you.

P.S. South Park made a video in Carl’s Honor. Click to watch it, it is hysterical. Note that it pre-dates the 2014 drama as it was made in 2013.