Feb 132020

I don’t get it. The first time I ever dealt with Carl DeMaio, I knew he was nuts. He is a left-wing version of Tim Donnelly. The guy is a serial self-promoter, office shopper and wanna-be political powerhouse. The truth of the matter is that he is another grifter like Donnelly who caught lightening in a bottle long enough to figure out how to get himself elected.

He has a small coven of groupies, too. (Just like Timbo)

The CA-50 Race (California’s 50th Congressional District) became an issue when disgraced former congressman Duncan Hunter Junior was caught in an affair and the jilted ex-wife lit him up. Because Hunter is a Republican, the Federales actually went after him for the fraud and embezzlement of campaign funds. Hunter will likely end up in jail. (Democrats caught doing the same are usually fined and avoid jail time)

There are three major Republican candidates and the democrat is the grandson of a 1972 Munich Olympics Terrorist. (sounds like an ideal democrat recruit)

One of the candidates is former CA-49 Congressman Darrell Issa. Issa is not blameless and carries some baggage with him – but would step in to congress with some tenure and would not be a back-bench speed-bump like all of the democrat puppets that were elected in 2018.

Another of the Candidates is State Senator Brian Jones (SD-38) . In a stunning display of confidence in Senate GOP leadership, Jones is looking to make the jump to congress less than halfway through his first term. Can you blame him?

Jones appears to be a prototypical conservative.

Then, there is Carl DeMaio. He is a democrat miscast as a Republican. His defenders try to claim he is a fiscal conservative but I’ve observed in my 22+ years in politics that it is impossible to be two things at once. You can’t be an anything goes social liberal and a fiscal conservative in the same brain.

Given that Carl DeMaio has demonstrated a pattern of erratic and neurotic behavior over the years – I am not even sure DeMaio even knows what he is. I think he still identifies as male though.

DeMaio got elected to City Council. Looking for bigger and better things, he ended up losing a Mayor race to Bob Filner who would later end up resigning due to his lurid sexual behavior. DeMaio’s tenure in public office has also been marred with several stories of sexual misconduct as well. Some of these came out in the 2014 CA-52 Race against Scott Peters. Only one of the people that accused DeMaio of misconduct was discredited – to this day there are other allegations still standing that are not addressed. I never forgot these as DeMaio continued his path of self-promotion.

DeMaio followed the typical grifter path – he started a radio show after losing a couple of campaigns. His employment history is a series of businesses he ran himself (it makes me wonder if he does not play well with others or if there is an ego problem or both). Everything he did for several years was tied to something related to himself or trying to elevate his profile. In the most dramatic of ironies, DeMaio got rich off of government contracts and his partner off of running what looks like a gay hook-up website. (It says something about dating)

In 2018, Carl DeMaio and Travis Allen had competing organizations to qualify Prop 6 for the ballot. Similar to 2 of the three times he ran for office (before now) Prop 6 failed. In Carl’s mind it is because of Travis Allen. The reality is that in the early stages, Carl refused to talk to or try to collaborate with Mr. Allen basically setting in stone the counter productive competing efforts. I write this as someone who was equally as upset with Travis Allen for having his own effort – but came to understand the entire story later. (Neither are blameless)

Having already been of the belief since 2010 that Carl DeMaio was unstable, a liberal and very full of himself, I got to see DeMaio in full bloom at the CAGOP Convention. Jessica Patterson and crew flew him up special to Sacramento so he could spend 5 minutes on the stage raging on Travis Allen. I watched the spectacle – it was part of Patterson’s consultant-orchestrated campaign that was basically a meat-grinder. At least half the claims DeMaio made were untrue as I had personal knowledge of them.

Should Carl DeMaio get elected to Congress, he will be a disaster for the GOP.

#1 He is a liberal, he will score no better than 50% on any scorecard mainstream Republicans Care about.

#2 It is my opinion that Carl’s out of control personal life will explode on to the national stage should he end up in Washington DC

#3 He will do nothing to build the GOP as his personal pattern has been Carl first, not America First.

#4 Along the lines of #3, I can not trust Carl DeMaio to support the President’s Agenda or to lift a finger against the media and leftist abuse of impeachment

Carl DeMaio is on the Right on Daily Grifter Radar and he may well have leapfrogged Deanna Lorraine (CA-12) and Sean Feucht (CA-03) in the contest for Grifter of the year in 2020.

It is my intention to spend a few weeks laying out the case against Carl DeMaio. I fully well intend to go places that ordinary reporters and bloggers won’t. Carl DeMaio needs to be stopped – the rest of you in CA-50 can figure out weather you like Darrell Issa or Brian Jones better. Just stay away from Carl DeMaio.

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