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Similar to Carl DiMaio’s Decade-Long trail of Drama, it is really easy to learn about just how far out of the Republican Mainstream he is. It is my opinion that DeMaio is a Moderate Democrat.

A 2014 Atlantic Article says it all (This is from Carl DeMaio’s train-wreck CA-52 Campaign):

To win a swing district in California, Carl DeMaio is running as a “next generation Republican.” To try and keep the seat in Democratic hands, Rep. Scott Peters is determined to replace the first two words in DeMaio’s description with “tea party,” as he tries to counter the Republican’s growing reputation as a moderate.

Peters’s latest TV ad, released Thursday, sets the tone for his campaign’s main argument: DeMaio may agree with Democrats on same-sex marriage, abortion, and some environmental issues, but his abrasive style on the San Diego City Council paints a picture of an anti-compromise hard-liner, they say.

There is no such thing as being socially moderate. When an abortion happens, someone dies. Either you support Abortion or you don’t. DeMaio’s stance on Abortion is as far left as it gets – supporting the brutal and barbaric partial-birth abortion up until the day of delivery.

President Trump has done more for the Pro-Life Movement than any other President in my lifetime. Planned Parenthood is being forced to file judge-shopping federal lawsuits in a vain attempt to save themselves. They have lost millions in funding and several states have prevailed over activist liberal judges with laws curbing abortions. Carl DeMaio would have been opposed to all of the states and all of the pro-life actions President Trump took. It’s a fact.

In the article – DeMaio is actually arguing that he is a moderate versus Peters who was trying to paint him as a tea party wackjob. My how times change. Carl DeMaio is now hypocritically trying to get to the right of everyone else running in CA-50. Scott Peters was indeed right about DeMaio being a wackjob – but that point will be developed in future posts.

DeMaio said it shows he represents a threat to the status quo.

The Democratic Party does not want the Republican Party to change,” DeMaio said. “They’re winning elections by painting the Republican Party with one broad brush as extremists.

Got that? Carl DeMaio outs himself is a change agent for the California Republican Party – to the left. I recall in 2014 when the squishes in the CAGOP saw him as a rising star like Kevin Faulconer and (insert the name of failed squish candidate here – there have been so many of them).

The Implication of Carl DeMaio’s comments is the same worn-out liberal-speak for all of us conservatives being so wrong and needing to embrace “new” stuff.

The article quotes Kevin Spillaine who along with Rob Stutzman and Richard Costigan are three of the leading Trump-Haters in America. These guys have a pedigree of working for Republican moderate losers. Meg Whitman (trump hater), Carly Fiorina (Trump Hater), Arnold (the only winner and Boss-Level Trump Hater). DeMaio’s campaign team was an all star cast of jell-o manufacturers. Yet, we are supposed to forget all that for new and improved Carl DeMaio 3.0 or is it 4.0 or 5.0? (I can’t keep track of the flip flops or failed elections)

Despite those successes, DeMaio has publicly taken criticism for not doing enough to build majorities on the council. In 2012, Republican Mayor Jerry Sanders pushed back when DeMaio took credit for building support for a budget revision plan.

“He probably takes credit for my weight loss,” Sanders said in a press conference.He probably takes credit for the weeds I pulled in the backyard last week. It’s all bullshit.

Likewise, former Democratic City Councilwoman Donna Frye called DeMaio a “grandstander who has no time for people who don’t support his policies completely.”

The elements of a grifter are all there. Can’t work with others. No Real Job, only “companies” he controlled/controls, impulsive, reckless, temperamental, lacks core values, lacks discipline, rules don’t apply to him… Carl DeMaio is indeed a left-wing version of Tim Donnelly. Carl DeMaio can’t re-write history – he has a long sordid record.

Federal funding for abortion services

DeMaio: I support existing federal programs that provide women with the reproductive health care services they need. I would oppose any move to limit reproductive health care choices for women. However, I believe we must do more to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies in this country. That’s why I support making birth control more accessible for women by waiving the requirement that they have to get a prescription for it.

So here’s the rub – how can Carl DeMaio claim to even be a fiscal conservative when his enumerated position on abortion supports federal funding of it, federal funding for planned parenthood and federal mandates for abortion to be forced to be included in health plans. I thought government subsidies and mandates were bad?

Carl DeMaio is a fraud.

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  One Response to “CA-50 Update: #AbortionCarl Carl DeMaio’s Liberal Record Speaks for Itself, Who Needs a Democrat When You Can Vote For This Guy?”

  1. Aaron, I have to comment on a couple things that I learned about Carl DeMaio that stand in stark contrast to your article. I learned them first as a neophyte candidate for Assembly in 2018, and then while working for him for many months last year.

    The first point is that people change. I once volunteered for Bill Clinton, for heavens sakes! I’ve become a staunch conservative since 2000, and I hope that everyone can see that my actions now are what matter. Carl was relentless in his efforts to help candidates up and down the state in 2018. His Yes On 6 efforts were often the only chance local candidates had to attend press events, for example. A lot of what he’s doing in his run in San Diego is with an eye towards helping California Republicans learn how to win en masse instead of reinventing the wheel every time one of us patriots is delusional enough to stick our heads above the parapets and run for office. He may have had more liberal views in the past. He may have not been a huge Trump fan at the start. Okay.

    The other thing I know is that Carl is no grifter — raising cash to live well but not using it to turn out the vote and engage with people. The man is thankfully tight-fisted with donor money — the food for his events doesn’t just come from Costco, it’s the Kirkland brand! 😉

    He wants all CAGOP candidates and spokespeople to have spines, and in my book, that’s a good thing. I’m no longer with the campaign (I have four children and while politics is appealing, so is mothering) and I won’t reveal confidences, but I saw him on more than one occasion refuse offers from big donors to drop his support of President Trump, or to “lighten up” on immigration or the second amendment and he never backed down. Not even at a particularly tense event, where some democrat guests of the hollywood Republican hosts savaged him for almost an hour on guns.

    He’s not a quitter. He’s not a liberal. Personally, I’d like to see two republicans in the top two in this race and in CA 25 — but treating viable Republican candidates as the enemy isn’t helpful in la la land, where we don’t have primaries. We have two general elections. Let’s save the red-on-red attacks for after we have two R options on some ballots.


    Roxanne Beckford Hoge

    Blogger’s Note: Roxanne – I have 12 years of history with Carl. If he has had a conversion to being a conservative it has been in the last 2 years. That said, he is surrounded by drama and erratic behavior. I can not countenance him in any higher office. Thanks for reading.

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