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Just imagine what could happen if Carl DeMaio made it to Washington D.C. (Mark Foley? Dennis Hastert?)

Trageser called three times. Finally, the receptionist called back and said a man had gone in to check and, yes, the urinal was working. That was 1:30 p.m. KPBS posted the story at 1:50 p.m. Nov. 2.

It exploded. DeMaio had already been accused of sexual harassment by one former staffer. Any doubts about the accuser’s story were now alleviated by a second claim. The bathroom story also seemed to corroborate an earlier questionable accusation from a sitting state senator, Ben Hueso, who said he saw DeMaio masturbate in a City Council bathroom when they were colleagues.

10News ran a story. U-T San Diego also talked to Harper. The story went national. It was the worst possible thing that could happen to DeMaio right before the election.

It took me less than 5 minutes to find the above clip. There is a mess of drama and media stories surrounding Carl DeMaio. Let’s assume everything we’ve heard about Carl DiMaio’s out of control behavior is false… that would mean ten years worth of documented drama is false. That is simply not possible and the baggage would fill a 747.

The other thing is that it suggests Carl DeMaio has no shame or remorse whatsoever. Similar to William “Bill” Brough – who is on the verge of being successfully Primary Challenged due to his maladies – everyone else is wrong and Carl DeMaio is the only one that is right.

That should be a red flag by itself.

A few more minutes of research yielded me this gem.

Oct. 20, 2014: The Authorities

Almost five months after a break-in at DeMaio’s campaign headquarters and almost two weeks after news broke that a former staffer was alleging DeMaio sexually harassed him, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis announced that she was declining to prosecute in both cases because of insufficient evidence.

Sexual harassment is usually a workplace and civil issue. Criminal harassment or battery is a higher bar, which we explained last year.

DeMaio had said he was certain of Bosnich’s guilt in the burglary.

What’s more, the chief of police, Shelley Zimmerman, refused to clarify whether she had, as DeMaio claimed, called to tell him charges against him were put to rest.

When I read this story – I was reminded that Carl DeMaio allegedly faked a break-in at his campaign headquarters. Then Blamed a former staffer (who ended up with bigger legal problems later) for the break-in.

Now, we have a five-alarm fire.

Harper had already detailed for her an encounter he had with DeMaio. He had described how, on July 10, as he finished up at a urinal down the hall from the campaign’s second-floor headquarters, DeMaio hovered behind him and exposed himself, grabbing his genitals. Harper quit the campaign two days later. He left on good terms, with a recommendation from DeMaio.

Harper was never discredited like the other person with issues that admitted to the FBI he lied.

In addition to being a fake conservative, drama and disaster seem to follow this guy everywhere. But, he’s the victim don’t you know As long as he has a crew of enablers around him, he will continue.

As will I…

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