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The Govern For California Action Committee has this to say about the candidates they prefer:

Upon closer inspection, Californians would learn that the missing ingredient is courage. In the case of Democrats, courage means the willingness to buck narrow special interests seeking ever-greater shares of government spending at the expense of programs, taxpayers and private-sector job growth. In the case of Republicans, courage means the willingness to buck no-tax groups who, even when presented with all the reforms they seek, refuse to acknowledge that sometimes more revenue for the government can produce better outcomes. And in the case of all legislators, courage means an unshakeable dedication to honest budgets, truthful accounting, open government and governing for the people rather than for personal gain or narrow interests.

It is clear that the sustained attacks on Kevin Kiley’s real issues have gotten a response from the Bay Area Liberals that have financed Kevin Kiley’s campaign.

I am not sure why the oligarchy funding Mr. Kiley’s effort figured that the suburban, conservative district would take well to a recent transplant from San Francisco, funded by San Francisco running for Assembly. (Remember, Kiley moved to an apartment in Rocklin on 5/14 and declared his candidacy on 5/27/2015).

The Govern for California Action Committee has come in with the following:

23,000 in Digital Ads
102,000 in Radio Ads
43,000 in Astroturf Paid Phone Banking calls
18,500 for a mailer
16,000 for a mailer

Total = $203,000

The size and scope of the expenditure suggests and emotional or panicked aspect to the effort as well as an attempt to shotgun blast to the entire electorate.

Please further note that this committee is the intermediary listed on Kevin Kiley’s report that is responsible for at least $200,000 out of the $250,000 of Bay Area Liberal money Kiley has raised.

It is a fair question to ask – what did Kevin Kiley promise these Bay Area Liberals in exchange for their support?

Why is a PAC led by an Obama Bundler (of $180,000) pouring last minute money in to Kevin Kiley?

Click here for a comprehensive expose’ on Kiley.

Apr 252016

Nelson EPICFAILWhen you get in to a campaign and it is not well thought out you #EPICFAIL routinely. Click the screenshot of the Campaign Facebook Page of Cristi Nelson.

#AD10 comprises all of Marin County and some of Sonoma County. Point Reyes National Seashore is in AD10. I could show Cristi Beckstead-Nelson some cool hiking spots in #AD10. Heck John Muir Redwoods and Golden Gate National Rec Area are also in #AD10. I’d get lost trying to campaign in that district.

Beckstead-Nelson forgot her own name apparently and has also forgotten what district she is running for. This 11 person race is getting more bizarre by the second.

For those of you that are still wondering about AD10 – check out a photo or two of it:

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

(Pictured – Point Reyes National Seashore near the main lighthouse)

Mar 302016

The Folsom Chamber of Commerce held a candidate forum last night. It featured 9(!) of the candidates for #AD06. For reasons unbeknownst to me, Brian Caples and the other Dem were no-shows.

I am going to focus on the funded candidates – so let me summarize the others quickly before the fun part.

“Bo” – rambled. He also attacked the GOP (because he is an NPP don’t you know) and came across poorly as a result.

Gabriel Hydrick – the Lincoln Councilmember presented himself well and as an honest broker. Hydrick seemed to have a grasp of issues. This version of Hydrick is markedly different than the man I have been hearing about for the last 6 years in Lincoln. Hydrick has no money, no access to money and looks to be headed to also-ran status.

As a side note, I liked his ballot statement that he submitted when he filed for office. I told him as such afterwards.

Suzanne Jones – came across poorly. She distinguished herself by attacking the others on the stage railing on everyone for getting financial support while asserting her moral superiority. Just not a good way to go.

Mik. Sounded like one of the Good-fellas. He is a leader. Just ask him. He will tell you, repeatedly. We will be relieved of seeing him on street corners very soon.

And, now for the fun:

Cristi Beckstead-Nelson, robotic. She was reciting from memory off of her website. It was so bad that on more than one occasion she forgot her lines. She did indeed repeat the lie of being a business owner multiple times. It made me feel like I was time warped back to 2011 when I witnessed another unqualified, inarticulate candidate with a falsified resume make similar public gaffes.

Beckstead-Nelson looked miserable and her disdain for other candidates while they were speaking was palpable. I’ve been told by more than one person that has interacted with Ms. Beckstead-Nelson that she is very status conscious and is remiss to interact with average people unless there is a direct benefit to do so. This was clear to this blogger by virtue of her behavior on the stage.

Beckstead-Nelson has had a large head start on the rest of the field and she appears to have been caught up to and passed in a short time. That has to be frustrating for her. Maybe she should have not filed and reimbursed her husband the $100k she wasted, I mean “lent” her campaign.

Kevin Hanley was much more subdued last night and presented good answers to most questions. He is attempting to walk right through one of his biggest weaknesses, Auburn. He frequently referred to his time on the Auburn City Council and the Auburn Chamber of Commerce.

Hanley’s campaign seems to be stuck in time. Mr Hanley touts his resume, which includes 24 years of government work. Even before Hanley’s performance last night, I was clear there is no question that Hanley is qualified for the job. I can’t say I can blame Hanley for what he is doing, however I think modern campaigns have left Mr. Hanley behind.

Andy Pugno certainly appeared confident, if not cocky about the prospects of his campaign for Assembly by virtue of the way he carried himself. When he was not distracted by his cell phone, he gave unrehearsed answers to questions that sometimes included stories.

Pugno was the only candidate that specifically mentioned the social issues. Halldin did by inference – those are the only two that went there. Pugno also made it clear how he intends to attack at least one of his foes – referencing public employee union money and his plan to not take any of it. (Like they would attempt to donate or endorse Mr. Pugno to begin with)

Kevin Kiley was indeed the most bizarre candidate of the evening. Kiley spoke to the audience as if he was arguing a case in court. When he was not speaking, he was fidgeting and giving off an aura of superiority. Both are quite a spectacle for a young man of 31 years of age who has never been married and has no real-world job experience.

Kiley almost spoke of himself in the third person and like Pugno was using lawyer vernacular and large words in his presentations. I am not sure how Pugno or Kiley relate to the public at large – or if either of them care. Both appear to believe that they have this race locked up.

I have endorsed Bill Halldin. I am actively working to help his campaign. Therefore I believe that Bill Halldin was the clear winner of last night’s forum. Halldin answered all of the questions well and all there acknowledged that Mr. Halldin was ready to go.

AD06 Race Update – Flip Flopping? Avoiding Grassroots? More Candidates?

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Oct 282015

Remember our post about Lincoln Council-member Gabriel Hydrick joining the AD06 race? Two of his colleagues support Bill Halldin. The other two have not endorsed.

Since posting about Hydrick and hearing about Hydrick, we have heard nothing further. However local Lincoln area electeds beyond the two council-members support Bill Halldin, including Supervisor Robert Weygant.

There was a recent event with the remnant of the Placer CRA which once had 105 members before surrendering its’ charter in May. An estimated 15-20 people were there that were not brought by candidates.

Nugget 1: Cristi Nelson was not present. Every other candidate was. This has been consistent with Nelson’s pattern – she is reputed to be an elitist, preferring to hang around “Money People” only. Secondly, as we have chronicled – she is a social liberal and probably wanted to avoid legitimate questions about her liberal views versus what she claims on her website.

Nugget 2: Kevin Kiley flip-flopped on the No New Taxes Pledge? After saying publicly, he does not take pledges. He did.

Nugget 3: Suzanne Jones appears to have a loyal, hard-core constituency that may help her get some traction in this race. The remnants of the CRA appear to be one such constituency.

Recently, I heard then verified that Ron “Mik” Mikaluco – the embattled El Dorado County D1 Supervisor is talking openly about running for Assembly. This means that Mik has recognized that the serial office-shopper is a formidable candidate he may not be able to deal with and that his best bet is to run for something else. If true, this is a serious boost to Steve Ferry – who is widely regarded as the best chance El Dorado County voters have to free themselves from the chains of Gaines.

Cristi Nelson recently held a fundraiser. Reports indicate that most of the attendees were employees of a large, local business who were there at the behest of the owner in order to create photo-ops for the campaign. Nelson has another fundraiser with a 6-person host committee that just added Senator Gaines to the invite. (No Beth Gaines sighting yet – adding to our suspicions of confusion)

Lastly – I took note of how the announcement of Clay Sigg presented him as the leading candidate in the race, yet neglected the McClintock endorsement of Sigg. Current McClintock endorsee Kevin Hanley has posted about it on Facebook, but nowhere else is it featured. McClintock did endorse Kevin McCarthy for speaker, so you’d think that people would be more excited about such an endorsement. (especially since Hanley just had a fundraiser with McClintock as the headliner!)

AD06 Update – So Many People Got Screwed Over Today, I Can’t Keep Track…

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Oct 132015

Let’s Catch Everyone up.

A few days ago, it got out that recent entrant and rumored Team Gaines recruit Kevin Hanley was attempting to recruit staff for his AD06 campaign. The would-be staffer was from Auburn. The first endorsement Kevin Hanley announced was from Auburn, though the gentleman lives in Rocklin.

Some speculated that Ted and Beth Gaines would endorse Kevin Hanley. We even did on this blog, however, a couple of weeks ago we had become convinced that Team Gaines was going to gravitate to the strongest anti-south-placer candidate they could.

Mind you, Congressman Tom McClintock is alleged to be endorsing Kevin Hanley.

But Today, Ted Gaines endorsed the Republican (who you will have to vote for first before you find out what’s in) – Cristi Nelson. We do know that Cristi Nelson is a social liberal and a lawyer.

Did the Gaines make a deal with Cristi Nelson in order to get support for their planned runs in 2018, 2019 and 2020? Or was it as simple as sssssssteve Davey and Dave Titus needing to line up their next jobs in the capitol?

Ironically, Kevin Kiley, the third viable AD06 candidate is also a Lawyer. (BTW – Bill Halldin is NOT a Lawyer)

Today, Mr. Kiley also announced that he hired Dave Gilliard as his consultant. This would be Dave Gilliard’s second 30-something client. (although Assemblymember James Gallagher is on the downhill side of 30 as opposed to the 30-year-old Kiley)

So, Kevin Hanley got screwed. We know that.

Team Gaines has split up. Gilliard went to Kiley (who he would not have considered until recently) and Ted went to Cristi Nelson.

Why would Ted Gaines endorse before the incumbent assembly-member?

Beth Gaines? Though AD06 is the seat she currently represents, she could have ether gotten confused in all the moves or is waiting to make sure she has rehearsed all of her talking points thoroughly before endorsing Cristi Nelson. (who, did we mention is a social liberal?)

The Gaines duo are now on their fourth heir-apparent in the AD06 endorsement Carousel. (Titus, Sigg, Hanley and Now Cristi Nelson – maybe they will endorse Suzanne Jones and Gabriel Hydrick by the time we are done, too?) This is going to make their former Tea-Party base even angrier.

So – it looks like the Gaines just flipped almost everyone in local government in South Placer County the bird as well. I am not sure how their decision to endorse an un-vetted unknown candidate with fundraisers comprised of 6 person host committees could be seen any other way?

Is Tom McClintock considering endorsing Cristi Nelson now? (Because I don’t see him noted anywhere on Kevin Hanley’s website) Were McClintock to endorse Nelson, he’d be one candidate behind the Gaines on the endorsement carousel.

Kevin Kiley hired Dave Gilliard and Gilliard’s fundraiser of choice John Bovee. That likely means there were other shoes that dropped.

The bottom line here appears as follows: Dave Gilliard needed a candidate. Team Gaines needed a candidate. They found their candidates and a bunch of people got screwed in the process.