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The Govern For California Action Committee has this to say about the candidates they prefer:

Upon closer inspection, Californians would learn that the missing ingredient is courage. In the case of Democrats, courage means the willingness to buck narrow special interests seeking ever-greater shares of government spending at the expense of programs, taxpayers and private-sector job growth. In the case of Republicans, courage means the willingness to buck no-tax groups who, even when presented with all the reforms they seek, refuse to acknowledge that sometimes more revenue for the government can produce better outcomes. And in the case of all legislators, courage means an unshakeable dedication to honest budgets, truthful accounting, open government and governing for the people rather than for personal gain or narrow interests.

It is clear that the sustained attacks on Kevin Kiley’s real issues have gotten a response from the Bay Area Liberals that have financed Kevin Kiley’s campaign.

I am not sure why the oligarchy funding Mr. Kiley’s effort figured that the suburban, conservative district would take well to a recent transplant from San Francisco, funded by San Francisco running for Assembly. (Remember, Kiley moved to an apartment in Rocklin on 5/14 and declared his candidacy on 5/27/2015).

The Govern for California Action Committee has come in with the following:

23,000 in Digital Ads
102,000 in Radio Ads
43,000 in Astroturf Paid Phone Banking calls
18,500 for a mailer
16,000 for a mailer

Total = $203,000

The size and scope of the expenditure suggests and emotional or panicked aspect to the effort as well as an attempt to shotgun blast to the entire electorate.

Please further note that this committee is the intermediary listed on Kevin Kiley’s report that is responsible for at least $200,000 out of the $250,000 of Bay Area Liberal money Kiley has raised.

It is a fair question to ask – what did Kevin Kiley promise these Bay Area Liberals in exchange for their support?

Why is a PAC led by an Obama Bundler (of $180,000) pouring last minute money in to Kevin Kiley?

Click here for a comprehensive expose’ on Kiley.

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