Jun 152015

The original plan was for Dave Titus to run for his boss (Beth Gaines) job and for Gaines to run against Kirk Uhler for Supervisor in Placer D4.

Both were reported on this blog as vetted rumors and both of these efforts evaporated shortly thereafter.

While the Placer GOP Cent Com and its’ members are still openly talking about an opponent for Kirk Uhler (more on that later in this post), Beth has moved to El Dorado County’s Sup D1 in order to take on a weak incumbent with the $200k she is showing on paper in her AD06 account.

Speaking of AD-06 – a couple of unknowns are declared candidates:

1. Cristi Nelson – who attempted to bluff other candidates out with a $100k loan (that it appears she will not spend all of) and buying up some advertisements early. No one knows much about her, she has a few endorsements and a husband who is a local business owner.  I have heard several stores – second hand – from people that have “experienced” her and they are diverse. Cristi is advertised as a lawyer and I do know she is a social liberal.

2. Kevin Kiley. Young (age 30). Lawyer. Yale. Claims to have access to lots of money. If he gets said money – he will be formidible as he is well spoken and appears to be pretty conservative.

3. Candidate X. (Team Gaines, seat control team) Clay Sigg, he of the Sacramento Board of Realtors – (not Placer, mind you) has been paraded around to a few capitol meetings by Beth Gaines. Ssssteve Davey has been pushing him. Dave Gilliard has told others that he has a client. (without specifying it is Clay) Problem – does Clay want to run? He is in his mid 60’s and appears to have a pretty good life.

3.1 Candidate X 2.0 (David Short) This is an unvetted rumor, but suggests that Ssssteve Davey is also planning contingencies for Clay Sigg’s departure. David Short is Jeff Short’s dad – he appears to be successful in business and he is not a lawyer. (sorry, I could not help myself)

3.2 Dave Titus. If I was Ssssteve Davey… Ok, Aaron stop. Dave Titus does indeed live in Rocklin now. Why the hell doesn’t he run? He is pushing 60, but is in fantastic shape and looks far better than Ssssteve Davey.

4. Bill Halldin. Is he running? (I heard a good rumor) If he does, he will scoop up endorsements in Placer County fast. He will also have real access to real people and real money. Bill Halldin is a Sierra College Trustee and would have more name ID than any other person on this list as well.

All this brings me back to Kirk Uhler – Placer Sup D4.

Tom Hudson went psycho when the CRA did not endorse Tom McClintock in 2014.

The rumors of a Beth vs Kirk Sup D4 race popped up, with the now retracted attack on Kirk from the local tea party.

Tom Hudson is now publicly threatening Kirk with criminal charges over an internal CRA matter.

I have heard from two consecutive Placer GOP Cent Com Meetings that the Cent Com members are talking openly about trying to get even with Kirk over Measure B passing 62-38.

One member of Tom McClintock’s staff was clicking like on facebook posts celebrating our ouster from CRA. Her husband was a central figure in it.

Four of the complaints against us referenced the audacity of us not supporting Tom McClintock. ( still have his lawn sign in my garage, by the way) You could say that a major part of our expulsion from CRA was McClintock.

Now the evils Park Brothers and Kirk Uhler are being attacked as a three-piece set.

Am I out on a limb here, or am I onto a pattern? Is Tom McClintock working with the Placer GOP Cent Com to recruit an opponent for Kirk Uhler? Are they working separately?

If yes – why are they giving commie-lib hippie Jennifer Montgomery a free pass? These are the same people that could not find an opponent for Big Daddy Jack Duran in 2014. (whose district I now live in. Don’t make ME have to file against him in 2018…)

Oh, that’s right – it is the circular GOP firing squad again. They have to be right, who cares about winning.

My head hurts.

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