May 202016

UPDATE: Victor Bekhet is attempting to defend himself by posting copies of the permit applications he took out today. Would he have ever done this without exposure? Secondly, we will still have countless code violations to deal with – that include three buildings on two parcels as well as substandard issues in the buildings he put on the property. Bekhet appears to be a slum-lord in addition to a fake financial advisor.

Something you won’t see on the Roseville Press-Tribune nor the Sacramento Bee…

Victor Bekhet is a slum lord. Look at the 4 foot tall weeds on his property. Look at the illegally placed 1970’s era modular buildings on the property.

It has also come to my attention that Mr. Bekhet paid no fees to the county to hook up utilities or for permitting for these illegally placed dwellings.

This is consistent with his still-expired securities license and his LLC that had been expired since 2009.

Victor Bekhet does not play by the rules and he does not pay his bills.

Click here to watch a revealing REAL video with REAL evidence about Victor Bekhet.

Damn, it looks like those supporting this disaster look like fools. Revenge has a serious price tag.

Meanwhile, Placer County needs to deal with this mess. Quick.

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